Yawl, my heart is so full, so pumped and so expectant as we inch so close to our next powwow themed #EKBALLO

Tuesday, June 25 2019 at White house hotels and conference center, Toyin Street, Ikeja.
Phew. I am so ready for all that will go down.
Please allow me work you through from the beginning.

Because of when my birthday is, right at the half mark of the year, there is always a powwow then. Last year was EPIC and this year, I thought I was going to host one with the theme Sister-Sister. I already had an idea how everything would go, and then I frankly don’t recall when and how, but I started to be drawn more to EKBALLO.

I had heard this from my Aussie mama Christine Caine a couple years back but I didn’t know the spelling, and had literally done everything to get the real spelling online but I didn’t find it. I thought it was ecvalo, eggvalor, and the likes.

Then sometime early this year, it hit me again and I decided to google yet again and bam, google corrects the spelling and I find it.

And right there and then, I knew Sister-Sister had to bow for EKBALLO, and then instantly, it started to literally consume me.

What does EKBALLO mean?

First a scripture
Matt 9 v 36 to 38
When He saw the throngs, He was moved with pity and sympathy for them, because they were bewildered (harassed and distressed and dejected and helpless), like sheep without a shepherd.
37 Then He said to His disciples, The harvest is indeed plentiful, but the laborers are few.
38 So pray to the Lord of the harvest to [m]force out and thrust laborers into His harvest.

FORCE out and THRUST is EKBALLO in Greek.
The way the Lord showed me is this…

A lot of Stay home moms aka Domestic Queens aka DQs for so long have conveniently excluded themselves from the prayer for labourers in verse 38 but instead see themselves as the harvest – the dejected, helpless, joyless, frustrated, sad, harassed, distressed, depressed harvest.

Meanwhile from that home the Lord has separated you to, He has actually recruited you as part of the labourers.

You are NOT the harvest. You are a LABOURER.
Your home is holy ground for the Lord
You have been ordained and handed a parish… YOUR HOME!!!

So it is time to wake up and rock out a fruitful, joyful, productive and obedient life from the domestic front so hard that the world notices.

I know this so well because this is my story.
I hated being a stay at home mom. I was ashamed of it. Everyone and their dogs who worked outside the home was a better human than me in my own eyes.

I was jealous, sad, and frustrated with everyone. It was not a good season for me, and I definitely saw myself as the harvest.

I didn’t think I could do anything worthwhile for Jesus so I had my daily pity party on repeat.
But thankfully, change and hope came and I share all those details in my book releasing on that day too…


Several encounters flipped me from the harvest mentality to a labourer mentality and this happened LONG before my at-home business CoachE’Squad Ltd was birthed.

I can’t even begin to tell you how fruitful my life is for the Lord of the harvest, how much labor I have the privilege to do for Him, how much of His harvest we have jointly recruited as labourers, and all from my domestic platform.

Earlier this year, on International Women’s day 2019, I was listed as one of Nigeria’s 100 most inspiring women. When I got that email, the first phrase that came out of me was ‘From the home front, to the world’

Everything I do has come from the platform of Domestic. I love being a stay at home mom who runs several things from here.

This home is my PARISH and I don’t take it casually, especially not my hubby, marriage, parenting and kids.

Everything I do flows first from my assignment at home which I take seriously. Interesting how it has all propelled me to the world.

And that is what the EKBALLO message is all about…

Letting DQs stop despising the place of their SUPER POWERS.

And this certainly doesn’t end with the program. This is the new DQ assignment until the Lord changes it.

So this is not even just a program, it is a literal ordination.

Everyone sleeping will be awakened to the importance of their assignment at home
The beautiful thing is that we don’t all have the same path but all of us have been called and we must answer this call and be present and active at our Parish.

Oh and I love how the Lord explained the kind of encounter Ekballo would be. Recall the Samaritan woman… she met Jesus in her sin and stories lol, but an encounter with Jesus flipped her radically from the harvest to a labourer. She brought her whole village to Jesus.

So powerful!!!
So even if you THINK you are the harvest, you will encounter Him and take your place as a labourer

I didn’t want to be casual about the speakers so after literally months of prayers, I approached them and wham, Dr. N of www.drnsmusings.wordpress.com and Toju Oluwatoyinbo are in.

Love them plenty!!! And can’t wait to hear them
Worship will always be an important part of Powwow and I am so excited that the one lady who gets me EVERYTIME she is on the mic in Daystar will be stewarding the presence and glory of God in worship. Oh my gosh!!! I cannot wait!!!

The Queen on the mic is my friend Ayo Mairo-Ese. We both have history so I am happy to be connected again to her. She is such a graceful daughter of God and I trust she will anchor this with divine precision

We will also be having a book launch
EKBALLO: Stay Home Moms ordained at home, Propelled to the world.

It is basically my story and YOUR story. Every DQ will find herself in the pages of this book. Such a precious material for DQs in this season.

Then we will have a prayer session called ORDINAIRE
There is nothing ordinary about it as it is your literal ordination into active service. We will be giving the DQs Priest collars to put on as we pray, there would be communion and anointing too and I hope all these make us understand just how important our call is as Labourers.

Please if you are coming, come with your own communion (wine and bread, whatever they mean to you) and anointing oil so as we pray over it, you can continue the practice at home.
It is certainly something I do with my kids daily at home and such a great culture to imbibe at home.

You should register if you are yet to. I mean it is not like if you don’t register, you can’t come in, lol but it helps our planning purposes. Also help us spread word please with your community of moms. While this is primarily for stay at home moms, any mom can attend so long as you find the time on that day. Even moms in waiting. So far you have a home where you are Queen, you need EKBALLO too.

For those outside Lagos, I am not sure we will be streaming live but we will be recording and uploading on YouTube. Can’t wait to share the message with the world.

And don’t forget I said that the mandate for EKBALLO definitely only starts with the program. We go harder after it, so even if you are reading this after, then just come on to any of our social media platforms and see us spread word consistently.

www.eziaha.com IG @stayhomemoms.ng and we will also launch a YouTube channel for this.
Can’t stop won’t stop.
Until Jesus comes…

So if you are a stay at home mom, I am so thankful and excited to see what the Lord is set to do with your life as you yield to Him. He is such a unique God and how He deals with Eziaha is not how He will deal with you, but He definitely does all His children good. Just stick to Him and be completely sold as you rock out your Parish like the ordained Queen that you are.

If you make EKBALLO, see you then.

Don’t forget to help us spread word please

Lots of Love

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