On my way to work today, I was dosing up on my usual every morning tonic on Inspiration FM, ‘The wake up show with Eyo and Dallas’. Totally hilarious, those two boys. After their usual drama, they introduced the topic of today and it was on spanking a child, whether it be right or wrong…

*Oh the school assembly is on right about now and they are singing my all time favorite hymn – Now thank we all God…’ I love that hymn mega…*

Ok where was I?

Ehen spanking. Several parents called in and had various opinions. Even though some didn’t believe in it but rather encouraged dialogue, ALL had spanked their kids before and ALL were mega spanked by their parents.

I am sure that all of us reading were spanked by our parents. In fact, borderline abused sef…Lol

Ok so because we live by the Word, I would rather share with you the Word rather than my opinion.

Oya open your bibles…

Proverbs 22:15

Young people are prone to foolishness and fads: the cure comes through TOUGH-MINDED discipline… TM

Just in case tough minded discipline seems vague…

A youngster’s heart is filled with foolishness, but PHYSICAL DISCIPLINE will drive it far away… NLT

And if physical discipline has an ambiguity to it still…

Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child but the ROD OF DISCIPLINE/CORRECTION will drive it FAR from him… AMP/KJV

Ehen… ROD. That sorta settles this yeah? I will be back to explain the kinda rod before someone says Eziahakaego is recommending IRON RODS on kids LOL

Btw, I said Eziahakaego not E’ cos I wanted to say that the full meaning of my BIBLICAL name is found in the very first verse of that chapter.



Ok where were we? I just said that to say that if your name is NOT EXPRESSLY in the bible, you need a NEW NAME… Lol


Look ehn, I believe in dialogue ooo. But dialogue and flogging too. You can’t be wiser that God and He has recommended ROD so hellurrrr…

Dialogue alone can’t remove the FOOLISHNESS ooo.

Like one of the Callers said, he overheard his 10 year old son boast to his friend ‘My daddy will NOT beat me no matter what I do…’ Kai, that is a classic recipe for a disaster of a son when he grows. Dude said prior to then, he NEVER recommended beating but on hearing that, he set trap for the boy and when he fell in, he got THE BEATING lol.

I say, ‘Wise man…’

Even the bible recommends ROD AND DIALOGUE… You didn’t know…

Proverbs 29:15 A rod and a reprimand/rebuke impart wisdom, but a child left undisciplined/left to himself/gets his own way/ disgraces its mother (and father and siblings and generation)_… E’s MIX version

So while you hold your cane in one hand, you hold dialogue in the other hand…


In most schools including mine, the teachers are not allowed to flog the children. There are more ‘corporate punishments’ we give, and that makes sense. Some teachers may just vex and abuse a child all in the name of spanking so I ENDORSE that one. Now there is a disciplinary unit which would flog if need be. So the spanking is standardized and moderate before someone carries gbese of another man’s child.

Moreover, I already mentioned in a previous Post that the school and teachers can NOT train your child for you. At best, it is is PARENTS-TEACHER COLLABO so please do the spanking yourself and make the teacher’s work easier, thank you!!!

And no, spanking does NOT kill ooo. I know some parents think you would mess up with a child’s psychology and stuff if you spank. Again, God gave you that child and He endorses spanking. You can’t be wiser that God. The child is first God’s child before yours.  And He says…

Don’t fail to discipline your children. They won’t die if you spank them/strike them with a rod. Physical discipline may well save them from death… Prov 23:13-14

I especially LOVE how The Message puts it

Don’t be afraid to correct your young ones; a spanking won’t kill them. A GOOD SPANKING, in fact, might save them from something worse than death.

Aha… Like becoming gay, stupid, thieves, wayward, cheats, fraudsters, Yahoo yahoo boys, etc.

Spank them now ooo. So that you can avoid shame later.

All this I love my child, I can’t afford to spank them is just plain FOOLISH ooo because it goes against scripture prescription. One parent actually said once he spanked his daughter, he felt so bad and wasn’t himself  till the next day and went to apologize to her and promised her it won’t happen again… And then did all the hugging, tears, mushy mushy kiss and makeup. Huh?!?!?!?! I almost threw up in the car… Choi…

If you love em, you will spank em…

He that spareth the rod HATETH HIS SON… but he that LOVETH him chasteneth him betimes…Prov 13:24


The NIV actually says if you love em, you are careful to DISCIPLINE THEM… Another says DILIGENT to discipline him.

The Message says ‘A refusal to correct is a refusal to love; love your children by disciplining them’

Uka agbasago…end of dsicussion

See ehn, I can go on and on with biblical recommendations but you get the point already, I HOPE.

