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BTW went shutter-happy today and me up with these lovely selfies being that I have not really been taking pictures sef.

The many pouting faces of happy

Oh BTW, that is 100% Nigerian human hair… I know. Tz dro’dea’gahwjjjjjuuuuss . Even hubby that saw me korokoro taking the twists out still asked me if this was my hair. Ah, love me my natchy

An idea just hit me. Oya lemme go and take a full personal so you can see how fat I have become round my 6month abdomen is… Well technically 5months and some two weeks or so. Oops, I shouldn’t have said that. Remember ’em strong people and all he he he https://eziaha.com/2014/07/03/brainwashed/

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Didn’t get a good person to snap me jare so manage

Lol at this Mgbeke pose

Now this post is all about sharing this awesome testimony I heard. Btw before I go on, my eziaha@eziaha.com is having slight issues. Working on fixing it. Sorry for bounced mails and unreplied ones. You may hit me up at eziaharx@yahoo.com

OK like I mentioned in my last post https://eziaha.com/2014/09/30/faithfam/  , I feel like one on a mission to amp the faith of everyone in the world. I mean Faith living is the business ooo. I am sharing this to help someone believe and have even more faith. Our God? More than able.

Before the end of the week though, hopefully I will be back with a #preggE’Series post. This time it would be an interview with my quarter-to-pop lover girl bestie.

My Sapphire

We had a surprise baby shower for her some two weeks ago.

Notice my 'first time mom' tee. Gift from my friend from obodo oyibo

Now I haven’t even told her I will be interviewing her but I know she will be a doll… After she yabs me when she sees this post he he he.

OK now to the Imperial college testimony. We will stay anonymous.

So A lady in the FAB group shared this with us this morning…(Last week that is). My darling darling sister. How I love her mehn…

Ah!!! My FAB group yo!!!

We are on a faith project on the group where we shared our faithlist with each other, formed subgroups and pray for both ourselves and each other and keep ourselves accountable too. I wish i can explain just how much i personally have grown since we started this. Not to talk of the midnight and 3am prayers that go on in various groups. Like one of us has on her do permanently. No more sleep sleep.


I so laughed when she put it up. Even me sef had to advice myself with this dp I made.


Mehn, girls are not smiling ooo. The devil is in trouble. So we have some people believing God for Masters and all so she shared hers to encourage us after our baby NK asked her to… (Nk just making you happy by putting your name here he he he)

Enjoy… Unedited.

Okk ladies get your drinks and popcorn and take a seat. This story is uber long. (On the FAB lane, we LOVE long he he he)
My interjections in bracket…

Basically, finishing as the best student in my department in unilag with a high CGPA (2nd highest in the uni for my set) EVERYBODY had a say in what I should do next with my life. Some people were like go and do masters, some were like go and do PhD straight, all sorts. I didn’t know what to do for masters, where I wanted to do it and all. At a point, I didn’t renew my BIS, didn’t pick any phone calls, I just wanted to hear from God. That’s where I discovered the Psalm 32:8! Best pathway for my life things! (NLT).
(#NotEverytimeBBnTwitternInstagram… #SometimesShutDownAndHearGod)

So I definitely knew I wanted to go to a top school for chem eng. so I hit the Internet and searched through schools. I finally decided to go to Imperial. My dad was on my case so I got the admission in January last year. Some people were opting for cheaper schools but I don’t even know where my own big eye was coming from sef. My school fees is one of the most expensive for Chem eng in UK. I now even booked the most expensive accomodation they had on the Imperial College website sef in a posh area �� Haha! With no money or scholarship yet o.

(Say what?!?!? Kai. Na did kain tin dey please my Sugar daddy)

In my mind, I always wanted to go for masters on a scholarship but my parents were ready to sell some of their assets to pay for it. That’s when I started praying oo. Ahh, quick background on my parents; my dad is 71 and my mum is 64. I’m their last child, so I don’t like stressing them, will they now sell what is bringing them money in their retirement? Mbanu Oo. Even when they put up the houses for sale, people were just offering RUBBISH money for the quality of the houses.
Of course I was applying for scholarships. Looking out for all sorts of scholarships. I applied for all, but the one I really wanted was the Exxon Mobil scholarship.

