10,000 Teachers guys…Stay HUNGRY! Lean IN!! Go HARD!!!

There’s so much we can learn that our lives and that of others around us will be better for it. Now, the question is, are we willing to? You literally have 10,000 teachers FaithFam. Have you spotted them? And if you have, will you lean in? This blog was first published in 2016. Lean in […]

Pump. Passion. Energy. And a BRAND NEW YEAR!!!

Hey FaithFam. We’re cruising on the Throwback Lane this January. Lol. Today, I’m bringing back another ‘oldie but goodie’ post. If you need a reminder of why you shouldn’t dim the passion and energy you were feeling with the dawn of the New Year, you’ve come to the right place.   Hallos people,Happy Super Duper […]

MEET THE F.A.B MENTEES: The Journey of 3

Hey F.A.B Sisters, It’s always a privilege mentoring young ladies and also a great joy when i see the light that they illuminate even after the mentorship program. Today, we get to review the journey of 3 wonderful F.A.B mentees….. it’s going to be an exciting and refreshing read, so…enjoy!!! Faith Ogbotiti Shares Her Experience […]

MEET THE FAB MENTEES…..Iloba Ruth AND Ukpebitere Blessing’s JOURNEY

My name is Iloba Ruth and below is my TFS experience I was invited to TFS by a friend and we both attended. I love the ‘sisterliness’ in the group, everyone was vulnerable and open to learning and sharing experiences. TFS was really practical. I have been hearing “study your Bible” without Knowing the ‘How’, TFS taught me in details how to do it and also opening my […]

MEET THE FAB MENTEES….Blessing Mayaki and Cliff-Ekubo Elsie’s JOURNEY

My name is Blessing Oziofu Mayaki and below is my TFS experience It has been a stretching, insightful, impactful and life changing experience all together for me in TFS Academy. I learnt so much within a short time and here is the summary of everything I learnt. 1. DAILY MUST/PLANNING YOUR DAY Being in TFS […]


Ah TFS Upgraded was a WHOLE VIBE and then some First, Toolz and Chi, my darlingssssssss Ah, they ran this gig with me and for me and BRILLIANTLY too. So proud of both of them. I owe you a hangout. Thank you Ok so we kick off with TFS Reviews and phew, it really was […]


Hiiiiii E’ blog fam!!! It’s Toluwani here writing this post, some of you know me as Toolzzz♥️♥️. I’m Captain E’s mentee & assistant. Ok, you might be wondering why I took over her blog post today, no fear! I’m here for one reason, which is TFS Mentoring Academy, yassssssssssss!!! I’m so flipping EXCITED to introduce […]


My name is Esther Sylvester and this is my TFS experience. First, I would like you to take a chill as we drift through my journey as a mentee and I hope you learn a thing or two. It’s going to be an engrossing long read. “2020 is here! This year I need to be more […]


“Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or lose” This phrase has been a source of my bounce back in recent times. With my native name “IDIA” which means “one born to set/make things right”, I obviously need to set a lot of things right in my life before taking […]