How to get an IMPERIAL COLLEGE all expense paid scholarship…

Hey darlings… Been a long minute here. How’s everyone doing? Me I am good oooo. Just stretching leg and tinz he he he. BTW went shutter-happy today and me up with these lovely selfies being that I have not really been taking pictures sef. Oh BTW, that is 100% Nigerian human hair… I know. Tz […]

E's mail… Dear E', how do i hear from God? A FAB mentee responds.

This morning, I have resolved to not do anything at all till this blog has been updated. So I won’t even let my boss know I am in yet. Anything short of him breaking down my door, I won’t respond. Hehehe Hey, how is everyone on this FAB lane? Been what? 22days!!! Over three weeks!!! […]

Blog’imony… Chisom’s victory

***POST UPDATE: The Testifier’s name is actually Chisom NOT Amaka. The mix up came as a result of the email of the testimony she sent me. The name there was AMAKA so I thought that was her first name, She later clarified that she mailed me from her momma’s email addy that night so… I have decided […]