Whoop Day three

See if you can stop me


Feel free to catch up on Day one and day two of my #AttitudeO’Gratitude posts if you missed them


Today, I had a low, high, low, just there, then high and higher day…

And then HIGHEST!!!

I am a tad tired so I will jump to it already. I apologize in advance. Pictures no go dey this post ooo…

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Gotcha. Pictures go very dey….


1  I am so grateful for today that is August the 3rd, 2013. The day that would have been THE DAY. I made it through today sha. I even did the

Dear diary post

I enjoyed reading the comments and that post inspired two different blogposts from two people. Thank you to all the people that drop(ped) comments. Comments are important to any Blogger. It is not everything but it sure makes a difference, lets you know that your audience is not only you and your family members loool. I love how today went tho someone however made me cry.


It was the way he asked me the question… Aaaaarrrrgh. And even when I tried to skip an answer, he asked again. Then I cried. But for like 2minutes. He consoled and loved on me and I was fine again. the ‘He’ btw is a very special He… winkssss… Thank you Sir… I am so grateful for all the loving that came today. I am more grateful that there was hardly any pity. Too much love mehn… Too much. Calls from within and outside Naija. I also got the congratulatory calls and messages too. Loooool.


Thanks people. Thanks for reminding me what a strong woman God has made E’. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And Sir, I am serious about the eloping though.

2.   My boo just knows how to make my day everyday sha. I am so thankful for him. He had an allnight yesterday and as soon as he was up, he called me to know how I was doing, today being August 3, 2013. After we spoke, I later told him that I didn’t even feel like going out with my girlfriend again and that when she called me, I would cancel. Ah, he said Nooooo. Babes you must go out today. I don’t want you staying indoors and trying to feel bad ooo. He insisted. I sha dragged myself out to meet up with Enny. When I got to the market, the girl just didn’t pick her calls. Aaaaargggggh. I called Aku m and told him I was going back home jor. He said I should just hang around and chill a bit. So I decided to buy myself new sports/exercise kit. I suddenly found myself in a part of the market I had no reason to be in. turned back and bumped smack into a darling friend (more in number 3.) See divine direction at work??? That was just the beginning of an amazing day. But the koko is, it was not until I got back that Le boo told me that he felt really down in his spirit too but didn’t want to tell me so that he doesn’t put a damper in my day. He had to deal with his all alone and of course he felt better later but I especially love that he didn’t tell me that morning cos Omo, I would have not gone anywhere ooo. Na to stay all day on the phone with him. You see how he puts my happiness first… Muah baby.. Love you big…

3. oh I am so thankful for the gift of great friends. You know the plan was to hook up with Enny in the market but I got two for the price of one. I bumped into Bernyboom today, my Aussie returnee.

Collage 2013-08-03 21_20_15

I love adding Australia when I talk about her cos she has promised to invite me over when she settles in. well, you just promised baby. I helped you promise. I ran smack into Berny and we had a good time gisting. Last saw her at IMELA which she came for. She kept my coy till Madame Enny showed up. It was so good talking to her. Thanks lovey. Oh then my Enny. My one and only Sapphire.

Collage 2013-08-03 21_29_28

You need to see the way I was smiling when I saw her, in spite of my vex that she had delayed me. It was good hugging her again. Did a final purchase and we went to Coldstone creamery to get icecream. I got the mint choc and she got a real boring one. :p

IMG_20130803_213014I did get my ice cream afterall hehehe…

Then we went to chill at the poolside and play catch up. Her boo was with us too. She was oohing and aahing as she read my blog post in which I mentioned her to her fiancée. I am sure the guy would just be like ‘ah, lemme hold my woman well ooo, I have serious competition’ loooool. Enny and I just fool around and we did plenty of that today chilling at the poolside, laughing at the old white men swimming, the girl at coldstone who had on this really short shirt dress with nothing underneath and high heels. We imagined the breeze carrying her dress up looooool. We even goofed around as we did research on the HOOKAH we both saw for the first time today.