That’s how when I applied o, I applied wrongly with the incomplete documents. And by the time I realised, i had submitted the application. I tried calling them to delete that application so I could reapply. Hmmn, they said it wasn’t possible. For some reason sha, they reopened the application, so that people could change their documents. I think we were so many that did the wrong thing. Anyways, I then went for the test and I flunked out after the first stage.
Ha! The other scholarships were not even calling me for test or anything. PTDF didn’t take me to the next stage because I was still on NYSC.
Meanwhile I had been worshipping and praying at 3am. What brought that up? My dad told me a story of how he had bought a large expanse of land cheaply when he just started work��and some Omo onile (all those agberos) had come to disturb the workers  on the land (he was using it as a farm) that they owned half of the land bla bla bla. So my dad brought out his spiritual guns and started praying at 3am o. Praying psalms! My dad loves the psalms, sung or said! He mentioned a particular psalm that mentions how your enemies will be thrown into confusion and fight over themselves. And lo and behold, one day, the farm manager came to report that the family fought themselves o. That they even wanted to use knives and all. Spiritual arrows.
So I decided to use this tactic o. Started praying and praising at night. It was a HUGE struggle waking up at first because I love my sleep�� but the Holy Spirit helped me o. Sometimes, I would  wake up before time sef.

(Not saying I have any scriptures that say it MUST be 3am but somehow I just believe that the night time when I want to disturb the sleep of some kain ‘kings’ na 3am when sleep dey enter the next sweet level so even before she shared this, my subgroupies had already concluded on 3am prayers. You can’t be believing for BIG things and not prepare yourself in the spirit to receive it in the physical.)

I had a scholarship from my undergrad with an oil company. So my dad said that as he was praying, he had the idea that we should write a letter to thank the company for giving me the scholarship and then ask for a postgrad scholarship and all. Chai I was so timid, I still am, but I’m receiving the spirit of boldness o. Haha. When he said that, I was like, ah, what’s all this, won’t they say the one they have given you is enough? Lol. So I wrote the letter and went to drop it in their office. Thankfully, the lady I had been in touch with was VERY nice, so when the security people mentioned I was there to see her, she allowed me come up quickly. All these places that you need swipe card to enter o. But she just collected the letter and said I could go. She called me 10 minutes later that where am I? She just read my letter! Wow! Congratulations on my results! She has to give me a gift and all. So I went back to see her. She said she will forward it straight to the relevant authority and get back to me. Meanwhile, the MD of the company goes to my church in Lagos. So my dad (very bold man o)�� thought we should also reach out to him at church. But we decided to go through another man in our church who we know they are very good friends. Lol. As my dad was saying all these things I was just like hmmn this ela will not be funny o��.

Anyways, when we met the second man in my church, me I was just praying for favour that he will be able to talk to the MD for us to at least pay the school fees. Though in my heart of hearts, I was believing God for a full scholarship! Meanwhile, my Aunty (who also goes to that church) had previously told the man that I finished with a high CGPA, graduated best in my dept. So the man had previously mentioned that he hopes I will go to imperial college for my masters.
So when we (actually my dad, I was just standing behind him) approached the man, he said ok, we should wait to hear from the oil company. If we don’t hear from the company by a particular date, he will take care of the whole bill.

(this is the point where the goosebumps happen and u stop and just pray in the spirit. Ahzzin, we didnt ask this man ooo but he offers to pay if the company delays. Na wa ooo. Even juju doesn’t work like this)

Ahhhhh, I couldn’t even believe it. Like?! Does this man know the amount of money involved? Ok. Anyways, he kept asking us if we had heard from the company each Sunday at church and we hadn’t so we told him that. So afterwards, he said ok, time is going, he will just pay for it all. So we printed off the breakdown of the money involved and he paid all. Ahhh, I was so happy.

Like, most scholarships just give you a lump sum, regardless of the city or school you are going to. So if your school fees is high, good luck to you.  3 of my friends are here for the same course in Imperial and their struggle for accomodation is real cos they were given a lump sum and an expensive accommodation will reduce their spending money
So what are the lessons I learnt?
1. God REALLY and truly wants the best for you. If I had not flunked all those scholarship tests now, maybe I wouldn’t have had this testimony of divine provision.
2. Don’t put God in a box!
3. Boldness is key. Like Simbo’s testimony and Eziaha’s as well, you have to do. Thank God my dad was there to do on my behalf.
4. I was sowing o. Every time I go to church, I’m sowing. Even when I was going to church everyday for Lenten service, it was chuking me o, but I was sowing.
5. Faith is key! Me, my dad and my mum ahh. Plenty faith. They would just be saying. You won’t be here in September, so make sure you do this and this. Everyone just knew I was going even when the money hadn’t physically manifested. Also, where my own faith wasn’t enough to give me boldness, my parents own was there. That’s why this #faithfam concept is key.

OK lemme summarize the rest. This is E’ speaking now.
That’s how my girl applies for a visa and she is declined even after paying the fees and accommodation in full. See how much of a bastard devil is. And the people sha say they man doesn’t change his mind, blablabla. Thank God for those 3am prayers. The visa came in two days just like that.

My girl is done with her masters ooo and has started herr favoured job in the UK sharp sharp. We just dey wait our distinction. We have cucu ‘lambano’ed’ it in the spirit.

See ehn, evening service sermon is not long…
Act BIG!!! Think BIG!!! Dream BIG!!! Our God is BIG!!!  And ACTIVE!!!


