Happy Sunday y’all.
I hope we had an Amazing time in Church.

I did.

I mean I TOTALLY. ABSOLUTELY. RIDICULOUSLY LOVE my church!!! That is Daystar Christian Centre!!!

*insert REAL tears*

Just as I listened to Rev. Sam preach today about ‘SERVICE’, it hit something in me.

Incidentally yesterday, I had a moment in the kitchen when I just thought of everyone who helps me. I have a Team of about seven, Of which five are on volunteer basis and even the two I pay will readily do MORE outside of their job assignments for me if I ask. They actually see me more as a Mentor than Boss.

I just wondered how I got so ridiculously ‘lucky‘ BLESSED!!!

I was having a conversation with God that I know really that some things are a harvest, so I asked God

“…When did I sow these seeds?”

I really don’t feel like I deserve how amazing these ladies are to me, and then God took me right back to Uni. I recall how I served my face and butts off in Uni… From Winners Campus Fellowship to Triumphant Assembly and then finally to David’s Christian Center.

The best part of my service was in Uni. I just gave EVERYTHING. I actually believe that these ladies are part of my HARVEST. And I am so thankful, I still don’t think I deserve how AMAZING they are. But still I will gladly take it.

So, when Pst. Sam talked about SERVICE and how it truly opens doors, I could understand it in a very PERSONAL way and this is just an encouragement for you to continue to SERVE!!! Do things that you don’t get financially paid for. Serve with your time, your resources, your energy.
This scripture says it ALL for me.

Luke 10:27 TPT
“…You must love the Lord God with all your heart, all your passion, all your energy, and your every thought…”

Serve HIM with your strength.

What can you do to bless other people that won’t necessarily give you back financial reward ?? Because once you have gotten a financial reward, that’s it!!! You don’t deserve anything again.

And that’s the thing when you truly serve from your heart, and in the same vein serve your children and your home. I believe that it is what we are called to do as women. TO SERVE. The bible calls us MANAGERS at HOME. Serve your husband. Serve your children (NOT as in spoil ooooo). We are Domestic managers. Serve whatever needs to be served in your home. Trust me, it might feel like you are wasting time especially as a stay at home mum, it might seem like time is going and you are missing out on things, but God definitely brings a reward in a way that BLOWS our minds away!
So cheers for SERVICE!!!!

So church was really good, I stayed away from makeup because of time and then my eyes. I feel like my face is still reacting to things, so I just wore a plain face to church. Sadly, no picture. We came home in a Taxify cos hubby had to go Lekki/VGC for his boss’s baby dedication. I really didn’t want to go but I told him he should totally go, Dude lives in VGC and there is something about going to those places. Like my Accountability partner Aijay would say, when she goes to the Island, her brain opens up, sorta like fresh AIR enters her brain. I mean just being in those environments will expose you.
That’s why people say it’s good to travel abroad because it gives you a new environment. Sometimes our location can limit us. I mean he did not want to go because he did not want to be away from the family for too long, and he wondered how I was going to cope alone with the kids. But I assured him we will be fine.

So on the way home, I spoke to a single friend who was having issues at home and I did my best to counsel her, unemotionally.

So I came home, I had given them kiddos snacks in church, so I knew they will be fine. All I wanted to do was to SLEEP!!!

I really needed it. I had a full weekend so I needed rest, and I knew I had a full week ahead so I try to really rest on Sundays. I was hoping they will sleep off fast, but they didn’t, so we started watching cartoons on our bible app for kids. At some point, I just dropped my phone with them. Eljohn is in the habit of biting these days ehn, it’s crazy. So I heard KingDaveed say

*inserts baby voice*

Eljohn wants to eat my nose, Eljohn wants to eat the phone”

And I remember how much I bought my phone (I use an S8 plus) and there are various kinds, I have the one that has a higher memory capacity plus two year warranty from Samsung so it’s SUPER expensive. Was a gift from hubby for my birthday.

I just collected my phone from them jeje and put it under my pillow and said let us all sleep already. I was so TIRED ehn, I did not even know when we slept off. Somehow, I woke up and they were both asleep in my arms, I sorta wiggled out of ElJohn so that he doesn’t wake up.

I went to the kitchen to make Lunch.

Lunch was rice. You know how it is na,Sunday Rice everytime.

I wanted to make coconut rice but I did not find coconut powder, and I really think you have to use wayyy too much coconut to achieve the same result of using just one satchet of coconut powder. And I have just one coconut at home, which I rather eat than put in rice that will not taste.

And I normally cook enough rice that we can eat for two days on Sundays, so I wasn’t going to waste my coconut abeg. I made some white rice with some veggies which we had with stew. I normally eat almost every carb with mixed veggies.

The kids were still sleeping so I sorted out And arranged KingDaveed’s cloths. Had done same for ElJohn’s clothes two days ago. Took out the old clothes. Then brought out the new ones for him. So, I did the same with KingDaveed today while listening to Marshawn Evans Believe Bigger.
They woke later. We ate. Hubby returned. Incidentally, turns out the celebrants wifey knows me from my blog or so. Lol.

We went for cell meeting which was LITERALLY AMAZING as we discussed service and hindrances to joining Units in church.
So good a meeting.

Went to return a yoghurt pack I got yesterday for KingDaveed which I didn’t know was unsweetened but dem no collect am. I just grabbed another fruit sweetened one and disappeared. Close to home, hubby asked if we wanted to have dinner at Dominos/Coldstone. My people, am I crazy?Lol.

So dinner was pizza and Ice cream for us. Got home and did amala and okro for the kids. They slept soon after. Hubby is beside me about to sleep.

I’ve cleaned kitchen and living room.

I’ll publish this post and hit the sack!!!

Day friggin’ 10 yawl!!!

Plus countdown is on for my Help to return. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

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  1. I am here. Been following the series. I’m also learning a whole lot

    What you said about service, currently serving at any opportunity I find myself..

    Well done mama. God’s grace.

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