E's mail… Dear E', how do i hear from God? A FAB mentee responds.

This morning, I have resolved to not do anything at all till this blog has been updated. So I won’t even let my boss know I am in yet. Anything short of him breaking down my door, I won’t respond. Hehehe Hey, how is everyone on this FAB lane? Been what? 22days!!! Over three weeks!!! […]


On my way to work today, I was dosing up on my usual every morning tonic on Inspiration FM, ‘The wake up show with Eyo and Dallas’. Totally hilarious, those two boys. After their usual drama, they introduced the topic of today and it was on spanking a child, whether it be right or wrong… […]

WEEKEND ROUND UP… err ladies only…

Did you know? That the very first times I wrote, that was on facebook, some years back, I called my writings the fab sisters diary… It was a diary… I chronicled some of my daily doings and happenings there. I recall then, we lived close to British council in Ikoyi when they still ran their […]