E’Reads Series: My First Quarter Reads.

It is a WHOLE NEW MONTH and I am super pumped about it. Happy New month, Fam. January ran a WHOLE sprint and I am so glad the year is moving on nicely, and for me personally, rather imperfectly I must say. While I am doing my best to be FAITHFUL to His grace per […]

My January Reading List.

Hey yawl… Ok so as I read today, I felt the HOLY spirit ask me to monthly share my reading list with yawl… I’ve received a ton of feedback from people who say how i have inspired them to read more. That’s WILD. I love that i can help you do that cos really, reading […]

Unsure of TITLE so let’s say FIGHTING DISCOURAGEMENT (Yup)

Oh my darlings, today, I opened up the dashboard of my App to approve some payments, and found that I had hit 500 downloads plus FINALLY. Haha… And I want to tell a short story. Actually I was gonna write this for social media and then the HS just whispered to me to write it […]


Hey yawwwwwl!!! If you feel breathless after reading this POST, It is because I am writing it soooo super fast. Hahaha Ok so our FIRST Propel meeting was EVERYTHING!!! Walahi, I have not even recovered from it. Every thing I want to do now, I filter through the wisdom I garnered BOTH from the videos […]