This morning, I have resolved to not do anything at all till this blog has been updated. So I won’t even let my boss know I am in yet. Anything short of him breaking down my door, I won’t respond.


Hey, how is everyone on this FAB lane? Been what? 22days!!! Over three weeks!!! Kai.

In those three weeks, life has been all the shades of amazing, fabulous and then some.

I LOVEEEEEEEE my job!!! Two weeks working here and I have received three mails from my boss hailing me ‘You are doing a real amazing job’, one free lunch from him, another from a senior colleague and a gift too (The first of many he said) yaaaaaay.

Life is good… nay FAB!!! #LeSigh

***just went out to peep. Boss ain’t here yet. Yaaaay!!!***

Ok let’s do this fast.

Today is FAB FRIDAY!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

This Post is totally dedicated to all my FAB mentees. I love you girls mega (and more when you stop calling me mama) *tongue out*

Ok, I have a group of amazing young ladies I mentor on Whatsapp… Met them all off my blog.

Every Friday, we have something called FAB Friday where they get to ask me all sortsa questions and all. I think it starts at 6pm, 8pm or 9pm. Not sure again sef. But this week, I think Chi said the topic was gonna be relationships. Ah!!! My bread and butter. #iLikey

Anyways, still on my mentees, today, I am going to share Ify’s testimony here… She is one of my FAB mentees.

I met Ify when she was in a really bad place. Her issues didn’t attract me (I am not Jesus Christ abeg) but her spirit did. Ify is one person who knows how to be very very real and down to earth. She has a really beautiful spirit. She needed help, she wasn’t ashamed to request for it and bare out her mind to you. Yes there was anxiety and all but her beautiful spirit filtered through it all and I just knew I could take her in and let God work on her.

She requested to be added to the mentee group and I agreed. Interestingly, she is the only married woman there (though she got married pretty early and so she fell within the age range) and I feared for how she would cope but like I said, Ify knows how to just LEARN. Ok the word I am looking for is ‘ify has a teachable spirit’

And trust me, this is not common.

Anyways, the mentoring journey started and little by little, I saw changes in Ify. Then I started seeing major changes. Ah, it was like a dream to me. She was just sooooooooo open. If Ify needed help, she would ask. She was never ashamed to ask questions or make her confessions. If she erred, she would tell me even if she had to do it in tears. She is amazingly open kai.

On the group, she is everyone’s sweetheart. They all call her mama ejima and they have all booked her twins down for little bride and page boy lol… At least, Godmother space is exclusively mine hehehe. They all absolutely love Ify and most of them have been hosted by her in her school in Ife.

Ewa, Ify and Chi
Ewa, Ify and Chi

I hear she is a great host too.

I met Ify for the first time at Akikitan (and she brought me and her other sisters giftssss ah).Some of my mentees came too.

Dee, Bella, Ify, Chi, Ewa and Glow
Dee, Bella, Ify, Chi, Ewa and Glow

I gave Ify a 4G flash filled with messages and she would listen and give me feedback on them. I told you Ify has a teachable spirit. And she would have question for days…….

So after I did this post on my birthday, Ify was one of those who asked me ‘How do I hear from God like you’? I told her I was working on a post and it would address that. Interestingly, little did I know that it would be Ify who would end up answering the question for the scores of persons who asked me. In those three weeks, God gave Ify a testimony and the night she shared it on the group, I knew I had to run it here so I asked her to mail it to me and she did…

Please enjoy Ify, unedited…

My responses and thoughts are in asterisks





Honestly am short of words. This came as a surprise to me. God has been so awesome and merciful to me. I can’t thank him enough for the wonderful sisters (which I never had) that He brought into my life through the FAB lane. Am one of mama’s mentees on mentoring on the FAB lane. Am Ify aka mama Ejime. My walk with God has been a struggle until recently. I have grown in faith and being positive has become a lifestyle as a result of being mama’s mentee. Few weeks ago, two of my sisters (from our mentee group) graciously came to visit me in school.BeautyPlus_20140725101815_save One of them by name Ewa bought me some books.

