I still remember how I felt everytime I had to make that phonecall…
The Phonecall
It was hard because I knew it held the power to change our friendship (or what was left of it) forever.
The fact that it rang without her picking about three times made subsequent attempts even harder.
But I had to make that call.
I thought I’ll put it all out in a message but aside from that being a rather wimpy way out, I knew my anger would come more to bear in text rather than voice.
I had thought about this decision for at least 4days. Aside giving me time to simmer, I also needed to be sure I was doing the right thing.
Check. Check. On both counts.
So I rang Chinma up…
And listed out all her many sins (LOL) and told her why I had to do what I did.  Phone call over…
It was her response on BBM that killed me.
Chinma knows how to apologize. And save a friendship. At that point the ball was more in her court than mine. Actually I pushed the ball there. Hehehe.
She apologized. She threw in a few good natured jokes (She did the PS and PPS’s I usually do LOL. She said the ‘but you should know me now’
She said she didn’t know she was ‘over stepping her boundary’
And she did me a super most generous offer afterwards. Even though I turned down the offer, I was super swooned she would even offer.
Post that event, Chinma worked on our friendship. She reached out to me. Still teased me often. And basically was sweet with sprinkles of naughty.
It taught me a huge huge lesson on ‘keeping relationships’
I must admit, I kinda had decided that if we go south after that phonecall, so be it.
Thank you my darling for making this work. You deserve all the credit.
Please follow me as I take you back about 5months…
February 2013.
I had just had the most amazing Saturday in Abuja. First Jabi lake for evangelism for LDM in Abuja, then Utako for amala with my DCC Abuja fam (I recall PK asking ‘how was the amala, sorry evangelism? Lol), then the Utako market, then FGGC Bwari for visiting day with JMAD and SomSom. The day ended on a high with the most amazing sumptuous Grilled fish which Uncle V bought for us. As I returned home to Apo, I got a text from Cheech.
Obviously livid. She listed out all my many SINS and took a decision.
I was angry when the message came. Infact I was angry enough to call a ’roundtable discussion’ of all parties involved and exonerate myself . But I didn’t. I simply apologized. I knew she was hurting. It was a tender handle-with-care matter. I didn’t think it wise to justify anything. So I apologized. Then decided I would give her time to cool off before trashing the matter. But somewhere in my mind too, I didn’t feel like trashing it especially as she had ‘warned’ me not to talk to her about it again (She was livid). I just wanted to fully apologize and let the friendship go…
I don’t think it was two days. Cheech pinged me, wanted to talk about it, apologized for her harsh words and accusation, gave me an opportunity to explain myself, and wanted us to remain friends.
Then she said something like ‘I have thought about it and realized that you had good intentions and wanted the best for me plus I can’t stay mad at you cos you are so sweet LOL…’
You have to be humble to do that. Fact is she could have justified her anger and ANYONE would have understood. She didn’t need to do that. Chinma forgave and quick too. Even I was shocked.
I don’t wanna be tempted to think its because of me. Mba. Chinma has a beautiful heart.
 cheech_001In about 5months, Cheech and I have had 2major friendship ending sagas. Yet thanks to Cheech, lovers we have remained.
Friendship is not always so rosy. The strength of friendship lies in the fact that you can pick up and continue even after a disagreement. Even two good people may not always see eye to eye on everything. But still, friendship can work.
Thank you my darling!!! For teaching me the price of TRUE friendship. Especially in a time when commitment is waning and each pursues their own good.

Your credit is good with me baby. God bless you. I love you too much.
Happy birthday Sugar. By the next, anyi g’ana akwado I dupu gi n’ulo di gi.

This FAB look wasteth…


Kiss Kiss. Smooches. Hugs. The whole works.

I think Chinma has magical powers. This is my second blogpost dedicated to her. Two consecutive birthdays. Infact I have never done a whole post for anyone before. Not even Le Boo. I have tried at several times to do this for different people but it didn’t flow.

Cheech oya confess.
Find the first one here
Next year, I’m NOT doin this. Ha ahn!!! What’s that?PPPS
Cheech je bido Believers class and join a unit. The babe now comes to my church whooooop.  But she is yet to do our Membership class. O foro ka m pia gi utali… Mschewwwww.

You owe me an outing. Pay up already. Don’t let me embarrass you ooo. Hehehehehehe

I love you baby… Even with your razzness. :p
Cheechy I put dis pix to embarrass you :p

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  1. Awwwwwww…Cheech ehhhh, heaven wil fall if u dnt marry Ezi after this blogpost. Ahhhahhhhhhhh…Happy Birthday Cheech. Ezi said it all, u do have a beautiful heart. Love u plenty.
    As for Ezi, lemme wait for u on my next baiday *rolling eyes*

    1. Ezarinooooo! Thanks a lot sweetheart! Ezi’s my lovurrr, we have already established that 😀

  2. Waitress!!!!!
    Only Cheech can give the permission for that to happen. She’s the madam at the top of my ‘birthday blogpost special’
    Jealousy. I knew you would be jealous.

