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How I craft my CONFESSIONS

Hey blog Fam

Ok so I thought I would do a quick one on CONFESSIONS.

A couple of people have asked me in recent times how I craft mine, and also to help with practical tips and all, especially as I have shared clips here and there via my whatsapp statuses especially.

First, can I keep it 100% REAL and say that some of you all are always looking for an easy and free way out of hard work and both crafting your confessions and being DISCIPLINED enough to say it DAILY is HARDWORK.

If you are looking for easy and fluff, this is a good place to stop reading. There must be someplace else on the internet where easy is brokered.


Jesus DIED, yawl. He didn’t write a book, a blog, a poem, or even run for PRESIDENT to save us.


And then left us the Holy Spirit as a gift.
Certainly not for us to do a bunch of easy peezy stuff.

Ok so if you are still here, here we go.

First, I really cannot recall exactly how I started this confession game but I know I had this blog from 2013 where I talked about confessions and how I have been going STRONG on mine.

Confession is work but CONFESSION works

Well, 7 years later, we are still here.

Yes I have missed a couple days here and there but I mostly keep it MOVING daily.

Welcome to my confession world.

First, I want to highlight two people in my life who have really helped me both in crafting and being faithful to my confessions
Pastor Poju Oyemade and Pastor DDK


I recall sometime maybe 2012 or so when I ran a prayer group on BBM and we would read and review PP’s messages and really apply it to our lives. I had been confessing before then, because as a final year student, I had confessions all over my room, one of which was that I would graduate top of my class, and I did. But PP really put the fire in me some years later. Today I still use some of TCN confessions.

I would advise that you read this post first for context and then build on it with this.

So currently, I have TWO major confessions and 3 byte size ones.

I will share the whys behind and the hows so that you can take the same principles and apply to your own

I put all my confessions on the ECHO App and set up hourly reminders daily so that something external prompts me to say it out loud, especially the byte size ones

I am happy to share those ones. It takes less than a minute to say them so I set them up one by one for every hour from I think 6am

This one, I started confessing when I left social media. One of my fears was that I would miss out of info and that fear lingered. So I decided to start to tell myself that whatever I needed to know per time, angels and the HS would find a way to bring it to me.

This one I got while reading firebrand forerunners book, PDDK had this line that just crazy jumped out at me so I took it wholesale and added a few things to it and set it up on ECHO.

Like most of yawl, I fight MANY mind battles, and refuse to give up, even through tears because BRUISED HEELS STILL CRUSH SERPENTS FEET

The daily byte size confession comes from the word for the year in Daystar REST!

It really also felt like a personal word from God to me on REST and as He started to explain to me the concept of Sabbath-rest, revelation and faith, I knew I needed many reminders so I crafted something and set up on ECHO.

The last line about faithful and grateful was added recently when I found myself starting to be ungrateful for what I had and coveting what I didn’t yet have.

I have to keep reminding myself of the same, abeg, before somebody will be stupid and ungrateful.

Ok now to the longer ones.


This comes wholesale from a lot of scriptures related to financial blessings and kingdom wealth. I was at a program with my REV many years back and he taught extensively on this.

As is my usual way, I came home and dug more into all the scriptures he shared and decided I would create a confession from them

So almost all the confessions here are lifted wholesale from the Bible and then adapted slightly to my circumstance.

I have added more as I keep reading my Bible and the HS highlights any to me. If it has to do with wealth and financial blessings, I add it here after making it a lot more personal

Let me share a few screen shots of it.

And then finally, my Eziaha confession. I tend to update it yearly.

Phew, this one covers every aspect of my life as far as possible.

First, a bulk of its draft came from a personal retreat, I think one I had immediately after or before a program I had for Stay at home moms.

I sensed a shift and my old confession was no longer working so on that retreat, I camped with TWO people, who were the teachers the HS had highlighted to me in that season, PP and PDDK haha

I binged on their messages on YouTube and as anything jumped at me, I would write it down at the back of my journal. For example, I listened to one message where PP said my prayers bring revelations and my thanksgiving births their manifestation, wham, I added it.

The line on distraction came from what I want to see in my life and some things I had picked from PDDK. Booom, I crafted it into part of the confession

The part on help and helpers is so key to me and that came from my personal study of various kinds of people who had help or gave help that literally changed lives. I also put the kinds of people I didn’t need.

I especially love the line on discerning spirits because I had let a couple of Achan’s into my inner circle at that time and when I saw their manifestation, I knew I had to fight it with my words and prayers

There is a whole paragraph that comes from Ezekiel 47 which was a word God had given me in 2019 for 2020 so I had been using it to pray. It only made sense it became a part of my daily confession

I also dedicated a whole paragraph to my family and added relevant lines from the word and our discussions at home

Basically as I sat with God in that retreat and listened to my two teachers, the Holy Spirit highlighted what needed to be in. I was just rough writing at the back of my journal.