Immediately she gave me those books. She told me we would pray in tongues for 30miuntes during prayer time. I was shocked because on my own, I have never prayed up to 15 minutes in my understanding and you tell me I would pray for 30miuntes in tongues. I gave her all the reasons in the world why is not possible. I can’t. Like what will I be saying in those 30minutes? She told me the Holy Spirit will give me utterance. After so much persuasion, I reluctantly agreed.

**** Lol God bless you Ewatemi darl.


That is how Ify used to protest too at the beginning in the group when it was her turn to take the Word or pray and I never used to excuse her hehehe***

Fast forward to prayer time. We began praying in tongues. How the spirit came upon me and I did it for 30miuntes was a mystery to me. We prayed over an 1hr that day. I never knew something great has been deposited in my spirit. 2days later we were heading to our various destinations. She gave me her flash filled with loads of messages from her pastor on tongues and prayers. It was a series. I got home and listened to those messages at least two every day and my spirit man grew. Pastor Segun Obajide dwelt so much on tongues that I started praying in tongues on my own. First day. I prayed over 1hr. I tried to stop but I still continued. I prayed more in tongues than my own understanding. I start studying from 12am and 3am. Something I dare not try. One amazing transformation in my spiritual life these few weeks is my Love for the bible. I search scriptures myself and get answers to all I need. Normally I hate reading the Bible even as a Christian. I confused when people talk so much about the bible and am like ‘what are they saying?’ The bible had been so boring to me. I read my devotionals and skip the scriptures for the day. I had no business because it doesn’t make meaning to me. All that makes meaning used to be Psalm 113:9 and Ps 37:4. I only read a scripture because someone makes mention of it. Am thrilled how my eye lights up anytime I read the bible. The Holy Spirit Has helped me to enjoy every aspect of reading the word of God. I never knew what I was missing all this while by not praying in tongues and studying the Word of God. I STORE UP so much lately that every areas of my life has begun to change. I must add that the indwelling of the HOLY GHOST has been a wonderful experience and I have a regular fellowship with Him. My marriage has changed because of the way I pray too. You need to see how my dear husband holds and cuddle me when I come to bed early hours of the morning every day. His embrace tells me a lot that u might not want to go into details now.

***The REAL SEXY wife is the GODLY one ooo. Forget Hollywood/Nollywood***

Hubs told me yesterday that he is enjoying his marriage with me more now than the 3years we have been together. Tz like honeymoon to him. He has been on holiday for 3weeks and we spend time together in each other’s company and we have no arguments. Not that we fight but my temper could be so ‘blessed’. I get angry at every little thing and shout, carrying a long face for hours. Honestly all this changed because I was blessed to have someone that encouraged me to pray more in tongues. I found out that my mentality about childbirth has changed. It becomes the last thing I confess or pray about. Growing in the knowledge of God has become my greatest priority

*** Ify is in faith (actually we all are in faith) for her twins.

Don't twins just look amazing on Ify? Can't wait abeg
Don’t twins just look amazing on Ify? Can’t wait abeg

Like I used to tell her at the beginning when she used to worry so much, God is NOT interested in giving you a child as much as He is interested in having you grow in your knowledge of Him. Children are the cheapest things for God to give (and jobs and husbands and ‘fill in the gap0 but frankly, with her level then, I didn’t think she was ready for children yet***

My friends noticed I talk less and stopped being critical about others. I couldn’t have done this on my own. God used my two wonderful sisters to change my life. I could go on and on.

Mama, I must confess when I was added on the FAB lane. I felt embarrassed. I wanted to beg you to remove me because I was married and am 5years older than most sisters.

*** Lol. I think just one is 17 or so jor Ify…***

Something kept on stopping me from making that move. When I saw the spiritual level of all the sisters. I felt like an ant. I buried my head in shame and said to myself ‘If young girls this age could be this devoted to God. What have I been doing?’ plus mama said something one time – Christianity is not judged by one’s age. I was so loved in the group. I felt so special. I had sisters I never had biologically. Their support through trying times amazes me. They pray with me and for me. Encouraging me not to give up, they have helped me to know that am not perfect but God loves me. Another mentee that helped me more is Olivia.


