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Holla LIEBSTER… Part two.



I have gotten quite some other nominations but I didn’t quite feel up to doing posts on them as they required. Especially as I have done three awards posts already…

Here, here and here

So I thanked the readers and moved on…

But when I got this one from my main chica, Inthe… I decided it was a long time I did one so hey, lezzdodis…

Plus I absolutely love Inthe…,Babyboy and the Hubster so…

A liebster award is actually given by a Blogger to another which that Blogger loves. It is actually supposed to be for the WordPress fam but I guess Blogspot and co are too copy copy to be original. We forgive them…Liebster is German for LOVE or Favorite…

Ok the rules for accepting the award are pretty simple..

FIRST, Thank the person that nominated you…

Thank you Sugar… ‘preciate the blog lovin’. And you know how I love your blog, yeah?

SECOND… List 11 random facts about myself

Hmm where do I start? My FAB’ers practically know it all as I am out there…

peek these two posts

100 questions and 100 truths

Let me try and get 11 things about me I want you to know that most people don’t know… E go hard sha…

1. I wear a waist bead.

waist beads

I used to wear two actually till Bunmi cut one once as we were fooling around one night (drag your minds out da gutter). It was an overnight drama rehearsal. Ah mehn, we picked and picked and picked each bead up cos I planned to restring and wear again. Till today I haven’t and I will do that ASAP. I really love it. I got them in Ghana. Le Boo doesn’t like it though and he always threatens me that he will cut it whenever he gets to see it. I am still begging sha… I trust he won’t..

2. I love cute tattoos. Operative word; CUTE. I will get one at least before the end of next year. A simple E’ in my inner wrist…

3. I don’t pick numbers/calls I don’t have registered on my phone. Like 90percent of the time. I also don’t pick calls post 9pm or pre-8am. Just my own personal policy. Of course the latter rule doesn’t apply to my inner circle ooo…
I’m sure you are wondering about me missing important calls…? Well, two things happen. Tz either you send me a text when I don’t pick saying who you are or my inner GPS leads me to pick some calls despite it being unknown. Thank You Holy Spirit.
Whatsapp is the absolute worst!!! if you don’t include your name in a convo (esp if it is one of those hello. Hi. Sup? Messages), and your name aint stored on my phone, you really are on a really long tin…
I wish I could change my phone number. But it is a special line and tz so easy to remember so I’m stuck with it. This is my way of managing my already public life.
I absolutely don’t accept BBM requests too except I authorized it.
I know my rules are plenty. I will get a more public line and catch up with my fans but for now, ike adiro m biko.
I just don’t like people trifling with my time.
4. I am biased towards beautiful girls and handsome guys. I have people who have accused me of having only fine friends… Well, I dunno about that because I am also looking within to see if you have a beautiful heart too. I guess I am just blessed with the pretty ones with pretty hearts… Then again, I think like attracts… I don’t know how to hold back compliments ooo. If you are fine, especially girls, I appreciate you and compliment you.


I do not have to know you or like you. I just pay lavish compliments. I don’t even have time to beef… The compliment is out my mouth even before,,, hehehe

5. I actually watch Nollywood movies… I am almost always disappointed yet I still watch them. I have not and will not give up. My fave Actors are Omotola, Genevieve, Mercy Johnson, Mike Ezuronye, and Ramsey Nouah. I think that is about all. So I tend to watch movies that feature these ones more. Then there are a few Producers I am biased towards eg Emem Isong who majorly disappointed me with COUPLE’S GETAWAY. I have never seen a directionless, storyless high budget movie like this one from her. It is a colossal disappointment…


Chei. But will I buy another movie that she produced? Yup. I love movies like that. And my IQ is still intact just so you know…

6. for as long as I can remember, I have used Adiagbon for my skin… Adiagbon is the local coconut oil. I buy it from those native traders in Ajegunle market. That is the one I trust abeg. the smell of fresh naturally prepared Adiagbon is heavenly, true. I also use Dudu Osun on and off but I have used it and Irish Spring almost equally. Now I have gone back to Dudu Osun exclusively.

