Picky eater, or lazy Mom?

NB: This post was originally authored and published on coachesquad.com my fitness coaching website. So, this topic came to me as I did the dishes today and was washing school lunch boxes and house lunch plates, from foods my kids used to be picky about. I was just laughing. I didn’t wanna change the topic […]

To the Domestic Queen without Domestic Help.

First of all, how do you like the name, Domestic Queen? I love it. I think it is an absolute upgrade from stay-at-home mom, which was a very welcome upgrade from housewife. Thank goodness. Whatever name you prefer though, running the home is a full-time job and I personally believe that it is ideal to […]

Dear Stay at home mom, what are you projecting?

Is this what you do all day? He asked me incredulously one day when he returned from work and I was trying to fill him in on the latest celebrity gossip in town. “Is this how you spend your days? Watching TV, reading blogs and spending time on social media?” I was slightly upset because I […]

My Help is leaving. Here’s how I’m staying fruitful still…

PSThis post is actually a week old. Wrote it last Monday, the 18th. My Help leaves this morning… Like some of you know, I have the most amazing Domestic help. However, she will not be coming back after the holidays for family reasons. I feel so bad for her and even she has cried about […]

What GOD already knew about Abuja (and didn’t want me to know)

Even though I feel like I am about to faint, I also KNOW that I need to write. I love having this outlet to express myself, and it feels like a GREAT WAY to end the day. So let’s blog shall we? Btw yawl, my mama Pastor M is blogging DAILY for 40 days on […]

Choices… Spoiled or PARALYZED???

Hey people… Today, I wanna share something about CHOICES and how somehow while welcome on some level, they can start to slow us down if not careful. That has certainly been something I struggle with personally and now that I am VERY AWARE, I am beginning to win more than I am losing… Hallelujah!!! My […]

Wetin Stay-At-Home-Moms Dey Do Sef?

I am actually surprised that I do not recall every single last detail of this encounter considering how intensely livid I was at the time that this happened. My goodness, since revenge is best served cold, I took my time to plan my revenge, and it was going to be frozen. Ok, so what happened? […]

#FruitfulAtHome Day 12… It’s OK to have a DIRTY home sometimes :)

Hey people!!! You wouldn’t believe I slept off holding my phone yesterday. I am not even sure when I hit the publish button because I was so super EXHAUSTED but I didn’t wanna miss a day… Surprised I didn’t write rubbish lol But today, I’m good! I spent a good amount of time today thinking […]

#FruitfulAtHome Day 10 yawl!!! ElJohn wants to EAT MY NOSE…

Happy Sunday y’all. I hope we had an Amazing time in Church. I did. I mean I TOTALLY. ABSOLUTELY. RIDICULOUSLY LOVE my church!!! That is Daystar Christian Centre!!! *insert REAL tears* Just as I listened to Rev. Sam preach today about ‘SERVICE’, it hit something in me. Incidentally yesterday, I had a moment in the […]

#FruitfulAtHome DAY 9… The INTENSE weekend, phew!!!

Hey yawl… Ok so it is technically Sunday and I am just writing Saturday’s post. Had a long day and even though I got to finally have some time to write at about 10pm, I also had other things I had to do so I wrote all down, and prioritized. I would only write when […]