On BBM, she will just send me a message, “Sister Jesus loves you. Sister God loves you despite the sins you have committed’ Olivia is a TEN Abeg. I always struggle with sin. A very bad secret sin and I shared with her. I never knew she understood where I was coming from and shared scriptures with me. All my sisters on the group have been so supportive one way or the other. From sharing quality gospel songs with me that edifies my spirit, to encouragement and love when I share my experience. Each of us from the group have a wonderful testimony from the FAB group.

*** I love hearing their testimonies ehn. Chai!!! The ones that are bloggers are supposed to run a personal post ‘Mentoring on the FAB lane, the journey so far…’ Then ahn, I recall one week we read a chapter of Jakes ;The Lady, He Lover and Her Lord’ and my goodness, there was healing that week as TD Jakes talked about past hurts and abuse and all. Omo ehn, I was amazed as to what God did…***

Mama mii, my most Fabulous mama. You know all this wouldn’t have been possible without you. You availed yourself as an instrument to be used for hurting ladies like me. Where will I start from with you?

Ify and I
Ify and I

You know how you have helped me. Mama you know how I was when you meet me. Am sure you know now that your girl has grown.

***Mehn!!! Tell me about it!!! Thank God I didn’t give up***

You have been a major part of my life that I will never forget. Am eternally grateful I came across your blog through PM’s blog and she encouraged me to speak with you. Mama, our own na another blog post. Well, I still reminisce on your smoothing hug. I longggggg for more.

***Woooh, I will start charging for this hug ooo. Lol. Ify had to ask me if I hug guys like that too and I am like OF COURSE NOT!!!***

My testimony on the FAB group plenty o. But I will stop here o. I hope I wasn’t a talkative. God bless all the FAB family.

Did I mention all the activities we enjoy on the FAB lane?

(1) Mentoring on the FAB lane

(2) FAB mentees word sharing

(3) FAB Book club

(4) FAB mentees prayers only

Plus the latest addition. FAB Friday. Where we get tips on marriage, relationships, career etc. It’s been awesome. I bet with all this. You will beg to be among the FAB Mentees group.

***Hehehehe. Did I mention that Ify is such a toaster too. Ify can toast you for ages. Lol***

Mama, you know I have been disturbing you about a particular blog post. (How to hear from God). If you noticed I have stopped doing that. The HS has taken charge. I hear now and know the mind of Christ. God knows me by name and He speaks to me specifically. So you can take your time on that. Just chill and let it come at your convenience.

***No Baby, you just did the post. I will just add something I heard Rev Victor Adeyemi say that Kenneth Hagin said… ‘The will of God is inside you. If you pray LONG ENOUGH in the spirit, it will jump out of your inside into your head/conscious and it will become clear to you…’ So I am NOT surprised at Ify’s growth. All the tips I would have loved to share are in her story…

  1. The right association
  3. Prayers especially in tongues (oh btw, Ify is catholic ooo)
  4. A teachable spirit
  5. Messages and Books
  6. Etc etc lol

This blessed me. I know it blessed you too…

Ify I am super proud of you boo. I feel like one proud mama…

Ok time to work and best part of working in the UN, aside from loving this job incredibly and endlessly, has to be that Fridays, the UN closes at 12.30pm. Whooooooop!!!


Can’t wait for today’s episode of FAB FRIDAY!!! Whoop!!!

Hopefully, I would have come in long before from braiding my hair and rested some.

And yeah, just in case you are wondering, pregnancy has been FABULOUS too. I know I promised a series ‘The PreggiE’ diaries’

Just cross your fingers, it will soon start. Hehehe. I am outta office all week next week so hopefully when I am back, I will debut…






So I attended the CHAYIL 2014 CONFERENCE organized by Pastor M and DCC Married women’s group known as CHAYIL. It was amazing.


