***This post was written on Monday October 14  but I got lazy and my internet has been crappy so i sort of chilled out till today to try again. So please rewind mentally as you read…***

Ok the weekend for me starts Thursday and it started with plenty of house cleaning, cooking and all. I wanna tell you the story of how we are househelp-less and how I have had to juggle so much but I will spare you details. One word though, Aku m is such a blessed man. I NEVER let him forget. I mean, is it easy to find someone who can cook, wash, clean, is very intelligent, can hold conversations, is eloquent, goes for knowledge, is totally HOT and fabulous, godly, phew…


*fans self* if you ever doubted the Proverbs 31 woman, then please, you got living proof in E’ #JustSaying

Looool stop hatin’ Just open your own blog… ;p

Oh but my man is A TEN too so I guess you deserve who you marry (Heard this from Diche tho she said she heard it from PK) Ok now that I have succeeded in making y’all jealous (I HOPE) let’s keep it going… Sunday was super fab. Met another Feddy Owerri girl in DCC.


Now we are like 10 in DCC alone. Ha ahn. We should totally start our own church jor. Holla Radiance darling… Church as usual was smokin’. Pk has a way with the Word as he took us on our Callings (divine assignment) our Gifts (Divine enablements) and our Opportunities (Divine placements) and what we should do with them. Amazing 10stars yo!!! If you ever run into E’ anywhere and I have my phone, be sure to ask me for the message. So I was all excited as I proceeded to BB to put up a pix of my Pastors and i. here is what I had up…


Actually I can write ‘worse tins’ so this was me being all conservative sef. Come on, y’all know me and all. I am very expressive especially with words. I do that with my boo, my friends, my pastors, colleagues etc so this shouldn’t have been a big deal. Anyways, not for this friend ooo. He instantly took me up. I can’t share a screen shot but all he said summed up to it wasn’t proper and all esp. with all the stories in town on pastors and female church members. Ok ooo. I proceeded to set him straight, very kindly and nicely and in details I must say. My Sapphire wasn’t so nice about it. Hehehe. She felt he didn’t need a long story. Loool. Anyways, just to say again, I have a SUPER FANTASTIC relationship with my Pastors, both male and female. And it is actually perfectly ok to. I cannot imagine not having them ooo. I mean… phew. I truly am that sort of person who knows how to make friends easy. And I guess I am the kinda person that people don’t mind rolling with. So if I like you, chances are high that before long we will be friends. I love my church and i definitely Pastors and I am grateful for the privilege of being mentored by them. And thing is, I am not even special like that. Someone like Rev has many children and loves us all. I mean he has a large heart towards all his children ooo just that I show off more.


Ditto PK. I am just a show off person and hey, it works for me. Ah, trust me it really works for me… Still on Pastors, so recall the post I did on Adichie’s Americanah  and my wanting to do a sequel on my reservations about the book. Well, I sorta forgot to do it till Rev pinged me yesterday asking if it was OK for his teenage daughters to read since all I wrote was the good and hadn’t written the ‘bad’ and so he didn’t know what to make of it.


Well, if you have read Americanah, what do you think? Oya Tannie, Priceless, Pearl, etc start commenting ooo. But first, what do I think?

NO, Teenagers can’t. I would rate that book 21 18 abeg. There are some values there that I would rather they be exposed to if need be later. Plus she uses (Yankee style) a lot of foul and swear words. Plus I don’t think there is information in the book that they absolutely NEED to know as they grow up so we can skip it abeg. Purple Hibiscus is FANTASTIC totally. I mean, it even had to be added to WAEC syllabus. AMERICANAH? I totally doubt. Still loh’ Americanah of course but no way my teenage niece/nephew or Ward is reading it.


Oh this babe who is almost as tall as i am is just 13 going on 14 real fast. Ah my darling niece Bube. Now now now we changed diapers and now now now we are talking Junior WAEC.

I should do my Part2 of Americanah this week. God willing.

Ok so this Sunday, I had to address the Youth church of an Anglican church on my Personal project. So I dashed out in the middle of the Word during first service. As soon as I entered the property, chai, I felt the ‘Anglican PEACE’ lool. Walahi, we Pentecostals are too rascally biko. They, the main church that is, were singing a hymn, I think ‘New every morning is thy Love’. Ah, I love hymns ooo (but hate poems. HATE) Then the Youth church were doing a Bible study from an outline and they promptly gave me one. It was so cool kai. I didn’t have a scarf so the President nicely and gently whispered that omission to me and very kindly offered to get me a hanky to cover my hair. I enjoyed their bible study too. They were so calm loool. Ditto the prayer session. I had to be praying in tongues under my breath, quietly .

Usually, I am dramatic whenever I wanna address a crowd. This sister has no atom of stage fright or fear of public speaking. But here I had to be sober. I mean I was in Rome, and no way was I gonna be behaving like an American lol. Spent just about 30mins there and it was a whole new experience that I had once had. My parents are Anglicans. They recited the ‘I believe in God, the Father Almighty…’ creed and I could remember majority of the lines… Cool. We are truly ONE ooo in this Kingdom.

same God

We may have our different ways, yup but tz the SAME GOD. The moment I stepped out tho, I took off the hanky-scarf and zoomed back to my church just in time for second service praise.