Then later I put it all together on my laptop, grouping the things that seemed similar together until I had this amazing 3 pages of confession. It took me at least 3 days to put together. Could be more sef. Cant recall exactly.

Then I printed it out and would say from a paper but recently put it on ECHO app so it is more easily accessible.

It has stayed pretty much the same since sometime around May or June last year but I have added a few more things to it as needed.

I see it working for me for a long time, but I am staying sensitive to when I sense the Lord would have me change or upgrade it.

So it is basically me speaking like I want to see myself, enforcing the things that are and calling the things that need to be forth. All of them are based on what I sense God would want for me in this season and all have strong biblical foundations.

It is not merely wishful thinking and playing, it is me speaking the heart of God for me and mine for now.

I also have confession for my kids and each come from the anchor chapters of their lives. KingDaveed from David in Psalm 89

And ElJohn from John in Luke 1 when the Angel appeared to Zachariah.

I basically just sit with many translations of the same verses and craft a confession I use to pray over them often

Then as a family and personally, I say Psalm 91 almost daily as a confession too.

KingDaveed is almost learning it too.

Ok so I hope this helps and helps well.

Don’t worry about yours being perfect. Just start somewhere and then as you stay consistently confessing, something will keep shifting in your spirit and you will keep changing, upgrading and perfecting it.

Then you must be disciplined enough to say it.

My entire confessions take me like 12 to 15mins to say daily. I don’t always do weekends but I do weekdays. MOST days I take my confessions. I have one or two odd days I don’t but I am mostly faithful. I take it as the first thing when I wake before I do anything else. My mind wanders sometimes but I force it back into obedience abeg.

I also speak Hebrews 4 on REST into my life as that is our anchor scripture for the year in Daystar.

So let’s get to confessing baby.

Confession is definitely work but it works. I have seen many lines in my confession constantly go ahead and assume life for me.

It is when maybe I am confessing the next day that the HS will just highlight it and say ‘Eziaha, you see how XX happened? You have been saying it every morning’

The byte size one on REST is the craziest.

This year has been one of restful work for me. Like, gosh it has been unreal. No pressure at all.

So me, I don’t play with confessions ooo and I pray you don’t and won’t too

Prayers and Love


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  • Reply
    Fikayomi Nicey Olukayode
    April 16, 2020 at 1:04 am

    As I’m reading this, I feel like screaming and Rejoicing and dancing to just say Papa, she’s got it and you’re using her for me but it’s midnight and I don’t want my neighbours to think I’m anymore crazy and extra than I already am🙈.
    Sorry, this whole post is for me gaskiya. You won’t believe that i started consciously reading my confessions daily from Sunday after I got encouraged by the live feed of Rev Olukayode Ijisesan (DrKay) featuring Helen Paul and all she said about confessions. Sincerely, I crafted my own almost as specific as yours cause i have a line that say, the edges of my hair grow daily and my body glows all the time but yours just makes it all the more real for me.
    I love that you said you’ve missed a few days. Missing days used to get to me and I’d feel distraught and won’t want to read my confessions again. Thank you so much, CoachE for the encouragement. God bless you richly.

    Oooh, and i forgot to add that in the few days, I consciously took up my confessions gain, the money confession has really worked for me. I cannot even begin to say how the miracle happened but as you said CONFESSION IS WORK BUT IT REALLY WORKS. IT WORKS, WORKS AND WORKS WONDERS! I’M A LIVING PROOF!

    • Reply
      April 18, 2020 at 2:02 am

      Wawu what a testimony. Congrats sis. Glory to God

  • Reply
    April 27, 2020 at 9:40 pm

    Ah,somebody cant be ‘realer’ than I was reading,I got speak in tongues!am returning with deep testimonies.

    • Reply
      April 28, 2020 at 4:32 pm

      Yay! That’s the spirit. Thank you for reading. Amen to deep testimonies!!!

  • Reply
    April 27, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    Hi Coach,pls is ECHO an app on playstore.i checked already and saw quite a no.can you pls share the one you use

    • Reply
      April 28, 2020 at 5:24 pm

      Yes it is sis. It’s called ECHO prayer and it is like aqua green in color

  • Reply
    Ayinuola Olaoye
    June 9, 2020 at 3:01 pm

    This line got me “Don’t worry about yours being perfect. Just start somewhere and then as you stay consistently confessing, something will keep shifting in your spirit and you will keep changing, upgrading and perfecting it”

    You introduced me to writing out confession last year during the mentorship program for stay home moms and i have been upgrading and perfecting it.. It wasn’t easy at first because i was confused on how to start.. But it has been worth it.

    • Reply
      June 12, 2020 at 10:05 am

      Wow, God be praised! Thanks for reading

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