Now let us balance this up. What kinda discipline are we talking here?


Personally, I HATE SLAPS so I would recommend bum smacking when they are still younger and/or spanking on the palm as they grow older. All this strip, lie down, and them flog on the bare bum or back is PURE EVIL. Are they criminals?

I won’t mind knocking a child REASONABLY on the head (especially for a first time offence lol and not EVERYDAY ooo) or hitting you REASONABLY with my palm on the back.

I also am not cool with this one where you flog the child all over the body. You never know ooo, if cane fly enter eye biko. Moreover that happens ESPECIALLY when the parent is VERY PISSED and I love what a parent said about that. He said when he is very upset, he tells the child to kneel for sometime so he can simmer down some before he flogs. Cos if he hurts her too much, guess who will pay hospital bills?


One mentioned belt that he once used to flog… HELL NO!!! Belt is a NO NO and frankly I don’t care what they have done. Except we are dealing with above 18 adults in which case I wonder why you are still spanking. It probably means you spared the rod while he was younger. Probably…


In Adichie’s ‘The thing around your neck…’ the very first story CELL ONE which is a true life in which she talks about her brother Nnamabia who was NEVER disciplined because his momma over-loved him and overlooked all the small small crimes he committed as a child until he landed in Prison in the University and brought shame and hardship to the family.

That story gave me goosebumps… I teared up while reading it.

I also believe in corporate punishments and taking away some privileges (in addition to good ol’ SPANKING of course) and whatever it is has to hurt the child. Not something stupid like a caller said his friend’s punishment used to be…

‘You won’t fly first class, you would fly business class…’


Or the JOKE called NAUGHTY CORNER even in Nigeria. ‘Go to the naughty corner and face the wall…’


When I got off the radio, I called Aku m and told him about the topic and what people said, he was like

‘In Nigeria? But even the Bible recommends it…’ and I am like ‘I am marrying well abeg…’


Not the one where he will be forming ‘Naughty corner’ and stop me from spanking…

For me ooo, my twin girls had better know spanking comes with the LOVE package. I love you girls too much already to NOT spank you. Foolishness is BOUND up in the heart of a child and tz the rod of correction that can drive it out. Like one of the kids who talked on the phone after his momma, he said he didn’t like the spanking and when Eyo told him ‘Ok stop being naughty’ and dude said he can’t. You see. Spanking can set things straight fast ooo. Dialogue ko. Spank then dialogue.

Someone said the kids won’t be close to you and a woman said her kids are VERY close to her cos after the spanking she brings them close and explains why she did and NOT to apologize for. Instead it is the kids that end up apologizing and most likely, they don’t repeat that stuff again…

My parents spanked us though looking back I think somethings were not right with that spanking but still…

My sister spanks her kids and because they grew up with me, I spank em too.


Spank em wella sef.

Now that the first is a teenager, I don’t spank her again and her mom spanks her less because she is losing the foolishness small small.


Plus she likes parties and sleepovers and going shopping so sometimes all we need now is to tell her that she won’t do any of the above and wham, chic behaves. Lol. Even my nephew that is just under two gets spanked too…


Just find what works and work it the GOD way aii…

Now one more scripture for the road…

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it… Prov 22:6

Btw, may I add that spanking is not the ONLY way to train a child. Some kids got all the spanking and yet turned out bad. Training a child requires wisdom. Ask God for it.

Have a FAB week ahead hon…



For more about my nieces and our last Christmas holiday, read here


I forgot to ask how your weekend was. Mine was all shades of awesome. I already gave a hint in this post on BUILDING THEM NO ALTARS which I noticed many people haven’t read yet. Twitter is just my blog’s best marketing tool. The more I twet, the higher my traffic and I have not really been tweeting… Gosh. No time. Sha read jor… and comment. I feel like it is my BEST post yet and very timely too.

Ok so weekend was amazing. Spent the friday into saturday kidnapped by my bestie and her hubby but we had a great time


and Sapphire and I spent all night gisting and seeing movies.

Screenshot_2013-11-18-10-13-57[1] I put this pix to embarrass you :p

The next day we picked up my boo from the airport and we went to Ibadan to see my darling Rev and his darling wife.


