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Popping in for my non-Android users, to share three devotional days off the 30-31-30 Devotionals.

I am so excited at the feedback, and most importantly at the damage this will pose to the enemy.

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Ok so here are three days off, One day speaking to the Chick, another to the mom and another to the wife…’


‘Blessed above women shall Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite, be; blessed shall she be above women in the tent. Sisera asked for water, and she gave him milk; she brought him curds in a lordly dish. She put her left hand to the tent pin, and her right hand to the workmen’s hammer. And with the wooden hammer she smote Sisera, she smote his head, yes, she struck and pierced his temple. He sank, he fell, he lay still at her feet. At her feet he sank, he fell; where he sank, there he fell—dead…’ Judges 5v24-27

Jael’s story in the Bible is one of my favourites, and Jael is my favourite Warrior Chick truly. I can’t get over this ordinary’ tent-dwelling woman who took down the enemy and gave God’s people the victory. You have to read the entire story on Judges 4 and be as flat out amazed as I am.

I could unpack this story in at least 3days, but let’s see how we do this in one day.

The biggest lesson I take away from Jael is the fact that there is someone in the EXACT same situation as me, that is making the best of it, taking enemies down and writing her name in the history books. You see, there were many other ‘women-in-the-tent’ but Jael was blessed above them all. She made the best of her tent-dwelling days.

When the enemy of God’s people (Sisera) came, Jael did not rush to call her husband, the Priest, or the Chief of Army Staff, Barak. She attacked him AND KILLED HIM, with what she had at home. Oh gosh, I LOVE Jael.

First, she didn’t give him water as he requested, she gave him milk, which relaxed him and sent him straight to sleep. That milk-for-water switch was very intentional.

Next, she served him like a Lord, which made him feel safe enough to sleep in the middle of battle. I mean, what warrior sleeps in the middle of a battle not yet won? Jael had that power. She really was ‘skilled in the crafts of home and hearth’ (Proverbs 31v19).

Then she got a tent peg and hammer, the same tools she had been using to make tents, and then with strength and precision, attacked and killed him, by passing it through his Temple!!!


How did an ordinary woman take down a whole General?

She knew her tools of battle, and employed the usage well within her territory, her tent. Everything she used was within the tent of this ‘tent-dwelling woman’. No wonder Deborah specifically said she was most blessed among ‘women-in-the-tent’. There were other tent dwelling women who probably spent their days gossiping, eating, sleeping and complaining about why they didn’t have a more glamorous job like Deborah who ‘sat and judged’ Isreal.

The ingredients for a miracle, the type of miracle that takes down the enemy and announces us to our world, are always within us, but most times we underestimate it.

We underestimate just how incredibly powerful we are, even where we are and with what we have, if only we start to sharpen it. DDK, one of my Mentors once said;

Your life is PERFECT platform, PERFECT prototype, and PERFECT material for God to work the Supernatural…

All Jael had in her tent was food from her kitchen as a house wife, good manners as a Chick, and a tent peg and hammer as a tent-dweller/maker, (in those days, the wives made the tents). All seemingly ordinary stuff, but were PERFECT ingredients for her miracle.

When I get to heaven, I am definitely going to search for my new best friend, Jael.

So my dear Sworded Chick, what is in your ‘tent’? Can you be diligent enough with it? Mine differs from yours, but we can have the same results of victory if we learn how to use it.

Because when the enemy comes, and he will, we would need those to take him down.


I declare today that I am a woman who makes the most of every situation I find myself. I do not turn away or cower when the enemy comes, who or what ever this enemy is, but instead I attack with what is in my hand with which I have been diligent, I take down the enemy, and I am announced to my world, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!



The person with the Spirit makes judgments about, and can evaluate all things, but such a person is not subject to merely human judgments… 1 Corinthians 2v15

I once heard a Christian child expert talk about how the enemy operates in these two places – Schools and Hospitals. It was INCREDULOUS hearing her share stories upon stories of how satan works (using humans) in those places, and how we must make sure that we get it right from the beginning. Meaning that we can’t even afford to choose the hospital(s) in which we would have our babies anyhow, or treat our kids too. We must be led by God, and not our flesh, or our competitive/show off spirits.

Same goes for schools. Don’t casually choose a school. The most expensive schools mean NOTHING if God didn’t send you there. Ditto the most popular. Demons are no respecter of wealth, and popularity, only the Word.

The world is so evil that some hospital/school managements may be in occultic and satanic associations, and they redeem their pledges with the blood of children.

