Hey guys,
So I promised sometime last year to share confessions I say for my home with my blog family on my ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Reader App, the FAB E’Reader.
So I have just uploaded it on my app here.
Or just search for the App on Google Play Store
I’m sorry IPhone, rich big girls, you might not be able to access it. I’m really sorry.
But if you use an Android phone, just get on play store, search for Fab E’ Reader and download.
Sign in if you are an old user or sign up if you are a new user, go to all books and you’ll find it there.
Now you don’t exactly have to copy the confessions, but it would give you a guide and help you create yours.
I remember the season I created it- I was a stay at home mom and I did not have CoachE’Squad Ltd, so I had a lot of time to pray for my home (I still do of course).
I was reminded of it again at Pow Wow when I was speaking to the Stay at home moms about my confessions.
I needed it DESPERATELY cos I was living alone with a 9 month old, and we didn’t even have a LOT of money, and we couldn’t afford things spoiling, or lack. I NEEDED IT… I still do!!!
Feel free to download. Remember as wives and moms, we are warriors for our household. So continue to pray, speak over your home, go round your home, anoint it. I go around my home and anoint it with these same confessions. And hey if you have new confessions to add please share o. Don’t forget to share with others who you think it might be of help to.
I just love confessions because they work.
Yup, i have a post called CONFESSION IS WORK BUT CONFESSION WORKS. Click link to check it out
 Gotta run yawl…
Kisses and he sure to download
Oh a nice little peek into the confessions


-We have light 24/7in our home- NEPA, gen, inverter. We always have light

– We always have water in our home. Absolutely zero water issues. Our pumping machine works perfectly all the time.



-There is a PERMANENT IMPENETRABLE hedge of protection around my home. We are hedged in, protected on every side (Job 1:10)

– My home is protected against marauders, evil people and co. The blood of Jesus stands as barrier and every evil thing passes us by (Ex 12:13)

– Every single plan of the enemy is destroyed against my home.

– My home is immune to any sickness or disease of any sort. No sickness shall come near our dwelling (Psalms 91:10)

– We are protected against extreme weather- heat and cold cannot smite us in the home no matter the temperature out there. There is a Spiritual thermostat in my house. (Psalms 121:6)

– We are protected against household pests- rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes and many more. They are cursed and absolutely absent in my home. They do not find away or comfort in my house (Mal 3:11)

– This estate is protected by angels 24/7. No attack, no marauders, no security/safety issues. God Himself watches over this ‘City’ (Malachi 3:11)

Find the rest when you download baby… I cover as much as possible…


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