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Like I said in the last post, welcome to ‘back-to-weekly’ blogging here. And on some really good weeks, we may even have more than one post.

I shared this message with my WILD Sisters sometime in June, and God showed out and made it SO GOOD I knew I wanted to transcribe this for my sweet FAB Family.

Ready, Set, FIGHT…

First, we need to know that the Bible is the MOST practical book ever. So we should not be among those who say ‘Let us be practical…’ when the Bible is being discussed.

Instead, ask God to show you how to make PRACTICAL in your life what you are reading in your Bible.

There is a big difference between opening the bible, and the bible being opened to you.

The word of God can give you bespoke (tailor-made) solutions for the challenges for your life.

Now those steps to fight and win

1. Be Aware Of the LOVE of your father.

God’s love for us is real.

Your heavenly father desires to give you the best.

For example, if you are driving on the road and there is some sort of accident or mistake made and it turns out to be your fault.

Then you come down from your car, only to discover that the person’s car you bashed is your Father, there won’t be any form of drama which might involve the police but rather, you settle it amicably because it’s a family matter.

But, If the same thing happened to you but the person involved turns out to be an enemy or someone that doesn’t like you, there will be serious issues that might lead you to some disciplinary action taken against you.

That’s the same thing that happens with our heavenly Father. Even when we are at fault, your Father is GOOOOOOD!!! He is not out to punish you. He is out to LOVE and RESTORE you, and satan is EXCLUDED from the matter, except of course, you let him in.

Your Father loves you and He wants to get you out of the mess.

1 John 3 v 1

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!

As you go through challenges, you should never doubt the incredible love of your Father towards you, and you should never forget the love even when you go through serious challenges like the lose of a child or spouse.

The Lord always has a good plan!

2. Learn To Interpret The Situation Right.

Just like the Father loves you, you have an enemy that hates you too.

You should learn to interpret every situation right.

Your enemy is strategic and he is always going somewhere even if he starts in a subtle manner. His ‘gifts’ are pregnant with multiple babies.

He can start with something as small as your blender going bad while what he has in mind is to wreck your marriage. So blender, then washing machine, then generator, and you keep fixing it and wasting money, then hubby is upset at how much is being spent on repairs, and says something like ‘you are not very careful with electrical appliances’ and then you are upset, and fight starts, and 6months later, your marriage is no longer the same.

Now take this hypothetical situation and apply as it fits your own life.

Your enemy is wicked, strategic (he knows exactly where to hit you), and he is focused.

The person you are playing with is not playing with you!

The enemy’s goal is to steal, kill and to destroy, and you should not give him a chance to fulfil his enterprise in your life . Ask the Lord for light to interpret that situation right, and then…

3. You Have To Declare War

The enemy has a strategy, you can not afford to be void of strategy too.

Ignorance is not bliss, it is deadly!

While we cannot overestimate our enemy (cos honestly he is still a powerless bastard because… the CROSS), it is deadly to underestimate him.

Get rid of any weights , wear your ARMOR and FIGHT back.

Fight with prayers, fastings, communion, PEACE, forgiveness, compassion, confessions, etx.


2 Timothy 2:4 explains to us that the soldier doesn’t get entangled in civilian affairs.

2 Timothy 2:4 AMPC

No soldier when in service gets entangled in the enterprises of [civilian] life; his aim is to satisfy and please the one who enlisted him.

When you are in a battlefield, you are a soldier so you won’t be entangled with certain things.

Satan’s own is too much, you should match him with your own ‘too muchness’ too .

You can’t afford to be casual, THIS IS WAR!

4. Prayer Is A Way To Do Battle

Learn to do what we mostly see as corporate activities alone.

You should not only fast and pray only when there is a general fast in church, it should be a personal way of life too.

James 5:13 gives prayer as a remedy for anything, and you should adopt it too.

James 5.13.AMPC

Is anyone among you afflicted (ill-treated, suffering evil)? He should pray. Is anyone glad at heart? He should sing praise [to God].


Prayer may not be the only thing you get to do but it is the FIRST thing we must do. And PRAY WELL.

5. Don’t Isolate

Challenging times are not the time to withdraw from others.

It is the time to find the right people and talk to them

You are not an orphan, and you should not live life as one. Satan tries to ISOLATE and DESTROY. Don’t let him. Find a praying community and plug in. Or find a friend or two and have them hold you up.

What you are going through will later be a story to be told, how would you want it to be told?

You have the opportunity of writing the story of your life, how are you writing it?

This should be in your mind even as you go through challenges, and one thing that helps us process this better would be having the right friends, sisters, and/or community. That way you see that you are not alone, and you may even find people who have gone through same or worse things and survived!!!

The future is not one that just comes oooo, it is the one you create.

Create a really good one, even through tough battles.

6. Prepare For War, In Times Of Peace.

Amos 6:1

Woe to him who is at ease in Zion

Even as you are coming out of a challenging season, you should begin to prepare for war.

After a victory isn’t a time to just enjoy , but to keep building capacity because bigger challenges are coming. Satan didn’t take a vacation, neither should we.

The best time to prepare for war is in time of peace, so get busy building and fortifying.


– Don’t Be Overwhelmed

All these strategies might look like a lot to start with and it is so easy to feel overwhelmed. That is another strategy of the enemy, because then, you don’t do anything because it all looks too much anyways.
But don’t be overwhelmed.

You are permitted to start with baby steps, and to continue in the right direction.

Do just one little thing everyday. don’t despise the power of that ONE LITTLE thing.

The little things you do will count over time. DO IT

Know this of a truth, Sis, you are the woman for the job of your life!

Now go out there and do some real damage to the enemy and his little little powerless demons!!!

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