What GOD cannot do, DOES NOT EXIST!!!
If you are a PROUD NSPPDian, or would love to be, or don’t know what the HECK I am talking about, please keep reading.
FIRE is about to HIT ya

Hey Fam,

So, for about 2 months now, your girl has been a PROUD, COMMITTED and CONSISTENT member of NSPPD Nation.

Till now, I don’t really know how I joined, but I know my sister always sends the link to our family chat, and I know my mom joins.

She even went to the church in Abuja when she went there recently.

I am so sure she annoys my dad so much with the noise because she wont use headphones hehe

Anyways, I am SO THANKFUL that I am IN and committed. I was just telling myself that if I was told that I could only do THREE things for the rest of my life, what would it be?

Pray and Study the WORD. Just leave me there!!!
Serve my family exclusively. Cook, clean, and enjoy timeeeeeee without limits with the men in my life.

So since prayer is number 1, NSPPD is my LOVE LANGUAGE.

I loooove it and I really should write longer about it. Maybe a latter post.

For today, I just wanna share with my blog Fam, especially those of us who truly wanna go deeper but don’t know how to, how we can do business and get good ROI with NSPPD.

Here are three of the things I do

1. I engage the WORD and PRAYER further

So, not every prayer point is for me. However, when I catch something that has my name on it, or some rhema from scripture when it is referenced, I stop and take notes so I can go back and STUDY and/or PRAY that thing OUT well.

You would notice that while they pray scriptures, they don’t quote bible verses and all, so when I catch a word, I take notes and go back to the Bible afterwards, find it, (I use Google), write it down, customize it and PRAY IT WELLA!!!

I also sometimes re-listen to the whole thing again and take notes well, especially in my prayer journal.

My prayers don’t start and stop with NSPPD; instead NSPPD brings even more fire to my personal prayer altar.

I cant stay with them for 1 hour 30mins and then that’s all I do with God daily.

I still believe in intimacy like SEX. If there is a third man in the room, then I haven’t been INTIMATE with the WORD, so no matter who is my prayer or study mentor, and whatever live program I attend or join, I still throw all of them out the room and get intimate with my JESUS.

This is why a lot of people would critic NSPPD and NSPPDians, that we are LAZY and are looking for cheap miracles, while another man pays the price. Which is also why many of us don’t get our testimonies. We stop when they tell us bye.

NO ooooooo!!!

Pastor Jerry doesn’t start and stop with those 1hr 30mins, so why should we?

He wont tell you because he doesn’t even have time to be explaining, but I am telling you. He invests, and indeed, the entire team, SO much more than those hours we see him on air.


Don’t just say AMEN. GO DEEPER

2. Be Very intentional with your prayer points.

I know it may seem like we have to write different things every time, but sis, please write. don’t just write, read it a lot again. Don’t write on loose sheets, get a prayer journal so it is all in one place. Write dates too. You must be intentional about the prayers so that when the answers come, you can be just as intentional with your GRATITUDE.

Like I said, read it often. Read it during the meeting, before the meeting, after the meeting. Keep reminding yourself what you are in faith for, and so as he prays and prophesies, you know which to attach to which request, which will then help you go deeper like I said in point 1.

You also must TRAIN your mind not to wander and just be mindlessly saying AMEN without attaching these prayers to specifics. I know this is easy to do, especially as someone is praying with a schedule you know nothing of, so when my mind tries to wander, I bring it, FORCE it back to concentrate. I am NOT here to waste my time.

Writing your specific prayer points and reading them often will help you bring back a wandering mind.

3. Don’t be SELFISH

Like I said, not every prayer point is for you so you have to have a LIST of people you are praying for, and keep updating that list. Which is why I said you cant use loose sheets ooo. Get a prayer journal. Be an intercessor. In fact, be hunting for prayer and pain points in your Fam and friends and intercede for them.

You have single friends who need to get married to godly men.
You have friends who are in faith for their babies
You have friends whose marriages need divine intervention
You have friends who need jobs
You also have family members in all these categories
You have people in need of healing from God
You have moms whose kids need healing too

There are needs everywhere around us, so we cannot just be all about us.

I am seeing testimonies from some of my requests for friends, one of which I wrote down beginning of August when he asked us to write our August Praise points.

The first I wrote was for 2 of my friends to get pregnant using them as a point of contact to others. Those two are now pregnant.

And don’t just intercede, share with them too the link so they join

I have an NSPPD HitList and I send them messages every morning when we start and every time Pst Jerry tells us to share again. I am sure I can be quite annoying, but hey, I want all of us to WIN together and catch FIRE. I also share on my whatsapp status daily.

I also share to my family group and some of my prayer groups

So don’t be selfish ehn.

Everyone around me knows, once you share any challenge with me, I add you to my HitList and encourage you to join in. Even my CoachE’ squaddies are in too.

Lets all be firing devil because he is a BASTARD!!!!!!

Ok, time wont let me go on, but if you are an NSPPDian, lets mark register in the comments. Also share anything else you do to do business with NSPPD

And hey, its every weekday, 7am WAT and is literally an ALTAR of FIRE.

If you are not a shouting praying person, it may be too much for you BUT please stay. You will get used to it, and you can REDUCE the volume lol

The testimonies are just CRAZY ah. Several times I will just kneel in the kitchen or parlour, depending on where I am and just be crying in gratitude to God for my sisters and brothers around the WORLD who God is disgracing satan in their lives


So hey, I hope you join the NSPPD Nation

See you there

God bless you



P.S : For the next two weeks, I will taking a break so there will be no blogs here in that period. Feel free to read other posts on the Blog, they’re still very valid.

PPS: You know about TFS right, there will be a new session coming up in September which will be the last for the year, be sure to keep your eyes opened for when there is a call for applications.

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