E' in da' MIX… #Arugbo Ojo

Hello Sweeries, Been a while I brought you lyrics of my fave FAB songs yeah? Forgive me jare… It was after I heard a particular song on Sunday as I chilled at Coldstone creamery that had ‘…haba habatically…’ in it that I decided that I had to do this… Seriously, haba, habatically… 😮 And guess […]

Birthday munches… Part 3

Happy Sunday darlings… I hope you had a great time in church thanking God especially for the gift of life that you enjoy…I absolutely did… My church just rocks… Cos our God rocks too… I figured that in this Part 3 of my Birthday munches, I would share some of the munches that were very […]

#AttitudeO'Gratitude… Day 3

Whoop Day three See if you can stop me Hehehehe. Feel free to catch up on Day one and day two of my #AttitudeO’Gratitude posts if you missed them Today, I had a low, high, low, just there, then high and higher day… And then HIGHEST!!! I am a tad tired so I will jump […]

#AttitudeO'Gratitude… Day 2

Hello FAB’erssssss… Good day today??? Even if you had a blue day, E’ to da rescue… 🙂 DAY TWO… Whoop.  (The spot I put this together.. I feel like I look… ) Lemme tell you the Best PART of this #AttitudeO’Gratitude tho Not everyday counts as a day in which you wanna be grateful. Like today. […]


It was a Wednesday evening after service. I was doing my not-too-usual faffing (recall my post on CURFEWS and how I hardly can afford to wait for service to be over talkless of faffing) when someone grabbed me from behind ‘…Ehen she is the One, I have caught you today, I have been looking for […]

100 Truths…

Holla Blog Fam… I should find us a name ooo. Just like LIBers, Beliebers, and stuff. I sure will. Ok I ran into this during one of my blo rounds. Don’t recall the blog sef. Just did copy and paste and edited where needed. I filled this Friday evening and Saturday evening too. That’s July […]

The PRICE of TRUE friendship… #ChinmaCHEECHAsogwo

I still remember how I felt everytime I had to make that phonecall… It was hard because I knew it held the power to change our friendship (or what was left of it) forever. The fact that it rang without her picking about three times made subsequent attempts even harder. But I had to make […]

Dealin' wiv da Past…. #BabyJowo

So I ran into this Spinlet/Kunle Afolayan remix production of Victor Olaiya classic Baby Jowo… It featured 2face. I wanted to see what Kunle could do with an old school n New school legend… So I downloaded the video… Totally loved it… 15star mehn!!! It started with two lovers. The guy a musician and his […]