Dubai Diaries Day 1: The Emirates experience, Kite beach and Dubai mall

Hey guys Well since Dubai is no Jesus, safe to say Dubai is the Antichrist lol. How can a City just WORK? Well, I guess that is what happens when you have been in Nigeria all your life? Your brain is sort of wired to how things don’t work, so when you see what should be the […]

#DoubleDelight…NaijaWife and Afoma Testify

First off, in my head, today is Sunday, January 26, 2014. Cos according to my F.A.B. voices publishing schedule, that is when I was to publish this… But between church and church tinz, reading my Booski’s latest post on dressing in the church, (, kicking off my virtual mentorship group (mehn, these girls are something […]

A little fear or A little LOVE?

Sometimes being mad pissed is enough motivation for a post. Right now, I am mad pissed. OK well I admit I am a lil less pissed than I was like an hour ago. Thank God for the meal of rice, plantain and gizzard courtesy my Sapphire’s kitchen… Ah I could marry Eniola sha… OK now […]

100 Truths…

Holla Blog Fam… I should find us a name ooo. Just like LIBers, Beliebers, and stuff. I sure will. Ok I ran into this during one of my blo rounds. Don’t recall the blog sef. Just did copy and paste and edited where needed. I filled this Friday evening and Saturday evening too. That’s July […]

The PRICE of TRUE friendship… #ChinmaCHEECHAsogwo

I still remember how I felt everytime I had to make that phonecall… It was hard because I knew it held the power to change our friendship (or what was left of it) forever. The fact that it rang without her picking about three times made subsequent attempts even harder. But I had to make […]