Hey Fam,

Gosh, I am SUPER EXCITED to do this VERY TIMELY post today and I pray that it is practical enough to help you WAGE WAR with PROPHECIES.

It was 4 years ago at WARRIOR IN HEELS hosted by my mama Pastor M, and PDDK was the guest minister. She PREACHED A STORM those two days. I can’t ever forget one thing she said because of how much it messed with what I already knew…

She said that when we sing that song 

God said it

I believe it

That settles it…

We are in ERROR

That He said it and I believe it DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY SETTLE IT.

When He says it, we LITERALLY GO TO WAR to make sure that the word comes to pass.

Because we have a real and active satan who is not just working full time but also overtime to make sure that all the amazing prophetic words spoken over us does not come to pass.

So satan is OK with me putting it on my status or writing about it on Instagram, so far I don’t go to war with it.

So what does it mean to go to war, like Paul told Timothy?

…so that by them, you may strongly engage in battle

1st Tim 1:18

I will like to share with you TWO prophetic words over my life by the two women I also mentioned above

Pastor Mildred and PDDK

Then practically tell you how I am warring…

First, what are prophetic words?

They are words of God basically, to me that are not yet my present reality BUT will come to pass as I war.

Above all, you must realize that no prophecy in Scripture ever came from the prophet’s own understanding, or from human initiative. No, those prophets were moved by the Holy Spirit, and they spoke from God.

2 Peter 1:20‭-‬21 NLT

It could be spoken prophetically over you, like my mama and PDDK spoke over me, OR it could be a WORD the Holy Spirit highlights to you as you study the WORD.


We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed,

2 Peter 1:19a KJV

This time, the promises were sent to our inbox as we signed up (Ha-ha COVID!!!). 

The word I got was this

When I got that word, I really started to rejoice because it is already a part of my daily confession and if there is anything I want and need to be in this life, it is FRUITFUL

So what did I do?

I got out my journal and YouVersion and with very many versions, I wrote out that word LONG HAND in the journal.

Then I got my Bibles to read commentaries and studies on what that scripture means plus the keywords in them.




And more

I found their meaning in Greek and Hebrew and dug deeper

For example, a version says I will be like a TREE replanted in EDEN

EDEN is already a Hebrew word and it means Luxury, Delight, Pleasure, and Bliss

Fruitful as in Sarah bearing a child IN OLD AGE

It also says that I am STANDING FIRM and DEEPLY ROOTED

What that means is that I am not easily moved.


Then I went online to find a picture so I could print out and keep right in front of me as a pray.

I have a prayer corner in my home office and it has a prayer wall.

I found NOT A PRETTY TREE ooo, cos I was not there for pretty. I was looking for STRONG

This is the one I found, then I printed it out and pasted on the prayer wall. Above it, I wrote the scripture long hand out there.

EVERY DAY, I remind myself that this is who I am





I look at that picture every day as I pray and remind myself that this is who I am.

I am IMMOVEABLE. Satan cannot toss me around.

If there is anything that is looking dry in my life, I lift up that scripture and declare to that situation…

If I feel like I am not bearing fruit, I remind myself who I am with that scripture


I didn’t automatically think that the scripture will become my reality because I picked it.


This child went to WAR

Moving on to PDDK

So she rang me a couple of days after my birthday to pray over me. PDDK operates in the office of the prophet and has many times really spoken prophetically over my life. This time, I was ready, so as I was picking the call, I was pressing the RECORD button to record the conversation.

She spoke many words but let me highlight one…

She said she literally sees an OPEN MAP and that God is going to be handing my directions for my life with all of its multi flow expressions, and then He would be unpacking it IN DETAILS TO ME so I need to sit and start to UNPACK that Map until I see it in SCHEMATICS

Everyone knows Maps are COMPLEX!!! I personally hate them, but to navigate, we need Maps.

But God was not only handing me a map for my life, but was ready to unpack till I see it in schematics.

I didn’t KNOW what schematics meant so I carried dictionary 

Meanwhile the entire recorded convo went to my Google drive. Had to store it in the cloud.

Then it is on my two phones.

Then I had also transcribed same into my prophetic journal

OK so I saw what schematics meant… A SIMPLIFIED DIAGRAM


Again, I went online and printed a MAP and a SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM with simplified explanations.

Pasted it on my prayer wall.

Then as I study the word, I am OPEN to scriptures that speak to me about CLARITY and DIRECTION

I have specially camped at Isaiah 28, the last couple of verses where the Lord spoke about the Ploughman and how He knows how to handle each grain for maximum yield BECAUSE THE LORD INSTRUCTS HIM


The Lord tells him how, when and what to do.

Every time I am in a fix, I remind myself that the Lord is my teacher

Every time I feel overwhelmed, like I just have too much to do, I remember that He promised to unpack in to schematics if I sit with Him.

So even when I don’t know the answers, I sit with Him, with my journal or laptop and ask Him to start to unpack.

And this is a daily thing.

So my sisters, we see that WARFARE is not what we put on our social media.

Warfare is a real contention


So you my darling WARRING WOMAN must let Him know that YOUR FATHER is the One who never loses a battle and by His help, you too will overcome

I hope this post helps us to fight better with our prophecies, whether those spoken over us, or promises we see in the Word that God highlights to us as ours.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments, and will do my best to answer.

God bless you


Leading. Planting. Strengthening.


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7 Responses

  1. Wow!
    So much knowledge to glean from and apply to my own life. I will be checking on this entry over and over again until I complete unpack all that is in there to learn.
    Weldone Eziaha!!!

  2. The first time i cam across this scripture 1 Timothy 1:18..i have been thinking about how do we handle negative prophecy[cies].

    My question ma is that how do we handle or war against negative prophecy[ies] .
    If one don’t war against negative prophecy does it mean it won’t come to pass? Just as waring with good prophecy for it come to pass!

    Example of Negative.. I mean is that “if someone is told that a journey of 40 days will take 40 years in that person’s life.. And the person realized that it is possible because this is a repetitive pattern in their family lineage”

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. Hello! So I am led to say this; every word/prophecy that comes from God edifies the church or individual it’s being said to. That’s one sure way to check if a prophecy really is from God.
      If He gives a “negative” word so to speak, it usually comes as a warning, that is; it will come as a consequence of not doing something or following an instruction. So to every “negative” there is a positive/solution to be able to avert it. I hope this makes sense to you. Stay blessed

  3. Hmmm indeed i cant wait to learn more ma, and so sad i got to know you now butbam happy i am here thanks alot.

  4. I really love how you said the word of God is more of a sure, a definite prophecy. Indeed! Oftentimes, I think people really underestimate the power of the word of God from THE WORD.

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