Happy Sunday darlings…

I hope you had a great time in church thanking God especially for the gift of life that you enjoy…I absolutely did… My church just rocks… Cos our God rocks too…

I figured that in this Part 3 of my Birthday munches, I would share some of the munches that were very special being that today in Sunday… More like a Sunday Special sort of thing…. All were special of course, but you know what they say about fingers being more equal… hehehe



This One cracked me up sooooo much. Yes it is so true and it is so funny. My Bolaji just had fun making every single guy on his BBM feel bad that day


Love you too Aku m… Forever…


Tunde hit it RIGHT with this. He has this special way of making the day end well for me and making me feel real special. Even Bolaji was tripped at his words. Thank you my darling… I could not have said it better. I must retaliate ooo. Special woman who ends up with you. I wanna see her when the time is right and give her an E’ hug and a thumbs up… Kai…


Yes my Dumebi again hehehe. For me eh, DEPENDABILITY is important to me. I want to be able to entrust something to you and go and sleep. I am that sort of person (I say this with all humility) and I am usually tripped when I meet someone, especially a young person, who has a GREAT element of dependability attached to his/her character too. Dumebi just scored with every DP change… See why I am in love with this girl… Too much baby…


Jibola and I worked on several projects in school as we were both into school Politics… He played at a higher level tho. So when he says resourceFULL, I know what he means… I like to be reminded of the amazing qualities God has graced me with. It keeps me on my knees… FLAT IN REVERENCE AND GRATITUDE… Thanks Jibola. He always and still yabs me by calling me the SOLE INHERITOR OF TRIUMPHANT ASSEMBLY AGBOWO BRANCH loooool. I threw my life into service there you would have thought I was inheriting it… Naughty you. Thanks darling… and stop yabbing…


For me, Valerie remains the MOST LOYAL friend that I know. She is too special too me. Aptly renamed ANGEL OF LOVE…  That is why you darling are so loved too. I am very excited at our future together… Too excited. Wish I can fast forward it… Please don’t decide to relocate to Yankee ooo. I don’t trust you guys any more… Love you baby.. MAJORLY and FOREVER


Ahaaaaaa… Pastor M I really really do miss you now… I miss especially the hugs I received when you would be sitting down with your big tummy and a tired smile which was so sweet to me. Awww… And yes ooo, I do have my shades VERY on… BIG AMEN to the prayer biko… And I am super chuffed that I am your fave blogger… hehehe. I am tickled pink actually. Of course you know I am your blog’s biggest stalker fan loool and this is my public appeal to please update it oooooooooo please… Like daily or once in two days hehehe. Love you mami… And I so miss you like soooooooooo much. But we are taking care of Pk and doing the Work… 🙂



For those of you who just strolled into planet earth, this is the blog addy www.justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com

Good place to end right…


Quick one though…

Abs looking forward to this evening’s LDM which is FAQs

BOSE (_)I AM BLESSED.Psalm 138v8

All your relationship questions asked will be answered as God gives PK the right words…

I am so excited cos I love Q and A’s so much…

Hope you are planning to attend ooo. 4.30 pm today.

David’s Christian centre, victory dome Fatgbems Bus stop Amuwo Odofin Lagos.
Free transport available. Call 08077714411 or 08028356363 for deets

And of course, I am sure you have NOt forgotten SOUND OF HEAVEN


No you haven’t…

Cheers to a FAB week



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  1. Yaaaaay! made part 1-3 *feelingfly already. You are welcome darling, yinni yinni keni se mi… As for the yabbing! children are the heritage of the Lord, I’m only declaring His words in your life. Gracias for the munches!

    1. Loool vain you
      So you made it thru all? Mistake oooo.
      And ur own never finish sef
      Il not put any again jor
      What’s this yoruba now? You guys please my blog is NOT a Yoruba blog jor

  2. As usual…all dps on you r on point. In short, because you have God, all your flaws are perfect!!! Eishhh

  3. Hehhehehehhe,like they say,u are the most loved on planet earth o,(apart frm Jesus sha) no controversy,wats not to love abt u,as in,like wen one z lookin for faults n u cnt find 1! Beautiful,intelligent,funny,extrovert,dillingent,spiritual!if u were a man! I for autosuggest tire!or b outright open!and na serz competition e for b sef (me n other ladies)!
    You are worth appreciatin !20/10 gbam

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