I am working on a post that would bless married women but it would be on @Marriagebydbook‘s blog sometime next week.

I LOVE this picture hehehe. Ada and I
I LOVE this picture hehehe. Ada and I

Btw, I now KNOW @marriagebydbook but I am sworn to secrecy until comes out herself or annoys me hehehe. She is a REAL AMAZING FABULOUS BEAUTIFUL woman hehehe


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  1. Awwwww….This had tears building up my eyes…
    The amazing things that just happen when we consciously decide to spend more time with God and romance the bible…yes i used the word romance!!!
    I am so thankful for u Eziaha the bully…..
    Thank you for touching lives mine inclusive..
    P.s I dont understand why u blacklisted me,Vee and Dumebi from joining that group. Continue o…..there is God.
    Love u baby…

  2. I second Tannie… This post is just it…
    Congratulations are in order, Ify…
    May God continue to build you in his grace.
    Your hubby too…
    I love love love your twins
    😀 😀
    Just got this song playing in my head
    “There’s an army rising up…to break every chain…”
    Weldone @ Eziaha… and thank you, for being you 😀
    And it really has been too long without one of your hugs…hehehe

  3. God bless you, Fab Mentor and Mentees… I’m feeling like a mentee right now sef…

    Its always good to hear from this blog.
    And I’m glad that all things are FABULOUS with you.
    Keep on with God’s blessings.

  4. Awwwwww…. Mama, all I can say is thank you. thank you, thank you. I do not have the right words now but God will fill my mouth when the time comes. Honestly, I can see why genuine Christians are so proud of their place in God and the person of the HS. Everyday has been a testimony. Thank you MAMA for being a blessing to me. Thank you so much for your goodwill and prayers @gaintsparkle. God bless all the FAB community.

  5. Hmmm, my eyes are popping at these stories about the mentee group o. I’m seriously considering begging to be in o. It’s been a while E’. How’s the little bundle doing? And the olori ebi? Much love

  6. love ur passion for young ladies like us…love this part…she was a catholic…big ups to the HS…he sha knows how to do his thing…n pls ma how do we join d group…on whatsapp

  7. Hmmn I guess I need to get over my phobia for commitment and fill d FAB mentee’s form! The group sounds awesome. Godbless you lot and aunty ify ur testimony shall be permanent IJN.
    P.s aunty Ezi Godbless you for sharing this with us! Keep up d good work with ur mentees and keep sharing their testimonies as encouragement to us. Hope ur little one is doing fine?

  8. Its like 3 or 4mnths now I guess dat I av bin a silent observer on dis blog but now I feel like its a great sin if I dnt comment on dis particulat post… But right now, d right words aren’t jst coming. I love u E, though I dnt knw u, I feel like I’m so much in love wit u nd all ur mentees. Plsssssssssss how can I join d mentee group?

  9. Mamalett,ur testimony jes got me beaming with smiles sha.M soo happy for you,nd yes the FAB lane rocks gaan,bestest sisters ever and fabest mentor ever.God bless you mama,more grace

  10. Now this is an answer to the same question i’ve been pondering on for Months. Your blog has been a great source of encouragement and has increased my spiritual life which has been down eva since i lost my Dad who was so strong spiritually in an unusual manner. One of my in-laws once told me, this is the time for you to become stronger spiritually and dont leave the prayers for your mum alone. i always think of your Faith wheneva im down and needs to be gingered.

  11. Is Ify still a practicing catholic? Nd why d side note saying she is catholic ooo? We’re u trying to emphasize something? Cos I kind of missed it!

  12. It was good to read this post, cos I really need to start hearing from God.

    I have recently started studying the Bible, listening to messages, reading books. I already pray in tongues, though I’ve never prayed up to 5 minutes with it. I guess it doesn’t feel natural just yet, but the Holy Spirit would help me.

    So, I’m glad that I’m on the right track. As for the right associations, that’s going to be a prayer request.

    This 2015 must not pass me by!

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