See this man. My love for him is just like indomie and egg…
Maribor going down tonight!!! He he he
Yup I am a very proud Chelsea fan and an unashamed Mourinho lover. Hubs calls me his daughter. He he he
Dude be making us happy every time we play.
#WeAreOnTopOfTheLeague *screaming*

Err, the group is closed for now. Sawry… :'( except of cos someone leaves

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  1. Ah! This is live-breathing!…I sha know what i’m trying to say, I hope y’all get it. Wow!!!! Congratulations! I enjoyed the testimony and the testifier….and I’m thankful for this encouraging, guiding testimony at this time.

    God bless you for sharing!
    A gazillion Cheers to God’s faithfulness and jaw-dropping goodness.

    1. Yesoooo. Our online school (excuse my attache lol)
      When I read that on your blog, I’m like steph is listening to pastor poju wella. Dunno how I forgot to mail ya… Hehehe. Glad it ministered. Go girl!!!

  2. Now to HIM who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…be praise and glory forever more. Amazing testimony…thanks for sharing.

    1. Omo ehn… Above what we ask ooo. Funny how she wanted that lump scholarship and then someone comes and does all expense paid easily.
      God sha… Show off Master hehehe

  3. Yayyyyyyy, hurray…I mean ehn, GOD is able to do immeasurably more than all as ask or imagine…I remember when I saw the Imperial College on her thesis…I was like wooooooo hoooooo! cause I know say Imperial no be piece of cake… but now ehn…reading the FULL testimony….chai…my faith levels shot up agaiiiiiiin….

    I’m believing GOD for something BIG as always and I know that my space on the group is waiting…hopefully…. so I can share…

    Ahh CHUKWU daalu Sir!!!

    E’ licious, wow…I love your bump….insert wide grin…+++

    1. Hehehe. Thanks mama… We sure miss ya. Especially ur very retentive memory. And yap ur space dey 😀

      I trust U&I and all the C’s are doing just fine…


  4. Inner me screamed, ‘yippee!’ and did a dance when I saw the title of this mail. This is so timely #greatcloudofwitnesses

  5. Wow!
    Wow again….
    Why am I not surprised though?
    God’s just too awesome…
    Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe our God…. Ah! the group tho… God’s doing so much through you all, what an honor it is to be used by God…
    Thanks for sharing this… So inspiring!
    Lol at that mgbeke pose,very much allowed
    Fab looking preggE’ ♡

  6. Very Inspiring. Fab E’ trust you are great. I still thought of you on Saturday. I remembered your blog on witness of faith and I remembered a dear aunty of mine.i wanted to ask which of Pst Mildred book would you recommend I get for all as she is believing God for a child after countless IVF procedure.
    Thanks for blessing me alway with the word

  7. Very Inspiring. Fab E’ trust you are great. I still thought of you on Saturday. I remembered your blog on witness of faith and a dear aunty came to mind.i wanted to ask which of Pst Mildred book would you recommend I get for all as she is believing God for a child after countless IVF procedure.
    Thanks for blessing me alway with the word.

    In btw, this pregnancy looks good on you

  8. I wake up at this time n ur blog comes to mind. I am believing God to get a Masters and also a scholarship to cover. U can imagine how much this testimony speaks to me. I know that he who has done GREAT N MIGHTY for ds Sister HE is more dan ABLE.
    Congrsts Girlie! The best is yet to come.#keepfaithalive
    E you look fab with d bump. Ur blog is a source of encouragement. God bless you

    1. Talk about Your very own word of encouragement. I’m happy ths post was spot on for ya.
      Thanks for the bump love.
      And I pray your testimony shows soon AMEN

  9. Ok, I’m back. I had to run into my prayer room to blast tongues. Ah! This is my God oooo. I love faith moves mehn. Believing God for some tremendous miracles and reading this just shot my faith to the highest level. Will soon tesify. *running back to my prayer room to make my confessions.

    Btw, pregnancy suits you wella and I agree with Lizzie, that your pose is …… (runs out)
    Thanks for sharing E.

  10. Jeeez…as in..no words o..what do i even want to say now…God rocks o,sincerely..chai and to think that i was thinking what am in faith for is to massive.Av vex o.am so upping my game..and TESTIFY!,I WILL.#faithing all da way.
    Well done mama…the bumps though hehehe..dont lemme talk o,before i chop knock.Ewa did knock me *sad face smiley*

  11. wow! wow! amazing! Every time i read testimonies on this blog, my faith is challenged! im believing God to help me finish my masters strong! i just started but i have had doubts and serious fears but i know my God will show himself strong. Ezi congrats o 4months to go?!?! and congrats to ur friend as well 🙂

  12. Amazing God!!!! He Always comes through. Always :)….p.s Just as I was about to indicate my interest in joining the group :'(

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