Hey yawl…

Ok so as I read today, I felt the HOLY spirit ask me to monthly share my reading list with yawl…

I’ve received a ton of feedback from people who say how i have inspired them to read more. That’s WILD. I love that i can help you do that cos really, reading really broadens us up.

So i try to cover as much ground as possible when i read, not just random reading. So here I’ll share the book I’m reading, the category it falls under and why I’m reading it.

I hope it inspires you to be a READING CHICK too

Ok so here is my January reading list

  1. Grace activated by Sam Adeyemi

He is my senior Pastor at Daystar and when he published this book, I felt like I needed to read it so I pencilled it down for January. I am reading the hardcopy of it which I got in church for N5000. It falls under the spiritual category.

2. Firebrand forerunners

This will feature for January and February cos it is a big book and we read PDDK books slooooowly cos they are too deep. Again, I’m reading a hardcopy which I got for N4000 at the firebrand festival in November or so 2019. Definitely falls under the spiritual category

3. 40 days of decrease by Alicia Britt Chole

Well, this is a fasting book and I’m fasting in January so it’s a great companion, and will spill into February. It falls under the spiritual category. Never read anything from the author before but Brooke Ligertwood recommended it, or just mentioned it, in an interview and she talked about how good it is. I especially loved a story she shared from it and I thought to read it.
I’m reading an ecopy from Kobo books app which I use for almost all my ebooks.
I got it for $7.99 and you can pay with your naija card so far book is available for purchase from your country.

4. Leadership essentials by Sam Chand

This one was a free download gift from the author when he came to Nigeria for Excellence in Leadership conference by Daystar in November. I think it’s available still on his website for the price of your email address.

Obviously falls under the leadership category.

I hate pdf books so I’m reading it on my personal reader app. I upload pdfs to my App cos reading experience is always better on an App.

This particular book is not even published. It’s an exclusive and contains a chapter each of some of his books.

I love Sam Chand and have done so since I read his book WHO IS HOLDING YOUR LADDER so I’m excited to read this.

5. Atomic habits by James Clear

Ok. First PDDK recommended it to me and was like she knows I’ve probably already read it. I made a mental note to read it but quickly put it on my January list when I listened to a podcast interview which Craig Groeschel had with him based off his book. It was FIRE. I’m excited to read it. It falls under my personal development and productivity category

I got the audio book for $20.99 on Kobo too
I like to have at least one audio book for when I’m doing other manual jobs eg in a car, or washing plates. If something jumps at me, i bookmark it and then write it down later. Audible app allows you bookmark.

Note that audio books costs way more than ebooks. The audio of this book is like 7 dollars.

6. Communication in marriage. It’s by Bimbo Odukoya

Reading this with hubby for our marriage. You know men don’t like long reads lol so thankful its a small book. I have thr hardcopy and I bought it years ago for God knows how much.

I’m excited to read this with hubby.

7. Bringing up boys by James Dobson

Clearly falls under Parenting category. I am reading the ebook and cant recall how much I got it for. Have had it a while and never finished cos it’s a big book and full of stats and all. Kinda made it too scholarly but if you can endure all the stats or just skim over them (some are really shocking), then you will get the meat of it. JB is the founder of FOCUS ON THE FAMILY and is great with all things marriage and parenting and family.

I’m reading it on KOBO app.

So there you go ladies.

What are you reading?

What category do you also think is necessary which I missed out.

Share with me abeg

See you in February with another list and a score card for January reads.

Love and Light


2 Responses

  1. Please how do you read these books effectively , fast and efficiently ? And are you going to finish this up in a month or two? I really need to learn how to read more and fast cos I have a lot of things to do. Please help. Thanks

    1. I saw this question from a lot of people as I typed this post but frankly was too tired to answer.

      1. Not everything in a book is important to me. I open my eyes and spirit so once I hit a high point, I get out my Book of Books and write it down in my own words. It may all be important to the author but not all important to the reader

      2. I make the time to read. Usually after my Jesus time, and then doing domestic chores or fringe hours (audio books) and then before I sleep. I actually deny myself of some pleasures until XX chapters are complete.

      3. When I recall all the amazing blessings and lessons books have taught me, reading is no longer an option. Hope this helps mama

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