7. I absolutely hate WORK… If I can pay someone to work for me, I will do that very gladly while I keep thinking and drawing up proposals and stuff. I think people over rate work. Bleh… Anybody can work ooo. But there are some things that nobody can do for me. That is where I bias my work to and not physical work. Brain work… Now don’t get me wrong, I know how to work and hard too. I am very very domesticated. For years, I was called Omoodo (house help) by my siblings because I got so used to cleaning and cooking. I ran my sister’s house and my parent’s house. Keeping a home clean and homely for me was A MUST so they used to hire me. But Mmadu n’etofe kwanu ‘don’t be silly’. Now my work is more intellectual than physical. And nothing and nobody can bring me back to loving that till I am in my husband’s house. QED…

8. I have intense love for my female friends. I always let them know and I out in a lot to make it work. But recently, someone took it for granted. Heavens knows that I absolutely loved that chic. To the moon and back and it showed in all the stuff I did for us. She is an absolutely amazing person till tomorrow but we weren’t on the same LOVE wave length. I put in 500percent more than she even thought of putting in. there was only so much I could take and she did something to me about a month ago and she moved immediately and unbelievably fast into my ‘acquaintance zone’. I am sure she didn’t even believe it. I moved on real fast. Real real fast. I am open to friendship in the future again but then, the T’s and C’s would have changed. A whole lot.  I have learnt to NEVER SAY NEVER…

9. I have an EX for whom I had intense feelings for on and off for prolonged time, while in a relationship with Aku m. Up until late last year. I would like to tell you the story but I don’t see why I should. Sorry. But I can tell you this much… Sin thrives in secrecy. And the devil never ever comes in obvious fashion. He comes coded… Today of course, I have absolutely lost all the feelings. I opened up totally to Le Boo and my Rev and wham, the miracle was done… Now eh, I don’t even dine with the devil, whether with a long spoon or a short spoon. Again, I don’t subscribe to being friends with an EX. No calls, no texts, no hi, no NOTHING simples… 🙂

10. I am very aware that I have a call on my life especially for women and then younger children. I have not quite figured it out well but with my blog, it gets easier and clearer… My blog is NOT ‘just another WordPress site’, it is a MINISTRY…

11. In at least 2weeks, I have not had food more than twice… I have absolutely lost my apetite. One of the ‘perks’ of this phase I am passing through. I have gone days without food totally. Some days, I have had just a drink. It is crazy ooo. Even indomie… I haven’t had. It is indeed well…

Now I have to answer Inthe’s questions so here goes…

1. why did I start blogging?

I was plenty tired of some people making Christianity seem boring. Then it looked like only the ‘outsiders’ could live fabulous lives. Taaaaa. Which is why my rider is ‘Living the CHRIST life on a FAB lane…’I hope I can inspire many more people through my blog, especially young ladies to live like Christ here on earth, be PROUD about it and be earthly relevant too. And be very FABULOUS by all means. By my blog-o-meter, I aint doing bad at all, glory to God…

2. If you could be any fruit or veg, which would it be?

Either water melons or apples. I absolutely love both…

3. Would you consider becoming a Vegan?

Absolutely not… I am very adventurous with al sorts of animals please… impossible.

4. what is/was your fave subject at school?

Primary- Maths and English

Secondary- English and Literature in English

University; Group dynamics in Psychology and Developmental Sociology

5. Are you scared of the dark?

Nope. I am scared of what the dark holds however… looool. I think I am indifferent. When the lights need to be on, they are on. When off, they are off…

6. if you could eat only one thing the rest of your life, what would it be?

My specially prepared Indomie, chicken and egg… So many of you owe me this ooo

7. favorite movie of all time?

Courageous… Every man and then every couple should see that movie.

8. if you could change your name to anything else, what would it be?

I absolutely love LOVE Eziaha… I hate the surname though so I will say Eziaha Omoteniola Olojo… Lady E’

9. Are you much of an adventurer? I’m talking bungee jumping, mountain climbing and all that jazz

Err, I doubt. I can be adventurous with foods and meats especially but bungee jumping? Nope. I am yet to fulfill purpose hehehe

10. what is the greatest thing about your Nationality?

The fact that despite all the drawbacks and negativities, we have a bunch of people who thrive legitimately… they thrive INSPITE of… Oh that’s amazing for me… Gives me renewed hope in the country but of course we need more people too.

11. What do I do to keep fit?

I gym, I walk, I swim and recently, I am looking to join a dance/aerobics class. Dancing to keep fit should be an absolute delight…

Now another thing you have to do with a LIEBSTER is nominate people. This one I will pass… Sorry.

That’s about it.

Have a blessed working week ahead,,,

and please stay grateful no matter what…




Ceteris Paribus, I will be at Giantsparkle’s when this post goes live. If she doesn’t treat me well, and that includes Coldstone icecream and Pizza, She is toast… Well give you all the deets in my thanksgiving post tonight. meanwhile she blogs at www.giantsparkle.wordpress.com and as a part of my bloggers-in-gratitude, she has been oppressing us with ice cream and pizza since so that’s why I am going to her place. I can’t fit to carry last. hehehehe. Askor to your calling me Friend for food… loool

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