Finally the D-day for my Devotional to launch, and I am just overwhelmed in a GOOD way. Like, God is just so amazing, and He has made this happen finally!!!

I took my time to go through the entire Devotional for the last time today, and I was just blown away. I didn’t even believe all the wisdom contained therein. Like I said in my Appreciation page, God definitely wrote this Devotional, and then channeled it to the world through me.

All God!!

I am so happy that I am done being the Author and Publisher (at least actively) of this 30-31-30 Devotional, and now I can jump to the other side and start to work through is day by day, for 91 days starting from June 1.

Listen babe, if you need some fire pumped into your prayer life, and general relationship with God, you should definitely get this book, and work through it for 91days (fight the urge to read through it all at once please). I can guarantee you that something will both unlock and shift in you FOR GOOD.

I share from my heart, and a deeply personal place, complete with stories that drive it all home. I also have FIVE amazing Chicks who featured as Guests and then my Pastor Mildred who wrote the FOREWORD…

This Devotional is EVERYTHING and today going forward, you can purchase it on the FAB E’Reader App, available only on PlayStore for Android users.

Be sure to download the latest version of the App especially if you had sign up issues as we have fixed that bug in the upgrade.

If there are any more issues, please let me know

here is an updated link to the App



Sooo excited at another VICTORY in the bag!!!


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