Holla Blog Fam…
I should find us a name ooo. Just like LIBers, Beliebers, and stuff. I sure will.
Ok I ran into this during one of my blo rounds. Don’t recall the blog sef. Just did copy and paste and edited where needed. I filled this Friday evening and Saturday evening too. That’s July 05 and 06. And I’m scheduling it on July 06 saturday to be auto-published today wednesday July 10.
I enjoyed doing this. I always enjoy talking about myself like you should know by now.
Fabulous yeah? Enjoy…
100truths about me. And yes all answers are true.


1. Last drink: Water
2. Last phone call: Someone who called to thank me for some help I rendered.
3. Last text message:  My mom-in-law to be
4. Last song you listened to: Chris Delvan: In obedience to Christ (The title is actually “You are the Holy Ghost” but I prefer this other title…)
5. Last time you cried: My birthday night June29

6. Dated someone twice: Kinda
7. Been cheated on: No. To the best of my knowledge.
8. Kissed someone: Yes
9. Lost someone special: No
10. Been depressed: No (Holla Sanguines)
11. Been drunk and threw up: No

12. Black for its slimming effect
13. Orange for its sweetness
14. Deep Blue for nail polish and eye shadow/mascara… Just fabulous
15. Brown on days when I just wanna get up and go…

16. Made new friends:  Yes recently. Amazing Christian people. Most Bloggers… Holla JMAD, Femmetotale, Kaego, Ike-Amadi, etc
17. Fallen out of love: Nope
18. Laughed until you cried: Yes. Several times

19. Met someone who changed you: Sure. Several someones actually.
20. Found out who your true friends were: Of course…
21. Found out someone was talking about you: As a Super Star, sure!!!
22. Kissed anyone on your BBM friends list: Girlfriend yes!!! Harmless ooo. Male? Nope.
23. How many people on your BBM friends list do you know in real life? All. Save long distance business relationships.
25. Do you have any pets: No
26. Do you want to change your name: No, my name is FABULOUS. E’ works for me mehn!!!
27. What did you do for your last birthday: Munched for a memorial all the amazing things said about me from the most amazing people #Priceless… Took myself out. Then went scouting for something.
28. What time did you wake up today: 4.45am.
29. What were you doing at midnight last night: Seeing some episodes of Tyler Perry’s The Haves and Have nots.


Dunno if my sis had slept off by midnight cos we were seeing it together.
30. Name something you CANNOT wait for: To leave my Father’s house into my husband’s house abeg.


Time was up as at my last birthday.

31. Last time you saw your father:  Thursday morning. He was airport bound…
32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I think God has me sorted already so I love my life…
33. What are you listening to right now:


Same Chris delvan song. On repeat. Even in my heart I’m singing that song. I especially love when he says ‘…sometimes uprooting everything (in my life) in obedience to Christ’. Thanks to Holyparcel who sent me the song. I don find am taya… Amazing prayer and song!!!
34. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Nah. I doubt.
35. What’s getting on your nerves right now?: Nothing. I would have said a LIST I saw but now its just hilarious.
36. Most visited web page: a tie between  www.google.com and www.eziaha.wordpress.com
37. Current city: Lagos
38. Nicknames: E’. Miss E'(my students) Lady E’ & Miss Fab(my blog fam and friends ). Eyinju mi. (Le boo). Big baby (my momma) Sporo (My sister), Nnenne (my sibs esp my brothers)
39. Best Friend: Make that ‘Best friends…’ They know themselves.


But I’ll say… Dumebi (My booski), Ayomikun(My soul sister), Valerie(My Angel o’ love), Eniola(my twin who I call Sapphire), Cheech my Lover gehl. And some more. I wanna grow old with these girls..97263180_9a975fcc97_o
40. Zodiac Sign: Cancer… But ife na adiro kwa na bible ooo.
41. Male or female or transgendered: Female
42. Primary School: Early life, Festac.  Kalac N/P Apapa.
43. Middle School: We don’t have that in Nigeria but its equivalent would be my high school.
44. High school: F.G.G.C Owerri. Holler to all my feddy babes
45. Hair color: Black at root, auburn at middle then gold highlights at tip… 🙂 and its natural…
46. Long/medium/short: Short. But I am sportin’ dreadlocks now

47. Height: 5’11
48. Do you have a crush on someone: 2Face (Shut up all o’ you)

wt Tu
49: What do you like about yourself: My Sanguine. My naivete/innocence/trust/lack of suspicion. My love for God. My intelligence/resourcefulness. My good/beautiful heart.

beautiful heart with roses

My ever-ready-to-flash smile. My openness/extrovertedness. And most recently the fact that I’ve lost my caustic tongue. Hehehe. No more terrible comebacks. Lol. I’ve learnt to ignore or talk only when I can say the right things or just SHUT UP.

