A battle is a large scale fight that is part of a war (Source)

A war sometimes consists of many battles. (Source: Wiki)

Battles can be won and lost, but it may not determine the end of the War. Battles are usually short term, while wars are lengthy. (Source)

Education out of the way, may we proceed to why we are here…

I read one of the most moving FAITH stories ever some weeks back and it affected me in a way very few stories have affected me. It was Tito’s story on how she lost her baby 24hours after delivery even though she trusted God and had faith as much as she could prior. Much as the story hurt badly, it preached a message. I mean just imagine carrying a baby for 8/9/10months, going through labour and delivery only to lose the baby. Ordinary falling down that KingDaveed fell the other day, i was bawling my eyes off, lol. I can’t imagine what Tito and Bez went through but I know that has to be pain beyond words.

Btw, you should visit Tito’s blog and subscribe. Tz amazing the stories she shares there. www.mylighthouse.com.ng

Tito btw is the musician Bez’s wife.

Amazing couple
Amazing couple

Now in the middle of that pain, a man of God said something to her and that forms the crux of this post…

‘…Even as the Chaplain came in to the room to comfort us with pictures of her and birth certificate and little mementos from the hospital, I was still just numb. I told him I felt ashamed that I lost the battle despite my faith. He reminded me that in this world we fight many battles but we are in a war and it is ultimately about winning the war…’

What a profound statement!!!

It liberated me, I promise.

If you are like me, or the average Christian, there are certainly some things you have TRUSTED and had a 100% FAITH for, just like Tito did for her baby, yet it didn’t come through, or worse still, you lost it in a way that screamed THE END!!!

Then because you are a BRANDISHING Christian, you want to feel ashamed and just crawl into your closet especially when it comes to this FAITH business and just start tiptoeing around His promises.

God forbid!!!

Devil is a bastard!!!

Lemme share something with y’all

Towards the last quarter of last year, I was all out on a faith project believing God for a house in the ‘Buj and I shared it with y’all on my blog. Ah, it was a crazy CRAZY CRAZYYYYY faith project and some of y’all were in on just how CRAZY it was and the CRAZY steps I took too. I believed till the very ‘end’ and that house just didn’t show. Not only did it not show, I have had to quit this dream job even when opportunities were opening up for me, and then relocate to Lagos, start house hunting again and then picking up my career too. I recall talking to my darling Rev about all this and he shared with me times when stuff didn’t go as he planned then, even after he had made noise about it because ‘God said’ and had to settle for something less because life has to go on. But later on, all those things he believed for, he got and over got sef.

You see, it may have seemed at the time that some battles were lost but when the war ended, guess who wore the victor’s crown?

But that is not to say that we should give up on our dreams after we lose some battles. No nada!!! But sometimes, we have to make some ‘temporary readjustments’ especially because life has to continue, while still believing. Ignore the ‘waiters and watchers’, you owe them absolutely NO explanations and anyways when the war is over and you are posing with your spoils, they too will testify for you

I still believe I would be back to The ‘Buj, my land of Milk&Money, get my Deuteronomy 6:10ff houses and estates there


and enjoy the riches of the Gentiles in that land. Oh my, how I believe that. I know what God told me and my God is no joker. But for now, wisdom demands that I enjoy the good of the land of Gidi. And interestingly, after I wrote that my house post, I have had three persons share with me how that post inspired them to believe for their own house too and God supernaturally brought it. A couple’s story was particularly amazing as they were expecting a child and homeless and they prayed and agreed, using my post as a point of contact and God did it. See how GOD works???

Please take time out to read Tito’s story. It would inspire you walahi. Amazing how she tells her story and even though it is a sad one, it just makes you love and trust GOD more.

See guys, we are fighting this long drawn out war, and it is NOT perfect. It may seem like we are losing some battles but by the time the war is over, we would see who the real winners are if we don’t give up. If we like Sarah and Abraham, still judge HIM faithful.

If it is not better, testimony in the bag, the war is NOT yet over darling…

Keep ‘fighting’.

For I KNOW the plans I have towards you… They are GOOD plans to bring you to an EXPECTED END… Jer 29:11

God crazily loves you



Hey, looking for a house in the yaba/’lere area. 2/3BR. Know any good agents/landlords/houses? Or does your dad/uncle own these properties just waiting for me? 🙂 Holler at ya girl.

Been seeing some but i trust my blog readers so i decided to throw it out here too


I dunno where and where exactly i have my yahoo email on my blog but please send me mails at eziaha@eziaha.com

That yahoo one is damn too busy and i can easily lose track but this one has less traffic and i can easily go back and actually FIND your mail. That said, if i haven’t responded to your mail, please resend to the above. And no vex. Too much on my plate, ejooor. My eyes are actually closing as i type this, tz actually funny, but midnight is the time i can do this.

While KingDaveed sleepeth
While KingDaveed sleepeth

Thank God for the amazing people/friends who constantly check up on me and understand.


Shout out to a beautiful lady i met off my blog. Dr Vivian.

One beautiful Sunday
One beautiful Sunday

She has been all the shades of AMAZING all through my visit to Bonny island and i am just blown away. And she is amazing with KingDaveed and he loves her too. Thank you so much BAE. I hope some day i can be such a blessing to you too. God bless you plenty plenty. (I hope i embarrassed you hahaha). And thank you Dr. Keni fr introducing her to my blog.