Some childrens/babies’ deaths are not ‘normal’. And think on it, these two places are places that EVERY child MUST step into.

Hospitals, even if not for treatment, but immunization and routine checks, and then schools, because education is a fundamental human right.

I am not sharing this with yawl to scare you, because I was not scared, but rather to open your eyes to the reality of the fallen world we live in today. It is not cool to be clueless or casual as a mama (or parent). The devil is not sleeping so I don’t see why we should be spiritually asleep.

Be spiritually alert!!!

Spiritually judge and discern all things, and remain a mystery to the kingdom of darkness as you make your choices. Let God lead you in both choices (as in every other area of life).

And even when we are led, we don’t suddenly rest on our oars, we still continue to stay on fire spiritually and be observant, even in the physical. Be involved, ask questions, demand explanations, ask about the Owner and Administrator of the School, and don’t be uninterested.

Yes, it takes a village to raise a child, but we don’t totally abdicate the responsibility of raising our kids to our ‘village people’.

Speak over your kids before you send them off to school. Declare that no matter who or what teaches in the schools, their ultimate Teacher is the Holy Spirit, and that they are schooled in Christ (Isaiah 54v13) so nobody can spoil them with worldly philosophies/wisdom and vain deceits after the tradition of men (Colossians 2v8). Saturate them with the presence of God such that it saturates every atmosphere they find themselves in.

When you get into any hospital environment, take charge of the atmosphere spiritually. Let all the powers that be know, in no unclear terms, that a greater power just landed, and their activities cease in the presence of you and your family.

You see, you may be thinking that you are not powerful enough, but get yourself out of the way Darling, because truly you are NOT. Thank God for the Greater One that lives inside of us that has already overcome the world, so go in His strength.

And you may also be thinking that you also don’t know what words to pray with. Do some research, Mama. Some people who know more have been gracious enough to share very specific confessions online, and in books that cover literally every aspect of your kid’s life.

Even a little digging will bring up a lot, so dig in.

Ignorance is no excuse, and is actually fatal.

Again, it is dark and fallen world so we must always stay discerning, for us and our kids, because EVERYTHING IS SPIRITUAL!!!


Lord help me to be a spiritually sensitive mom. May I not be casual as I make school and hospital choices for my children. I am led to the right places, and the right people, and my children stay safe and protected from evil ones in any location they find themselves in Jesus name, AMEN!!!



And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful… Colossians 3v15

I once heard Joel Osteen say something that left a deep impression in my Spirit. He was preaching on Strife and he said

‘Being right is over rated. You can be right, and miserable afterwards. You can be right and alone…’


Sometimes, I find that I want to win that argument with my hubby. I must prove that I am right and he is wrong, so I keep talking and trying to prove a point till he exhaustedly gives up and in.

Yes, I have won, but at what price?

The price of peace and a happy marriage?

Because after the ‘victory’ comes a ‘misery’ that is not worth it.

Someone else puts it this way

‘You can win an argument, and lose your marriage’


And that’s exactly what the devil wants.

The devil is a bastard, trust me. He has a way of amplifying issues, making it look like you would lose everything if you don’t win that argument, but a wise wife needs to know that peace is a weapon in her marriage. She will do all it takes to let peace rule in her home.

Many of us here agree that some of the things we argued, and sacrificed the peace in our homes for, we can’t even remember today. The details, both big and small, are gone from us, yet at that time, it seemed like a big deal. That’s the devil, being stupid, so I’m learning not to be stupid with him. My marriage is very important to me, and marriage is hard enough without the additional weight that winning useless arguments can bring. The more arguments we have, the more we chip at the very foundations of our marriage, making it weak.

Definitely not worth it.

So dear SWORDED wife, strive to always keep the peace in your home, even if you have to be ‘wrong’ and apologise. You don’t want to be right, win an argument, then be miserable, and lose your marriage.

Because that is what the devil is slowly but surely coming for.


Lord help me to lose the pride that makes me insist on being right all the time, and do whatever it takes to make my home, this one I get the privilege of building, a haven of peace, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!


Ok that’s a sneak preview.

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Yipee!!! So excited!!!

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  1. I can never ever forget the way you analysed Jael’s story at powwow 2.0. The part about the milk and water switch and then taking down a whole general of an army with just milk, respect and a tent peg.
    Lesson learnt.
    There is nothing ‘just’ with God and he always always uses what we consider foolish to confound the wise.

    This devotional is going to shift perspectives!!!! I can’t wait. So cannot wait.

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