Speaking of services, our PK announced that *drum roll please* DCC is introducing her *standing ovation please* THIRD SERVICE asap. Whoop!!! Plus we have branched out into the Island properly now. Just got a property right on the expressway (in front of Meadow hall school) in lekki and tomorrow we will be holding a worship service there to claim the land. Whoop!!! True, DCC reminds me of this scripture ‘…the wind blows where it wills. You can hear it but you can’t tell where it comes from or is going, so you can’t explain spiritual people…’ John3;8. I mean, it is a church of young people but the way we buy property in millions no be here ooo. Chai, it feels so good to be connected to such grace and to be able to sow into such grace too. No doubt, DCC’s God is a BOSS GOD and A BOSS God will only do #BOSSTINZ yo. I will be on the Island property for the worship session and will bring you pictures and gist hopefully.

Then last night, I was home alone. My parents have travelled. My brothers are AWOL and so only E’ was home. I spent a better part of the night on the phone with my Soul sister.


Dang. Wish I had internet, we would have just skyped away. She has just gotten married and relocated to the UK and gosh, I can’t begin to explain how much I miss her. We had a real true sister convo on err ‘salient’ matters *cough cough*. The only thing missing was the hug we would have sealed that talk with.

wpid-IMG-20131010-WA0002.jpg Sawry inthe, still can’t resist this pix… ;p

No matter how many ‘I love you’s’ I hear over the phone, it doesn’t suffice for a hug.

Like yesterday in church, when the drop dead gorgeous Onyi told me I love you, it came with a hug.


Btw, Onyi, your hubby is smokin’ hot ooo. Chai. Dude is sooooo fine, you needed to see my jaw when she introduced us.


I mean, I screamed and exclaimed even Priceless heard it from where she was. He has this movie star Denzel fine haba. Again, you deserve who you marry. With how gorg Onyi is, she couldn’t have married less. Now I am beefing her baby cos he/she (I am rooting for a girl sha) will be so GORGE kai. Infact Onyi I am beefing you jor.

*insert NOT speaking to you face*

Priceless and I are beefing…

I got two amazing deals yesterday in church. I mean, too amazing.


Priceless darling, thanks for one of it. And thanks for being a true DCC sister. You know some people don’t need permission to do stuff. They just FORCE themselves and even you sef no get choice. I swear my friends are like that. Even when something concerns me exclusively, if you see the way dem dey poke-nose eh, daring me to shush them, and even bullying me on it sef. I hear I am like that but i doubt jor… This morning, I gave one of them gist on something which IMO was timely and she goes ‘…So when were u planning to tell me?’ looool. Ha ahn. And this is me telling her VERY EARLY oo but to her, not early enough, lol. Another one has a way of reminding me that she is family and so she has to right to bump in and out of my affairs as she likes whether I like it or not and then will occasionally send me ‘news flashs’ of ‘I AM UNDUMPABLE.


You can’t rid yourself of me’ if we don’t talk for like 2hours stretch only ooo. Hahahahaha. You need to see the RUDE phonecall that woke me up one day cos I didn’t respond immediately to a message sent loooooool. In her words, ‘this is UNACCEPTABLE’ Loool. You would think we were joined at the hips? Or wait, maybe we are ooo

*checks hips. And head too just incase*

Looool. Or is it the one that yabs me forever when she calls because she hasn’t seen me in a while and to her, that deserves major yabis. Kai. I don suffer sha. Basically, my friends have taken ownership of me ooo and think it is a right from heaven. Dear Aku m, please help me chase them away, thank you. I hope you can, cos frankly, I can’t… 🙁


Btw, mega shout out to Vee, my Angel of love. BEST GRADUATING DOCTOR Class of ’12 Unibadan. Or is it ’11 sef.


Thanks hun for all the errr ‘enlightenment’ hehehe. Having a super intelligent Doctor friend is a mega gift ooo. Saves you money and wahala too.

So my bestie is a Doctor and my Boo is a Lawyer. Are you beefing yet? Hehehehe.

Gosh three pages on font 11 Calibri, and I have managed to take you round and round and yet nowhere ‘deep’ Kai, Eziaha Ajaero. Or is it Eziaha Olojo. Babes, let’s change our surname jor. To Davids. Eziaha Davids or Mrs. Davids sounds cooler jor. Plus the Davidic covenant is that of Victory ooo abi Kilo feel? Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha. I should go…But just before… Sometimes I wish I was an anon Blogger. There is sooooooo much I wanna say but who born me…? I know I am pretty open but these ones are pretty HUGE so… Ugh. Wish I could slip in and out of anonymity as I wished.

Ok one last gist, so in church yesterday, lizzy rings me up to gist me about seeing my picture on a poster in Ibadan and sent them to me, claiming that it is a sign..???!!! Na real wa.


This picture has been on different Church’s poster and banners and I am like WHAT NA???? I mean, my own Ibadan church has NEVER used it and then churches I don’t attend are using it and they won’t even pay me lol.


