E’Reads Series: My First Quarter Reads.

It is a WHOLE NEW MONTH and I am super pumped about it. Happy New month, Fam. January ran a WHOLE sprint and I am so glad the year is moving on nicely, and for me personally, rather imperfectly I must say. While I am doing my best to be FAITHFUL to His grace per […]

My January Reading List.

Hey yawl… Ok so as I read today, I felt the HOLY spirit ask me to monthly share my reading list with yawl… I’ve received a ton of feedback from people who say how i have inspired them to read more. That’s WILD. I love that i can help you do that cos really, reading […]

Unsure of TITLE so let’s say FIGHTING DISCOURAGEMENT (Yup)

Oh my darlings, today, I opened up the dashboard of my App to approve some payments, and found that I had hit 500 downloads plus FINALLY. Haha… And I want to tell a short story. Actually I was gonna write this for social media and then the HS just whispered to me to write it […]

YAY!!! Happy LAUNCH DAY TO ME!!! The 30-31-30 Devotional is LIVE!!!

Yay!!! Finally the D-day for my Devotional to launch, and I am just overwhelmed in a GOOD way. Like, God is just so amazing, and He has made this happen finally!!! I took my time to go through the entire Devotional for the last time today, and I was just blown away. I didn’t even […]

Say HELLO to the 30-31-30 Devotional for FAB SWORDED CHICKS (Ist 10 Days)

Hello You Warrior Chick, The 30-31-30 Devotional for FAB SWORDED CHICKS will change your life. No, seriously I mean it. As I wrote it, I went into depths with God I didn’t even know were possible, and a new Eziaha emerged, swords blazing and everything. I even learned that Psalm in the Bible didn’t come […]


Phew!!! This morning, I looked again at Omilola and Fela’s note to me at Do It Afraid conference. An autograph on the DO IT AFRAID journal. Omi wrote MAKE SURE YOU DO IT AFRAID and Fela wrote DELIVER THE FUTURE. Then I repeated it to myself. Then I stayed meditating on it, even till now. […]