And other epeople… I also got to eat amala and abula thanks to lizzy…

Rode back to Lag with Rev and Lizzy while Le Boo returned to base. Came straight to church and had a great time in church and closed some good deals too. Amazing weekend indeed. Stressful but fulfilling. We achieved all we had to achieve. Told my boss on our way to work that mine trumped hers. She didn’t argue… She just said ‘when your heartbeat was around how won’t it trump mine? Mschewww’



This week is even looking BETTER AND BRIGHTER AND LOVELIER ALREADY. God is too faithful…

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  1. I finally get past my incredible semi-aversion (read: laziness*rme) to posting comments. I agree oh! 100%! It might seem absurd considering my history with physical abuse(you know the story, E!), but even through all the painful memories, a few “ROD of correction” episodes stand out as defining moments in my childhood. One of the best lessons I ever learned, honesty (now almost a fault sef*lol) is accompanied by one of the most painful memories EVER! The bitterness of that encounter lingered for years especially as the method of discipline was extreme and abusive(even now, the picture is crystal clear in my mind). I still know it was( I have the scar on the back of my right knee). Now though, the bitterness and pain is gone but the lesson lingers. I do NOT subscribe to physical abuse, no matter the excuse (PLEASE GET HELP, SIR/MA’AM! See the local pastor/counsellor/psychologist/psychiatrist. Don’t be ashamed to. I did see all four too! Yes! Physical abuse (among others) is THAT damaging!) That said, I WILL spank my child(ren)! In love and wisdom, so help me God.

    1. Well said darling.
      In love and wisdom.
      Very important. There is a major difference between discipline and abuse.
      Sadly most of our parents have no clue.
      Tz well jor. Thank God for healing… both physically and emotionally and mentally too.

  2. I gree o. I shall not spare the rod because some kids are just so stubborn esp the kids in the village am serving. They can be so annoying eh……sometimes I wish I could do takwando *big grin*(just kidding). Nice one tho.

    1. Looool
      Kids generally are stubborn love.
      I teach in a super elite school. Sometimes I wish I could do more than make em kneel down but hey…..
      Thanks darling

  3. Meyn this post make sense gan..love how you said ” yes dialogue but with spanking” lol.but na true sha, make our children no go turn to something else. But really I don’t get that naughty corner of a thing, what’s that? Kai…anyhow sha Nice post as usual. .me like the pics..btw that ur leg pose, odikwa serious oo..lol..stay fab..xo

  4. Had dis argument with some1,was of d view that yes,I will spank my kids!
    But sadly,I didn’t give reasons as good as the above.
    Thanks 4sharing,all so verily true!
    Btw,who in dis life says “u won’t fly first class,u’ll fly business class” is a punsishment?? *long hissssssss*

  5. All I’ve got to say is, I’ve missed ma big sis big time. I’m sure ur doing super well. How is work nd bro Bj? sorry I’m using dis medium… 🙁 dis is d only I knw.

  6. Lmao at the picture of the foxes. Spanking is a very controversial subject but I believe it is necessary in the the training of a child. I still believe that a child can be trained without spanking but I also believe in the use of the rod. Me ,I go beat my children well well o! but I will balance it up with some other disciplinary measures. Great post .cheers!!!

    1. Huh?
      Tosin you contradicted your self somewhat oooooo
      So I will take your second thot where you said you will spank.
      Since we live by the Word and the Word recommends it, I believe controversy is cleared.
      First time commenter.
      Welcome darling

  7. Eziaha!eziaha!eziaha!how many times did I call you?..where you run go Na? We dey miss u for this side o.pls come back in time oh..btw nice post here sha…btw I did not know such a thing happened to chimamandas bro oo..Kai what a lesson for us all..talking about chimamanda, where is the americannah pt2 oh? We still dey wait oo..anyways long and short of it is that we dey miss u.take care love..xoxo

    1. Olu darling
      Now you know why I was AWOL
      Took a break to plan a wedding
      Thought I could still blog but mehn, e no work
      Now we are back
      Can i get a HALLELUJAH
      Thanks for being a faithful reader hun

  8. Yes yes yes! So true, spanking IS Biblically recommended. I’m married with 3 babies (not triplets o) but the 3 are under 5 years old so I call them my babies. And yes, I spank the older two when they are naughty. I read a book that spanking was bad, bla bla bla. But trust me, as early as one year old, kids know when they are naughty and they would want to see how far they can go with an elder. If a parent or both parents say, ‘ahh, they are just babies o, leave them jor, when they are 8 or 10 years old, we will teach them right and wrong’…hmmn, I must say that it will only take a miracle to correct a child that is already set in his or her ways after they pass 5 years old. Thank God my darling hubby and myself are in agreement as to how to train and discipline our kids. It is a HUGE responsibility to raise kids right, we are answerable to GOD ooo.
    Enuff said.. Congratulations dearie once again. I trust that blogging will be biz as usual after your honeymooning…
    Peace and love ++

    1. You know how to drop the truth like it is hot.
      Soooo true. 10000 likes darling.
      Wow all 3are under 5? And I guess you are done now? That’s cool jor
      Bless you nne. Love love love

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