Go Go Go and read Dr. N’s story, ADIRE. Amazing Christian fiction. Read it sometime last week and i just bless God for the wisdom He gave her to write it. Too many lessons for every one whether man, woman, single, married, worker/career person, pastor, church worker, inlaws, etc. That story is beautiful. It even has some nice tasty romance and the most beautiful proposal story between born again christians. I mean, that story is AMAZEBALLS. You would feel like you actually KNOW the characters cos they really come alive. My fave is Aunty Nwando because she resembles me and well i wanna be like her, when i am older hehehe. Oya click and enjoy


Thank me later *winks*


Seriously??? You are looking for another Post script? Shaking my head. Please lemme sleep. The time is almost 1am.

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  1. Loved this. As always. And yes…many battles in one war. I too am learning not to be ashamed when it seems a battle is lost. Tito’s story brought me to tears, her faith…God will use her story for amazing things. Looking forward to your testimony house in Gidi! As well as the ones in the Buj. Please give 5 million kisses to KingDaveed for me!!!

    1. Thanks hun and yup I cried too esp where she attempted breastfeeding but by the end of the piece, I was super blessed and fired up.
      5 million what? ???? Hahahaha

  2. Absolutely loved this. And to think I read this just before starting my day, will be holding on to this dearly. Thanks Mama, it blessed me. 😀

  3. I saw tito’s story on BN the other day, nd I didn’t quite get the whole ‘gist’, didn’t finish the post, I went back to read it now and what caught me was the part she said “she knew that this test had become a testimony” I mean I was just overwhelmed like seriously??? She didn’t even consider the ‘grief’ all she could SEE was God’s faithfulness and his love; gosh! this part for me is just so profound. Nd then the fact that it ‘seemed’ she lost the battle didn’t deter her one bit from saying God is good! Nd his love is overwhelming!! Ha!! I’ve learnt from this post that there will be seasons of contradictions when it ‘seems’ like ‘ntoi you lost, upon all the prayers and faith’ and even the voices on the inside will be screaming doubts and maybe you didn’t have ‘enough’ faith; during this period still choose to see God, his faithfulness and his love. And ALL(not one or two) ALL!! Things work together for good,you can NEVER be disadvantaged.

    1. Seasons of contradictions
      Very very VERY true. I am sure some MOG we look up to as Men of faith have theirs too.
      But in the end, ALL THINGS……..

  4. I made it on your blog!!!!! Dancing azonto. Lol! It’s my pleasure jor! Grown to love u and sweetheart KingDaveed. And oh have helped to build my faith in ways u could never imagine.God bless u E.

  5. I am a celebrity o!!!!!!! I made it on your blog!!!!! Dancing azonto. Lol! It’s my pleasure jor! Grown to love u and sweetheart KingDaveed. And oh have helped to build my faith in ways u could never imagine.God bless u E.

  6. I read Tito’s story weeks ago and just like you it moved me beyond words and taught me very profound lessons I just had to share it with people around me then. You really can’t begin to imagine how apt your posts are to me E’, I get pumped up in the spirit by them. As I was reading this Donnie’s song just keeps playing in my head;
    “I know that faith is easy
    when everything is going well
    But can you still believe in Me
    when your life’s a living hell?
    And when all the things around you
    seem to quickly fade away
    There’s just one thing
    I really want to know
    Will you let go?….”

    Seriously keeping up the good fight. God bless you MEGA E’ mwuahhhhh!. My love to KingDaveed

  7. ‘If you are like me, or the average Christian, there are certainly some things you have TRUSTED and had a 100% FAITH for, just like Tito did for her baby, yet it didn’t come through, or worse still, you lost it in a way that screamed THE END!!!’
    The season of contradictions…..last year I bought a ticket to fly back to Lagos and I struggled with SHAME. This was not the spoil I was supposed to bring back. I thought I would breakdown at the airport.
    This FAITH walk no easy. The best example I could give of how I felt is the Shunaamite woman whose son DIED.
    Especially when you stepped out to ‘walk on water’ at Gods go forth.
    I read Tito’s story and I just did hmmm so we plenty. But I dont have her peace yet to be honest I think I still feel ashamed even its just a little.
    Sometimes it gets you thinking whether you heard God in the first place, questioning everything. Even accepting you lost the battle is hard.

    1. yaaaay the comment finally came. thank God
      Nne, this war is NOT over. When it is, we will hear your testimony, I am too sure

      This will pass, You will come out gold and TESTIFY

      Hugs and Love and welcome back hehehe

      btw, we should hook up when i am back and settled in Lag. I will holler

  8. Amazing…so many lessons learnt Nne…

    Thanks for all the referrals to check out….i read Tito’s story and it was so real from a beloved sister in the Lord. She wrote her story from the depths of her love for GOD…

    Dr. N’s blog is my new favourite. Thanks Ezi’precious.

    Love to KingD.


    1. Awww I love EziPrecious
      You say the sweetest things
      Chukwu gozie gi

      And yup Dr. N is amazing.
      Tito’s story… it is well

      Daalu nne

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