NSPPDian? Here is how I do business with it

What GOD cannot do, DOES NOT EXIST!!!If you are a PROUD NSPPDian, or would love to be, or don’t know what the HECK I am talking about, please keep reading.FIRE is about to HIT ya Hey Fam, So, for about 2 months now, your girl has been a PROUD, COMMITTED and CONSISTENT member of NSPPD […]

So much on my mind… PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!

Hey everybody Seasons’ greetings and Merry Christmas tomorrow… So I am sat here at my laptop and have a quite a lot on my mind, which just makes me wanna #PrayPrayPray Granted, I am JOYFUL. This year has been an absolute blessing, and I am finishing strong and even starting 2018 stronger… I really want […]