50. Piercings: I have 1 extra on my ears. Planning on opening one more.

51. Tattoos: None…If I hit India or Dubai, I may get one. I’ll do a simple E’ on my inner wrist.
52. Righty or Lefty: Righty

53. First Surgery: None
54. First Piercing: Ears
55. First Best Friend: Can’t recall. But has to be a irl sha.

56. First Sport you Joined: Volleyball
57. First Pet: None
58. First Vacation: My village Umuariam Obowu in Imo state. Lol. Outside Naija, Ghana. Shout out to Twitter. I got connected there.
59. First Concert: Can’t recall
60. First Crush: 2Face . First and only 🙂

61. Eating: Nkatie burger and Beloxxi crackers as I get my dreads mojo back on. This time longer dreads.
62. Drinking: Water
63. Talking to: my stylist and adjusting the length of the dreads.
64. I’m about to: do nothing ooo. I’m stuck here till the hair is done 🙁
65. Listening to: the sound of a gen (insert heavy igbo groaning here)
66. Thinking about: Sex in marriage. Am I ready? Chai!!!
67. Waiting for: this hair to be over and done with pls…Its been hours. But I’m lurving it…

68. Want kids:


Yes twin girls (confusingly identical)

4919674893_b4edf58067_o and UBER FAB

, and a boy or triplets (2girls and a boy)
69. Want to get married: OF friggin’ COURSE
70. Careers in mind: Social entrepreneurship especially as a Consultant with major NGOs and IGOs (plus the UN) that work with young people and/or education.

71. Lips or eyes: Lips.
72. Hugs or kisses: Kisses abeg. Hugs for same sex…
73. Shorter or taller: Taller
74. Older or Younger: I prefer older sha cos I have strong choleric tendencies.  But a Spiritually Mature Christian is everything.
75. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous (these aren’t opposites tho…)
76. Nice stomach or nice arms: None… What sort of choice is this? *RME*
77. Sensitive or loud: Sensitive
78. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship. Hook up ke?????
79. Trouble maker or hesitant: Trouble maker

81. Drank hard liquor: No
82. Lost glasses/contacts: plenty times. Lost, broken, torn, etc.
83. Kissed on 1st date: No
84: Broken someone’s heart: Yes. Wasn’t easy.
85. Had your own heart broken: Yes. Wasn’t meant to be. Wasn’t easy still.
86. Been arrested: No
87. Turned someone down: Yes
88. Cried when someone died: Yes. Both movie and real life. Its so easy for me to empathize.
89. Liked a friend that is of the same sex: Yes. I’m straight tho… I just love women… (This sounds wrong lol. But to the pure all things are pure so drag your minds outta the gutter. :p )

90. Yourself: Yes. Very Yes.
91. Miracles: of course.
92. Love at first sight: Nope. Maybe attraction. Love is a deep word.
93. Heaven: Bien sur… (Sure)
94. Santa Claus: Taaaa
95. Kissing on the first date: No… That would really mean the physical is rulinand that’s not a good foundation.
96. Angels: Yes

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now?: Yes. And I’m with that one person

98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time?: Yes. I was MAD and Crazy then Loool. Too indecisive sha. But we all know how that played out now don’t we… 🙂
99. Wish you could change things in your past?: Not really. All working/worked out for good…
100. Are you posting this as 100 Truths?:  Yes!!!

There you have it…

Stay fabulous Tweeties


21 Responses

  1. Hehehehehe…I like No.66 :d If u like, dnt be ready…hehehehehehe. U must limpopo…lol. Nd waitoooo, dis ur photoshop wit 2face looks so good nd original (pls acknowledge dt it is actually photoshop or else I wil just quench here). I almost screamed when I saw dt face wit d dreads…I looked closer…thankfully it was NOT. I’m honored to b ur friend. Nd like JMAD wrote…U r Amazing…Simply Divine. We (ur bloggers) can be kald (E)Fabers…lol.

    1. You are all kindsa crazy. What do I do with you? Eh Dumebi Ononye. That’s absolutely NOT photoshop jor. It is a real pix taken at Chinma’s company Christmas party two years ago which I was INVITED to. Or should I say which you were NOT invited to. I was invited as a loyal fan. And we met and talked and he yabbed and we took a coupla pictures. :p :p :p
      And to annoy you even further, his manager is my personal friend and has offered several times to hook me up (in a brother sister way ooo) but I think I’m ok lurving from a distance.
      At least I don’t get to know anything negative. (Of cos having all those children don’t count as negative ooo. I like him sorry)
      My dear that dreads pix is horrible. I’ll need to look for a finer one. But at that time, that was all I had. Lol
      Fabers abi? I’ll consider it.
      Or maybe Fab’Esssss.
      Cool yeah? More suggestions please.
      Love you too much Sugar. Naughty as you are.

    1. Jeeezzzz…wt set ni? Sha I was Eziaha’s classmate. Also in our class were, Obianuju Ntosi, Ruth Onyegbule, Amba Tamuno Francis, Onyinye Nnadozie, Ulaku Amanze, Uche Mbadiwe.etc etc etc :d

      1. Babes strived to b blokes….dt cracked me up a Lot…then after graduatin they switch back to being babes…lwkmh…Kaiiiiiii

        1. Looooooool
          In school bloke was cool.
          In the real world, bloke was gay.
          They made adjustments as required….
          Hehehehe. E’

  2. Hi E.u are refreshingly honest! I also went to Early life but d secondary school. Was in d pioneers set. N right now I attend ur church in bonny island. Hope ur tooth doesn’t hurt so much. Am a dentist n u can consult me for a small fee.lol

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