The picture is NOT even FINE and it is two years old or more so they should quit already. Where did they even get it from? I dunno… hiss much. The girl is just a STAR. She can’t even stay anon if she wanted to.

Ehen, Tunde Leye has this series ongoing on his blog BURNT. http://tlsplace.wordpress.com/category/burnt/ I read part 1 and 2 only and stopped. It is a story of sexual abuse by an uncle to his nieces. The story gnaws at my heart. I can’t even read beyond that cos I fear how bad it will go and how it will end. I mean, kids are so innocent. Why do this to them? And the girls are twins too. Haba!!! He is in episode 5 now but I can’t read any further jor. How can you abuse twin girls please? How can you even abuse any child sexually? I love Tunde Leye’s fiction but this one I am not feeling ooo. I am just too emotional about it. You can find the series here www.tlsplace.wordpress.com but I recommend

Tricia’s nightmare and Finding hubby If you need a beautiful story. Read BURNT at your risk.

If you need another fab blog to visit, try www.naijahusband.com Read the Too much book post first. I couldn’t stop laughing. No spoilers, just go and read it. And trust me, it has NOTHING to do with academics ooo. Just read it first. That couple sha…. Looool.


See my darling Ariel growing into this big boy right before our very ‘befores’ Finer than mommy and daddy combined. ;p

Ok I should bounce. I hope you read these rants of mine to the end. Cheers to a fab Sallah holiday dawleens. And if I don’t blog through the holiday, please blame it on BOLAJI OLOJO.


E’… Powered by GOD.

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  1. Lol @ ‘is it easy to find someone who can cook, wash, clean, is very intelligent, can hold conversations, is eloquent, goes for knowledge, is totally HOT and fabulous, godly, phew…’
    The man is blessed jor. You can pat yourself on the back well well cos it’s not easy to be a ‘diva’ and still be virtuous!

  2. Whew! Finally finished, this one was loong. Btw I loove ur white lens frame, it is fabtastic. Wish I could have one myself, going hunting asap.

    1. Hey boo
      E go hard ooo. Before I saw it eh. Buy with God nothing is impossible.
      Tho I dont mind being the only super star with white frames tho. Looool

  3. sowy, in d birthday mode/mood, so can’t give a befitting comment. but, u need to follow tls burnt. its a cycle of sexual abusers. what’s annoying is, i’d rather read it in a book than this God knows how many weeks stretch. Sad story but as real as it might be unreal

    1. Hey
      Am I missing a birthday here?
      Skipping to twitter
      Nne I no dey read ooo. Maybe when the series is over I may. I can’t deal with being depressed every Monday morning biko.
      Lemme fly to twitter

  4. Kai..what a read!meyn eziaha..,u’ve managed to take me thru your life so effortlessly,it feels as though I was right there with you..I gotta say you are gifted..ur hubby is lucky o..as In full package,that’s what you are…keep staying FAB for us oo..u rock!!! Xx

    1. Totally abeg. Esp fiction. But nne ds tin happens ooo so I feel him. But I was rly affected so I stopped abeg. Life is not that long again. Jesus will soon come. Lemme be reading naija husband jeje biko loool

  5. Hmm..I hope you felt lighter after this post….multi-dimensional gist yo!
    Thank God for undumpable friends and committed shepherds/pastors.

    Househelp-less?!?!…how did it get to that stage?..pele dear…experiences that might come in handy someday.

    Lol@financial reward for your resplendenc…mark my words dear; if I ‘ve said it once,I ‘ve said it a million times….The future (of appearing on posters as a fab honorarium-worthy speaker)is here!
    Go go go!!!

    And no,all your intimidation attempts failed this time…*insert unfazed face*

    And oh,that Onyi&hubby eh?..*insert bbm drooling smiley*..#Enoughsaid.

    Okay..*skips off*..on to the next post since you decided to bombard us…nothing like the all-out Eziaha gangster stunts in your face…hehehe..

    One last thing, on those occasions when you really need to write to escape, you can open an anon blog…..think about it.

    1. This is a blogpost loool. But you know I love long comments.
      I can’t do anon. You guys will know tz me.
      Yesooo at onyi. Beef much
      Lol at unfazed face. I have given up.
      You know my parents have drama. Two have gone since u visited. Now I am the househelp. Ugh. And u know how ‘small’ thier house is…

  6. Nne, luvly post darlin u know I luv lenghty posts and dis is simply fantastic, me thinks Mrs Davids is uber cool joor plus der seems 2b plenty Mrs Olojo’s around so I’m votin 4 Mrs Davids hehehehehehe. See u droolin over Chyke ehn wen ur boo has one of d most amazin sexy voices I’ve heard in a while apart 4rm my hubby o *tongue out* Emm ure spot on right about Americanah o, I mean d language used and even d values there I wld rate 21 sef, our youths shouldn’t be xposed 2such until dey r mature enuf 2handle such info, mayb we shld babynap charmings baby. I’m off 2ur nxt post o

    1. Mrs Davids it is then lol. Now to convince the hubby….
      Hahaha at his voice. My own nko?
      Looool at babynap. We will ooo. When she comes back 🙂
      Thanks hun

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