Zoom Prayers & Whatsapp Study Sessions? Who’s NOT ready???

Hey sisters, who’s excited about PRAYERS??? So, how would you like to attend a party I get the privilege of hosting every Friday with some of my JESUS girls over ZOOM? We actually started this June 15 and today, Friday Sept 14 is our FOURTEENTH MEETING and it gets better everytime. Ok, let me explain, Thanks to my AMAZING Pastor M, I discovered the APP I have needed ALL MY LIFE… ZOOM!!! This awesome App allows you to host online VIDEO meetings with up to 25 people for 40 straight minutes. So, you SEE everyone and HEAR everyone too, so it feels like you are IN A LIVE MEETING with them. Been praying with a couple of my sisters at midnight BUT I wanna open it up to more people. So, if you need a group of Jesus girls with whom to pray, to sharpen your prayer life, and to make you MORE FIREBRAND, then holler let’s PARTY EVERY FRIDAY MIDNIGHT yawl!!! Its technically Saturday since we start at midnight but I prefer to call it Friday abeg. I am SO EXCITED that technology is helping our Christianity. The same way I JUST discovered ECHO, which is story for another … Continue reading Zoom Prayers & Whatsapp Study Sessions? Who’s NOT ready???