Ok first, major shout out to my cousin who called me all the way from Abuja to harass me for not blogging again… lol. And I am like dude since I said ‘Brb… Life be happening’ darling, I have blogged three times… he said he was heartbroken from checking and checking and seeing nothing and so he stopped… Loooool. Ok cuz, please start checking again. Thank you. Hehehe.

These are the three posts incase you missed it…

My Super fabulous weekend

Dear diva, you need a REALITY CHECK

Managing your finances, the AMBER MONEY way

He also asked how NYSC was going and he was sure I was having fun cos he knows I have a way of just enjoying anything I do. Hehehehe. Sanguine E’… To the very last drop. Well, work has been good though mega stressful especially recently. My friends and ex-Corper colleagues have passed out today!!! Mega congrats hun. Enjoy a favor filled work life. I miss you girls esp Nwanne whose early morning hugs I had grown used to. Ugh… this life eh. Make the most of it all cos when a phase passes, you will need the memories. So make good ones. Thanks Nwanne hun for FABULOUS memories….


Besides having a DROP DEAD gorgeous exterior (she is a model too), you have a beautiful super sweet heart. I love that our paths crossed here in Dowen College.


Love you mega and feel free to always swing by and give a sister a hug anytime. Oh Nwanne also made a first class in Computer science so she is the complete package… Beauty, Brains and God. #Score. Sorry guys, she is OF COURSE taken.

Congrats y’all again. God’s very best


Speaking of hugs, yesterday I put up on BBM that I needed a real girlfriend hug.


Mega shout out to y’all who sent me like a billion. Awww, am I really this sweet. Awwwwwwwwwzzzzzzzzzz. Loool. My brother Chuchu even offered to swing by and drop a hug a week. I told him not to tempt me cos I just may take him seriously and e go turn to fight if he reneges. Thanks guys. You guys stay rocking yo!!! For now, let my Sugar daddy be hugging me… My hug-o-meter is absolutely EMPTY!!! Ugh…

My girl Daiquri be hailing me in her latest blog post. Looool. Recall that post I did on Just in case I stop blogging? She said she missed reading it so she ‘ran into’ it today and has thrown a party. She even munched and framed it. I know right. Loool. I have another friend, or better still Lover, Crush etc (kai that girl is mega to me). I once wrote something about her on my blog and she had it framed too on her iPad. So when we had a falling out, she just went back to read it and she is like No, what me and this girl share is real jor and now all is well, lol. Shout out to all those who frame my words ooo. I hope I am doing some major ‘Pay it forwardssssss’ in advance in case I err in the future, juts remember that at some point, I said so many sweet things about you. Hehehehe. I can’t seem to find a link to this Daiquri’s post. Maybe she took it down to amend but babe blogs at www.ebonycynic.wordpress.com Her blog rocks!!!

To end these randomisity- THREE ARTISTS I AM mega feeling atm have to be Chris Delvan, Joe Praiz and Chris Morgan. First time I heard their songs, walahi I didn’t know they were Nigerians. Please nobody can tell me we don’t have gospel artistes here ooo. Just look closely. I have been downloading any song that has their ame on it like cray. I have this I AM FREE song by Chris Morgan. What I love most about it is the language he speaks at the end. That was even what made me know he was Nigerian. I dunno what he is saying but it sure sounds good. So when I get into the I am Free Mode, I let it play on repeat. I just know it sounds like something TuFace says too in his songs. Listen to Baby Jowo by Victor Olaiya and 2face. I did a post on it here. There is this funny line Tu has (also in Nfana Ibaga) and what Morgan says sounds like the same language. So today I contemplated going on Facebook and Twitter to ask if they were from the same place. In the meantime tho, I got a break from the students and was chatting with my High School Sweetheart Ebere and sending her songs while playing and downloading more and listening too using my headphones. At some point, I remove the headphones while I AM FREE playeth. Smart Holy Ghost move I tell you. The security detail attached to my office (who btw takes all the office pictures I have lol ) suddenly starts humming it. Huh!!! I am like WHAT!!! You know it? She says Yes, he is from MY PLACE!!! I ask where and she goes IDOMA!!! Dang!!! I was spot on right cos Tu is Idoma too. Instantly I ask her to come and gimme the lyrics and meaning. I know I spelt rubbish so lemme share the rubbish with you and the meaning of course. Walahi the language HARD!!! Gosh

Nnu walu ye/we/do geno owecho lekun iyagome… (I don’t have any problems, God has given me wife, job, this that… He keeps inter-changing)

Nnu welu oooooo (Repeat forever)

Abu nleche ta to nuwa, ga modano cho ya gamoooo

(Come and see what God has done for me…)

Oye no oooooo

Again, I know I spelt rubbish but it werks for me. Plus if you have the real spelling, holla at ur girl. And please don’t laugh. I WRITE PERFECT IGBO.

I have a class to invigilate in like 15mins. Lemme wrap this up and run.

By the way, I dressed totally DOWN to work today.


So far no one has complained. I could make this a habit ooo.


then I came so late today lol. I practically was running the moment my boss dropped me cos I had a class to invigilate. Phew… Made it just in time before our ‘CHIEF WHIP’ got to the class. Shout out to Aduwa our new male Corper for holding forte for me in the meantime

Olaedo hun, if you read my blog before we talk, I need to see you. First for the hug, two for the kisses, three for the quality time. Ha ahn… yeah, warreva

Muah Dawleens

E’… powered by God

PS; My girl is writing ooo. Fiction series. You wanna click and enjoy. My girl being Sapphire… Wow… I will be back with the link. Can’t find too and can’t reach her.

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  1. Now you have really cleared me o! After listening to xris, I almost wanted to ask you if he was nigerian,but I changed my mind. I was like “ebere if you ask this question,eziaha would finally confirm your bushness…why don’t you try google first for heaven sake before you ask”#smiles#. Now I didn’t have to google,and I still got the answer from eziaha#winwin#. Thanks sweets,you blessed me mega this morning!

    1. I’ve turned from light to red to green to blue…
      Thanks hun…
      Kai we should totally meet. I might have an IV for you. Lemme holla at ya on twitter
      Muchest love my darling.

    1. Oh hun u r very right!!!
      I am gonna chronicle my NYSC experiences in a series of Posts I’ll name RIDICULOUSLY BLESSED.
      God is making this year totally rock!!! Can’t complain…
      Meeting these girls was an icing on the cake too
      Thanks darling

  2. Dear eziaha..I am an ardent follower of ur blog, I just wanted to know how can I view ur archives pls?also how can I get in contact with u?thanks beautiful.

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