It is a WHOLE NEW MONTH and I am super pumped about it.

Happy New month, Fam.

January ran a WHOLE sprint and I am so glad the year is moving on nicely, and for me personally, rather imperfectly I must say. While I am doing my best to be FAITHFUL to His grace per time on my life, I am embracing all my imperfections and weaknesses, while allowing His strength be made PERFECT in and through it all.

It is SOOO UNCOMFORTABLE I must say, because I give myself pretty high standards, but my best efforts these days have been very very imperfect. It is disorientating but part of my 2020 goals is to EMBRACE DISORIENTATION.

Ok so last month, I shared my January reads here and with this post, I will update on how the January books went, and then share the books for Feb and March, that is the rest of the quarter.

Interestingly, yesterday in the COMMUNITY WILD, we each shared two or more books we were reading this February and it was such a rich conversations as we were all opened to a world of even more books. I starred a few chats so I would check out those books again better, and see if there are some I wanna read.

Ok on to January reads… Please catch up here as I will not go into details of each book.

Yes, I read ALL I planned to read, except Atomic habits which I started but didn’t even get halfway. I made a HUGE mistake buying an audio book (which costs over double the e-book) because I had to keep stopping, writing, screaming, strategizing, and all while listening.

It was not a book I could LISTEN to whilst doing something else in my fringe hours (which is really how I like my audio books. I could be washing plates and listening or in the car and listening).

I had to give it FULL ATTENTION and I literally used to listen with TWO BIG JOURNALS as I took down the highlights in one journal (my Book of BOOKS) and then took down strategic points and how to apply to my coaching business in the official CoachE’ strategy journal. It was REAL mehn. One day, I WAS SO FRUSTRATED, vexed and bought the e-copy so I could move faster. So definitely, I will be finishing it this month.


Don’t get the audio version please. You NEED to not just hear but actually READ it.

Another book I knew I would not finish was Forerunners, but I actually read it faster than I thought. The book is such an ENCOUNTER Walahi. Phew.

Will finish this February.

Ditto 40days of decrease which is a book we ALL will be studying in the WILD but not as 40 days but 40WEEKS of decrease from March. I really think it is not right doing it daily. IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!

So the rest of the quarter, I have A LOT of books to read, it is ridiculous.

In the WILD, someone asked a question on reading tips. Let me share a screen shot of my answer.

I especially like point 3 because that set me free from wasting time trying to get everything.

Ok on to the books:

  1. All 3 of James Goll’s book which I have read before. The SEER, The Prophet and the Discerner
  2. All 2 of Cal Newport’s book have read before. So good they can’t ignore you and Deep work
    For 1 and 2, I am reading my highlights from my BOOK OF BOOKS.

I make notes when I read and reading highlights can be like reading half the book again.

So the next number would be 6

6. Weird by Craig Groeschel
Because he typifies a LOT of what God has been telling me in recent times, most of which are WEIRD. It is only right I read his book with the same title.

Two examples: Once, I felt my schedule was SO SLAMMED OUT and I really could not find a way out and then I felt God tell me to TITHE MY TIME. Haaaa. Spend 2 hours 40mins daily with Him. I was like DUDE!!! I barely have time and here you are asking me to tithe the first hours of my day!!!

The next thing, I am watching a CG video where he was preaching at Life. Church and he says the EXACT SAME THING. It was, WEIRD lol

Second time, I was still considering the option of seeing s therapist. I had contacted two and was going to go with one, but was still wondering like I am not crazy, why do I need therapy lol? Boom, another video and CG was talking how because of how INTENSE his life is, he sees a CHRISTIAN therapist often and I could completely resonate with all He said. I too see a Christian therapist cos, well, I don’t wanna be CRAZY lol.

Frankly, CG and I have a lot in common, one of which is how we are WEIRD so I am reading WEIRD.

Buying it per usual on KOBO and it costs 5.49 dollars.

7. Hello tomorrow by Cindy Trimm

My mentor DDK says she is one of the voices for the decade and really I wanna hear what God says to me WHILE I am reading her book and leaning in. So I am reading, not for what is on the pages, but for what I am hearing while I read.

Again, e-book on kobo though I may be getting a hardcopy from Laterna if the cost is fair.

8. Fighting together by Heather and Cornelius Lindsey

9. Help, I am raising boys or so. I really don’t recall the book title as I am yet to bring it out from my bag of books. When I do, I will come and update here.

Both are our couple books for Feb and March and I really look forward to us reading both together again like we did for communication in relationships by Pastor Bimbo O in January. If I read with hubby, it has to be hardcopy or hubby is OUT lol.

10 and 11 would be Forerunners and Atomic habits. I will be finishing both in February.

12. People Fuel by Henry Townsend.

13. Thanks for the feedback BY Sheila Heen

Feedback will be an eBook and People fuel is an audio book which I have read before BUT this time, I am reading and reviewing it with my LEADERSHIP PODCAST friends with whom I discuss leadership weekly. Both are our books of the month for February and March

14. Real Money

15. Parable of Dollars

Both by Sam Adeyemi. They are books for the month of February and I love that they focus on kingdom wealth as we MUST make this money oooo, and without sacrificing any part of our lives.

16. Pressure Trap by Heather

This one I have listened to before and I think it is my most fave Heather book. Want to listen again as it makes for a great fringe time companion.

Since I am starting the gym, I will need the company.

Will also keep company with Tonya Dalton’s JOMO that is Joy Of Missing Out. Both are audio books I got for FREE on audible app. I think I bought JOMO, which is another audio book I wasted money on the audio, cos I was SO BLOWN AWAY I bought the ecopy too.

17. Dare to discipline by James Dobson.

I have read it before but I didn’t take notes. Now I need it as my boys also need the next level of discipline. Some things are fast blurring the line between being INDEPENDENT and EXPRESSIVE to straight up NAUGHTY.

And finally as a bonus,

18. Joyce Meyer’s The Confident mom. This is the kind of book you carry in your small bag and whip out at different times in the day when you catch a quick minute.

Easy and practical. I am reading a hardcopy which was gifted me LIVE from Joyce Meyer conference from my mama Pastor M

Ok so that’s it for this quarter. Should have completed at least 21 books before we slide into April and I am here for it.

What are yawl reading?
Share with me abeg.

Plus by the end of Q1, my Reader App called ZIVAH should be ready and I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for that App that is NOT even cheap at all.

We are doing AUDIO and E-BOOKS yaaaaas, and then an Android and Apple version. Phew!!! God has provided already, in Jesus name, amen

Love and Blessings

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