NSPPDian? Here is how I do business with it

What GOD cannot do, DOES NOT EXIST!!!If you are a PROUD NSPPDian, or would love to be, or don’t know what the HECK I am talking about, please keep reading.FIRE is about to HIT ya Hey Fam, So, for about 2 months now, your girl has been a PROUD, COMMITTED and CONSISTENT member of NSPPD […]

Fight, Win, Repeat!!!

Hey FaithFam Like I said in the last post, welcome to ‘back-to-weekly’ blogging here. And on some really good weeks, we may even have more than one post. I shared this message with my WILD Sisters sometime in June, and God showed out and made it SO GOOD I knew I wanted to transcribe this […]

The Battle…The WAR!!!

A battle is a large scale fight that is part of a war (Source) A war sometimes consists of many battles. (Source: Wiki) Battles can be won and lost, but it may not determine the end of the War. Battles are usually short term, while wars are lengthy. (Source) Education out of the way, may […]