A little fear or A little LOVE?

Sometimes being mad pissed is enough motivation for a post. Right now, I am mad pissed. OK well I admit I am a lil less pissed than I was like an hour ago. Thank God for the meal of rice, plantain and gizzard courtesy my Sapphire’s kitchen… Ah I could marry Eniola sha… OK now […]

#31F.A.B.Voices…E’ testifying

Happy New year my darlings!!! Now let’s kick this off with me sharing my 2014 plans with you. Some at least. Since we have 31 Favored.And.Blessed Voices testifying, I figured I’ll go first. Not just because it is my blog but I’ll also love to give direction and clarity as to what I meant when […]

Fab last weekend yo!!!

***This post was written on Monday October 14  but I got lazy and my internet has been crappy so i sort of chilled out till today to try again. So please rewind mentally as you read…*** Ok the weekend for me starts Thursday and it started with plenty of house cleaning, cooking and all. I […]

Fab lane musings…

Ok first, major shout out to my cousin who called me all the way from Abuja to harass me for not blogging again… lol. And I am like dude since I said ‘Brb… Life be happening’ darling, I have blogged three times… he said he was heartbroken from checking and checking and seeing nothing and […]

Just incase I stop blogging…

These BLOGS I LOVE will make your day anyday… No worries tho, I am not about to stop writing as God is still letting the juices flow, but seeing as I had a four day hiatus in between Posts, I can imagine that my blog faithfuls have missed me, no? Your weekend was cool yeah? […]

oh-SOH-amazing moments… MK&WW

This is the second and the last I would be doing on the oh-SOH-amazing moments. So I would cram as much as possible into this… Johnson Madichie, you have approximately 48hours to do the full post on Sound Of heaven ooo… www.johnsonmadichie.wordpress.com is his blog so keep checking. And then I will also reblog it […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day DAVIDA :-)

Hey… Greetings all the way from Asaba Whoop!!! I am grateful for journey mercies… Yup I’ll give you my Asaba details later. A chronicle of sorts. Promise… 🙂 But today, I’m particularly grateful for Davida Ifechukwunyediche Okonkwo Our latest gift in DCC Oh my!!! 1. I am grateful that this baby trashed Doctor’s report. They […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 21

Boy!!! Am I happy to be blogging again on gratitude… Feels like forever since I last did this. Meanwhile it has been just two days… How have you my darlings been? Still with an #AttitudeO’Gratitude I hope…? Yesterday was just one of those low days for me. It kinda sucked that I had already given […]

Birthday Munches Part Finale… :)

Holla… What’s up na… By the time this publishes, I would be thick in the middle of my besto’s traditional marriage… Eniola about-to-lose-the-lofindipe surname Gosh, how I love that girl… Or best still, how we love each other… *sniff* Been here since yesterday and will be at hers till after the white wedding which comes […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 14

Yawns…. Loud yawn… Chai But I must blog… Double yawn* *tears* But of course, we have cause to be grateFULL Ok, today has been intense… My girl is getting married tomorrow My Sapphire of life And we have been here and there and everywhere. *phew* But we have had plenty FUN… Whoops… Like major fun… […]