Yeah I know you dunno what that is too. It is a fancy flavored tobacco which the people smoking it claimed is not as dangerous as cigarette.


Well our research showed otherwise biko. A hookah is essentially a water pipe with an integrated smoke chamber, attached to a large bowl with a small hose attachment. As a special form of tobacco is heated, the smoke passes through water in a confined chamber to cool it, and then moves through a hose attached to a mouthpiece. We also discovered other names for it…Hubble-bubble and Shisha. And please that flavor is not even flavory at all… ewww. Nope, I meant the smell, Did not sniff it… Btw, what does the Fed. Ministry of health say about smokers again? Looool. Then we yabbed some guy who was sagging. I mean do people still sag? Till we asked and realized he was below 20… we chorused ‘that explains a lot…’ Amazing time with Enny. I was sad to go as she and her boo dropped me off. Next sighting is when I move into her house few days to her wedding. Can’t wait baby. That is really soon…

4. I am thankful for journey mercies ooo. The bus I was in today had a tire incidence and skidded off the road. Thank God the culvert broke his speed. And we were on a bridge. Ekwensu n’agbaghari n’efu… In vain… I am so thankful the driver wasn’t on full speed. Angels always on guard. I am thankful for them. I went out and got in in one piece. Whoop… this incident made me increase the call for my car harvest ooo… My harvest is here. I am making room biko…

5. I am thankful for money. Yes good old money. I recall sometime when I would go to the ATM and there would be no money to withdraw.


Chei!!! These days, the story don change ooo. I got to the ATM today and withdrew what I wanted and had to just buy something in the market just because… I am sooooooo grateful. Too grateful. Not even taking it for granted….

That wraps today up… What are you grateful for?

Remember, the more you are grateful, the more you will have cause to be grateful


Go ahead, fill your journal, write a post, comment… speak your dialect. Thanksgiving is your dialect…

Have a lovely Sunday tomorrow. And remember to come for LDM too.

BOSE (_)I AM BLESSED.Psalm 138v8

PK will be answering your relationship Frequently asked questions. It promises to be wow…


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Be sure to look FABULOUS tomorrow… God don’t like drab. #SundayBest#



10 Responses

  1. Awesome post – the joy and light are literally flying off the page. My sister…thanking God for money is one of my new favourite pastimes. Lol! Sometimes I go and look at my stocked cosmetics/personals cabinet and I just marvel with delight. Let me stop showing myself biko…lovely post!

    1. Nne I feel you ooo
      And sometimes it’s aii to show off
      Tz not really about us but the God in us. …
      I see you are on an E’ blog round
      I hope it was worth your time hehehe

  2. Can’t find d rite words,… Hmmmn…. I feel so excited within 4 Strength nd God’s Grace upon Ur life. I’m very grateful 2 God 4 grantin U a Hapi Fruitful day despite all. He’s indeed Awesome. May God Perfect all dt concerns U. Amen. Blessed nyt Sweety…. #Big. Tite Hugs#

  3. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can imagine d devil wailing in fire nd shouting ‘noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, she’s frigging happyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!’ Hehehehehehehehe. I’m glad to d heavens dt u not only hd fun, bt hd a good laugh @ d devil. U totally spoilt his week…nd dt ROCKS!!! We shld learn to completely frustrate d devil. Nd ur Aug 3 AttitudeO’Gratitude is d BOMB!!! :di

    1. Yesoooooo
      No way the weakling was gonna have the day ha ahn
      With my Sugar daddy?
      Thanks love. Had a fantastic day… Today will be better. ..
      My dress ooo

    1. U had plenty smiles today ooo. You did Sound of heaven rally without me
      * insert vexing smiley*
      See you soon

  4. Sweetie, now I see. It all makes sense. Our after church convo. When it seems like it’s all falling apart, God is at work building up! These words have never been truer than right now in my life. I told you, he was showing off when he made you. Triumphant August 😉

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