NSPPDian? Here is how I do business with it

What GOD cannot do, DOES NOT EXIST!!!If you are a PROUD NSPPDian, or would love to be, or don’t know what the HECK I am talking about, please keep reading.FIRE is about to HIT ya Hey Fam, So, for about 2 months now, your girl has been a PROUD, COMMITTED and CONSISTENT member of NSPPD […]

Fight, Win, Repeat!!!

Hey FaithFam Like I said in the last post, welcome to ‘back-to-weekly’ blogging here. And on some really good weeks, we may even have more than one post. I shared this message with my WILD Sisters sometime in June, and God showed out and made it SO GOOD I knew I wanted to transcribe this […]

Powerful, Prophetic, Corporate: Prayers for Nigeria, Join us

Hey, we put together some of our prayers from May 4th- September 23rd,2021 into a prayer journal. We have talked and complained a LOT. Now it is time to use our mouth to CHANGE things for good in prayers. That’s the one that gets rewarded. You can download the prayer journal here. Now, you can […]


Hey Fam, Gosh, I am SUPER EXCITED to do this VERY TIMELY post today and I pray that it is practical enough to help you WAGE WAR with PROPHECIES. It was 4 years ago at WARRIOR IN HEELS hosted by my mama Pastor M, and PDDK was the guest minister. She PREACHED A STORM those two […]

Fasting 101. Put some POWER to your ABSTINENCE.

Hey Fam, Gosh, God is so amazing!!!And so merciful. INSERT REAL TEARSLolI had a whole moment of conviction over the weekend on fasting. You see, the WILD WOMEN concluded our 21 day fast on Saturday with the fasts, both corporate and personal. I have learned a few things about fasting that the Lord would have […]

Community WILD is READY this 2020… FOR YOU (Time based blog)

Heyyyyyyyy and Happy new decade, Fam. NB: We have closed admission into the WILD WOMEN for now. When we open this up again, it will be here on the blog. #2020TheDecade Yawl, on the 31st night, I had a WHOLE meeting with myself and Jesus, and I was like “Dude are WE ready for this […]

My Place of QUIET retreat: HIS Dulce Apartments.

Hey Darlings… Happy new month. 2019 is almost ovurrrrrrrrrr can you imagine? Gosh this year has been REAL!!! It has stretcheeeeed my whole life, but with the stretch has come such a strengthening for which I am SUPER THANKFUL!!! Ok so today, what are we about? I have been hearing ‘My place of quiet retreat’ […]

EKBALLO: Everything you need to know

Whoop!!! Yawl, my heart is so full, so pumped and so expectant as we inch so close to our next powwow themed #EKBALLO Tuesday, June 25 2019 at White house hotels and conference center, Toyin Street, Ikeja. Phew. I am so ready for all that will go down. Please allow me work you through from […]


Ah I wrote this post in December 30th, 2015 and I chanced upon it recently. I love it enough to share again now. Will add my updated thoughts in bracket… Enjoy spending time with God yawl. He is like so FREAKIN’ good!!! What I find the most interesting about this post is the JOY I […]

The WILD WOMEN are calling!!! Details within… (Time based blog)

Heyyyyyy yawl, Gosh I am SUPER EXCITED to be finally able to do this. So, I have this group of ladies with whom we pray, study the word, share all things Jesus and generally vibe on a Jesus level. Its like a Jesus party, especially at our once a week midnight prayers together over the […]