  3. Awww… this post is so sweet… dripping with honey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEECH even if we’ve never met. From Eziaha’s and Ezar’s descriptions, u’re one person I’d love to meet… Have a faBuLous day hjoney and plenty goodies from your suGardaddY this year. 😀

    PS: Love ur pictures Cheech

    PPS: @ Eziaha, lemme not see a post on my Birthday first 😛

    PPPS: I heard TuFace and Victor Olaiya’s ‘Baby Jowo’ this morning on my way to work…now, i’ve gotta watch d vid… 😀

    1. ‘Kaego my love…
      Would you like to pull three seats while you wait?
      Jealous much people.
      Oh yes the vid is amazing. You defo should dl it already. And watch.
      Amen to all ur Cheech prayers

    2. Thank you so much giantsparkle! (Love your moniker :D). My SugarDaddy started sorting me out long time…this year and the year before and the year before and … you get my drift.

      Thank you for celebrating me. I look forward to retaliating 😀

      PS: I’m not as sweet as they say. They are only being kind so they don’t get wahala from me.

      1. Chinch!!!
        What can you do to Dumebi and I in this life and in the life to come please?
        Look forward indeed… who says I am doing anything for her on her birthday?
        When she buys me a car, I will…
        Kaego inugo?

      2. 😀 😀
        And He will continue to do so… 😉

        Naaaaaah!! I think you are oh (sweet, i mean). Eziaha said it and Ezar confirmed it….

        The one I’m not sure of is the ‘razzness’ part… =D 😀

        Hope your day has been awesome so far… Happy Birthday again.

        PS: Love your fashion sense!!

        1. Pls abeg!!! What’s all ds love for Chinma? She doesn’t do girls pls… :p
          And forget the fashion sense ooo. This babe di ezigbote razz. Razzness ya di egwu…

          1. Hahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!
            Eziaha oh!! ROTFL!!
            #NoHomo oh…

            The razzness…. Weellll…Maybe i should believe you.. afterall, doesn’t it take one to know one? #justThinkingOh 😉

            Love your fashion sense too oh. Can still recollect what you wore that day we saw… Especially the sHOes!! o_o

            Don’t worry, still got lotsa loh for ya! Mmuaaah!!!

  4. Hahahahahahaha! Ezimummy! Thanks for another wash of life! Truly, it has been amazing being your sister and friend. I’m simply overwhelmed by all the stellar qualities you’ve listed here. Are you sure you’re talking about this same Chinma?

    Thanks again. I’ll reiterate…it’s easy to be friends with you ‘cos you’re so sweet :).

    As you have celebrated me thus, may your name ring for good deeds in all the land. Thank you my darling and God bless you :*

    1. Nawaooooooo. This kain love. BJ, have u read this? I doubt. If not, u wil join me in d league of extraordinary Cheech beefers.

    2. Rat!!!
      I don’t wash on my blog… Hehehe
      Plus you invited me for your party so… Hehehe. Ok I wrote this since sef.
      And yes I do mean the very same Chinma!!! Except the stuff that started cloning people in Dumebi’s family hit you too. Hehehehe.
      Dumebi :p
      Happy birthday Sugar and enjoy incredible blessings this new year.
      God bless you

    3. Cheech…. happy bday n yeah m so in support of Ezi’s post……. Girl stop being modest n take some credit, u deserve it. Remember back then in schl…. U have always had a good heart n d way u speak….so eloquently….lol. Hv a really good/fun day. Ezi….. welldone! its really good to celebrate people that have colored our lives……

    4. Taaaa geraway u osiso….biko Ezii r u sure its d same Chinch we all kn? All ds for her? Mbanu! Heheheh Chinma darl u r worth celebrating. U try to b modest, bt u r a star. U v got no where to hide baby! Shine for d world to c. PS…Chinma since we hv ds pix of both of us here….tinking…

  5. O.M.G. I’m literally laughin’ out loud. U girls r just hilarious. Happy Birthday, Cheech…u totally deserve d whole credit. Hope u had a joyous day. Knowing Ezi, she’s not careless with words n u really r an eloquent speaker. And Ezar, u need not b jealous, though its hard…lol. I’m totally sure Ezi loves u just as much. She’s got such a beautiful heart n her type is really rare. I’m indeed grateful 2 God 2 have her as a friend…I’m sure we all are!
    I celebrate u Cheech, once again!
    God bless!

  6. Hmmm nice one ezi!!cheech must be a lovely girl like for ezi to do a post twice 4 Ʊ.eziaha i haven’t 4goten Ʊ owe me one…

  7. Nice piece…… She’s trully and totally plesant she was on my bridal train and she totally killed it despite us not been that close. Not surprise she has these Godly qualities its written all over her.

    Am sure she has her DO NOT TOUCH sides too. Yet to find out. Lol.
    Happy birthday darling cheech and regards to our Mario Lopez (your bF)


  8. LOL!
    That last pic of chinma is M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ favourite just look @ M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ ikoyi working class big girl rocking rain boots
    hahaha! @ in all her razzness!
    Afta all said and done chinma is notin but a sweetheart and I love her dearly for her especially effortless ability τ̅☺ make laugh.

    1. A clown and a chinch!!!???!!!
      Incredible combo LOL
      The girl is too razz. Ikoyi big girl on rain boots!!! Hehehe
      Thanks Uju for dropping by

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