So I ran into this Spinlet/Kunle Afolayan remix production of Victor Olaiya classic Baby Jowo…
It featured 2face. I wanted to see what Kunle could do with an old school n New school legend… So I downloaded the video…

Totally loved it… 15star mehn!!!
It started with two lovers. The guy a musician and his trumpet abi sax (covering my face) and the lady who was looking at his pictures and laughing and gisting about each. Both played dia parts so well. I could have sworn it was really old school till I saw 2baba in the scene. All was going well till babe spots a pix that featured dude and another girl in a friendly pose. Babe spark eh… You need to see as she did a double take when she saw pix. D guy was like ‘that’s from my past’ and all but babe no gree. She carry bag dey waka comot till 2baba walked in and begged and explained that that chic in the pix was a past lover. Well it ended well sha as the girl mellow.
It got me thinking though. How do we deal with our relationship past? Especially when we dated for a while and had loadsa memories together?
Do we burn all the pictures? Delete all the text messages? Block on all social media sites? Avoid any route that might make us bump into the person? What if you attend the same church? Should you leave church altogether??? Especially if its a small church. What if you work in the same office? You can’t just resign na? Do you go about bad-mouthing the other person? Releasing secrets you once shared to spite the person? Do you EX all mutual friends and siblings of your EX too? Also, do you do a full or partial or no disclosure of past relationships with your present fiance(e) especially when marriage is in the offing? Should you slam that door and burn all bridges? Should two people who have broken up still come together occasionally to do an ‘autopsy’ of the relationship?
So many questions arise… The past is a delicate matter and if not handled correctly can destroy the present.
I am super excited about this month’s LDM seminar on DEALING with the PAST.

Tomorrow Sunday July 7 at 430pm
David’s Christian centre, victory dome Fatgbems Bus stop Amuwo Odofin Lagos.
Free transport available. Call 08077714411 or 08028356363 for deets
One of the very few people I know who can dissect relationships in a godly yet amazingly interesting way Kingsley Okonkwo would be hosting it.

papa k
If you are in Lagos, you don’t wanna miss this.
I can’t guarantee a transcript cos that is hardwork ooo. So better come. LDM is always such a FAB way to end the weekend.
Now back to the video. Here is a DL link.

VIDEO: Dr. Victor Olaiya ft 2face Idibia – Baby Jowo Remix (Baby Mi Da)

It was just a nice classic video and Sir Victor Olaiya was there too. Story of two sets of Lovers, old school and new school (preferred the ol’ school love tho but the new school girls dance moves). Shakara girls who dey vex before then the guys begged and they mellowed.


Fake vex if you ask me cos you don’t vex and now stop to be begged. Real vex equals You vex, carry bag, enter car and drive away. Once you stop, the vex no real. You wanted to be begged to stay anyways.
I love the way it ended tho when Tu said ‘Dr Victor Olaiya Respect Respect Respect… Maximum respect ‘ and he bowed for him. And also when Tu said ‘…Baba e still dey your body…’ When Dr Victor was digging it.
Plus Tu was dancing like a crayfish in the beginning. Too funny. Somedays I’m convinced Tu is my blood brother. Like today after seeing his theatrics in the film. Very laid back fun film/vid.
Alright Happy weekend dolls…
And use the comment button jor.
I see y’all read and not comment!!!
Before I run off tho, I wanna make a very special  shalla to a very special friend.

Sapphire _3(1)

I feel so blessed to have you in my life. My darling Enny whom I call Sapphire. You are so precious to me Sugar. I love you too much. I would have given your hubby a hard time if I was a guy. He’s so blessed to have you as a partner.


All my life, I’ve wished I was a twin. That I had a twin sister. You have become like that twin I never had.
enny screen

I wanted to use that our ‘chocolate bar pix’ from Ayo’s birthday (wink) but I thought against it. So that jealous people won’t land us 18years looooool.

You get this sha… I love you baby…
Ok now that I’ve put my mushiness out there, toodles is in order…


PS LDM is actually LOVE DATING and MARRIAGE a once a month relationship seminar that holds at my church.. Amazing time out always

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  1. nice write up here…ur friend is pretty o,*winks* and ofcus you too are..i have also wished i had a twin too, a twin sis,that is, i am guy btw…perhaps in another life,lol..i guess i shuld check the vid out,,since eziaha said so..x

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