…Until that which your spiritual eyes have seen…

Hey FaithFam, welcome to the blog. It’s a throwback blog and we’re going all the way back to 2015. It’s still such a relevant message for today so let’s get into it. Hallos people And happy Sunday 🙂 Actually I’m typing this on Saturday but I’ll schedule for Sunday. Something about Sunday makes us a […]

The Spirit of SHUT UP… Pt 1

I recall EXACTLY where I was, holding my phone when her message dropped… ‘I’m in UCH and I am going in for a surgery…’ That was a message from a dear dear friend. Because I know the back story of the ‘situation’ that landed her in the hospital and how we had faith’ed it all along, this […]


Raaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrr!!!! *excited roar* So I am doing this and that and then my fabulous sister Titi sends me a most exciting message that the Kendrick brothers, producers of ALL my favourite CHRISTIAN movies (Facing the Giants, Fire Proof and Courageous) have a new movie due to be released this August called THE WAR ROOM. Before […]

The Battle…The WAR!!!

A battle is a large scale fight that is part of a war (Source) A war sometimes consists of many battles. (Source: Wiki) Battles can be won and lost, but it may not determine the end of the War. Battles are usually short term, while wars are lengthy. (Source) Education out of the way, may […]

How to get an IMPERIAL COLLEGE all expense paid scholarship…

Hey darlings… Been a long minute here. How’s everyone doing? Me I am good oooo. Just stretching leg and tinz he he he. BTW went shutter-happy today and me up with these lovely selfies being that I have not really been taking pictures sef. Oh BTW, that is 100% Nigerian human hair… I know. Tz […]