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Gosh I am SUPER EXCITED to be finally able to do this. So, I have this group of ladies with whom we pray, study the word, share all things Jesus and generally vibe on a Jesus level. Its like a Jesus party, especially at our once a week midnight prayers together over the Zoom App. I will litter this post with a couple pictures of my sisters.

Ok, for context, I would say read this post here and here so that you have a richer idea of how we run, then I would share a couple of more info too before I tell you how you can join us

Please read it first ooo

Zoom Prayers & Whatsapp Study Sessions? Who’s NOT ready???


Yawl KNOW how MOST WhatsApp groups go: Very silent, over chatty, battery and data draining, etx, so to make sure that ours don’t go that way, we have a couple rules…

1. Prayers are the koko. We pray together every midnight on Friday into Saturdays, though that is changing to either 11.45 or 11.30 so that we can spend those extra 30 to 45mins in worship before we jump into prayers. I imagine that midnight is not the easiest for a lot of us to be awake and praying which is why I really want to ask that you consider it well and be sure it is not a flesh-led decision before applying. Then what happens every week changes as the spirit leads. Some weekends, we intercede purely, or we worship only, or challenge ourselves into praying in tongues only for 30mins or more, or we share general prayer points, or we ask you to do personal prayers even though we are logged in together, and so on. It is like a Jesus party and anything good can be on the menu.

2. We study the word once a month together and then hold a bible study online where we share what hit us, what we are applying, etx. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how rich our Word sessions especially because seeing everyone’s perspective to one thing can be really eye-opening.

3. We consider Sundays our social days and send in our fun and happy Sunday pictures (especially with family), share our businesses or anything else that we wanna share that is not exactly spiritual, but clean fun and good.

This happens so that we don’t turn the group to one of business or gisting every day. Pictures are the compulsory one because it also allows us bond better as opposed to only praying. Infact the social bonding actually strengthens our spiritual bond, so if you are not a picture person, you may wanna think again.

4. We share prayer points and testimonies at anytime we need someone to agree with us on something or celebrate with our victories.

5. The purpose of the group is mainly spiritual so we have all these rules in place to help things run smoothly and keep the main thing the main thing

Everything above is compulsory. Like even the ones you probably consider unimportant like pictures. We keep records of participation and all, and I have had cause to take people out at several times.

Thankfully, these days we really really just comply so we have an A participation

That said, we may have valid reasons (not excuses like I am tired back to back weekends), for not joining the prayers or Word, hey you can share so that you are excused but if you have to be excused a lot, just maybe the group is not for you in this season so it is OK to leave, or be taken out.

Also, you may need a break maybe to focus on something else in your life at the time or just fight a personal giant, hey please, let us know and then take a break for as long as you want. Whenever you are ready to come back, you can come back. During the break though, I will take you out of the group since you won’t be participating, then add you when you are ready to be all in again
Also consider time zone differences before you apply as we pray Naija time and so it may be a time that won’t work for you.

Of course, you may also come to a point where you feel your time in the group is up and want to leave, that happens too. We say our goodbyes and then you can leave
Basically, I just really run the group and take it very seriously. There is no drama and certainly no shrinking of anything spiritual.

Like literally, if you have a Word for anyone, you can share. We don’t consider it creepy; we consider it normal so we pray for and then give room for the expression of spiritual/ministry gifts. Personally, and in the lives of some of us, I have seen some kind of gifts find expression and I know it is as a result of being in the WILD WOMEN group!!!

Speaking of which, we call ourselves WILD WOMEN and I love love LOVE that name.
We actually got it from Revelations 12 which talked about that woman in the wilderness satan was trying to kill her baby but God came all the way through. She was in the wilderness, literally born to be wild but God helped her to THIRVE IN THAT WILD and se consider ourselves WILD women thriving in the wild, so don’t be scared haha.

Whenever I share pictures from the group on my WhatsApp and I say wild women, people always ask me WHY and it makes me laugh lol
It is not WILD like the world, but WILD for Christ. No drama as I literally cannot stand drama!!!

Also, I think you would need some depth if you will thrive in this group. Thankfully, there are more than a million groups that can help you if you are still kinda growing and all, but this group is for mature sisters who need a couple more wild women to come alongside them on this journey. First of all, midnight praying every week is not a joke you know abi? It will literally require a dying to flesh and sleep.

Then I would also add that you don’t join in by your flesh, or maybe because of Eziaha. It amazes me when people do that because I don’t even consider myself THAT important. These days, I am learning to yes, see the leader, but also quickly look beyond the leader to the Vision and the one who gave the vision. That way, my own mandate is clear.

Infact, as time goes on, I am making the group less about me and decentralising leadership and the roles. When you get in, you will understand better.

Ok so enough story. If you are sure this is not a flesh-led thing and are ready to party with us, holler asap before midnight on March 30, 2019. Apply on TIME please and just say a little about you and why you wanna be in.

Sadly, I won’t be able to take everyone in since we wanna keep it to a certain number for now. Let us be expanding small small as ike di… Lol

Email is eziaha@eziaha.com and make the subject WILD WOMEN

Have a great week and may I ask that you both pray for and help me publicise our event for stay at home moms happening this week?

Here are details if you need a caption to add to the picture when you share on your social media

Domestic Queens are you READY!!!!

Tuesday, March 26 at 10am

Venue is TECO HOUSE, Jabo bus stop, Teco avenue off Jobi Fele way, opposite Otedola bridge, Ikeja CBD.

Register at bit.ly/Powwowqueens


Eziaha aka Captain WILD!!!

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