Even though I feel like I am about to faint, I also KNOW that I need to write. I love having this outlet to express myself, and it feels like a GREAT WAY to end the day.

So let’s blog shall we?

Btw yawl, my mama Pastor M is blogging DAILY for 40 days on her blog starting this week. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY HEAD ON OVER and subscribe or something.


Ok so, on to today’s blog, I want to chronicle the past couple of days, especially my Abuja days and groove.

Back to the beginning.

So, while I was on the SPA bed on my birthday, the Lord told me that the NEXT meeting for Stay at home moms will be in Abuja

and then downloaded the theme as we pressed in prayers.

Then I also had fixed a SUPER IMPORTANT meeting the day after in Abuja so it was like TWO MAJOR THINGS taking me to Abuja, but somehow, I considered the OTHER one more important.

Like in my mind, if that one wasn’t holding again, abeg I won’t do any Stay at home moms meeting then until I had a second reason.

Then LITERALLY NO ONE was signing up. Daily promoting it on my social media yet NOT ONE PERSON.

I recall the day one chick signed up and I was SO GLAD lol. Only for her to NEVER REPLY my mails so I wasn’t even sure.

Anyways, somehow, I didn’t mind cos the meeting NUMBER 2 was holding haha. Had planned for that moment ALL YEAR.

Don’t worry, I will give details in October. Or you will SEE DETAILS haha.

Anyways, day after day, no one was signing up. My Team used to steady and daily ask me… HOW FAR WITH REGISTRATION haha and I will be like NOBODY OOOO. It was NOT FUNNY lol.

I questioned A LOT OF THINGS. Like I was going to get a hotel and stuff cos I was planning for 20ladies, so we could use the hotel hall, or maybe pay for a BIG room so we could all stay in the room, yet no one was coming. I was even planning refreshments. Hian!!! For once though, I never thought to CANCEL it. I knew like I know my name that I heard God. I was gonna promote it to the end and know that I obeyed God and didn’t chicken out. And I was going to be BOLD about saying no one signed up, and I was still going to hold YET ANOTHER. Lol.

Not today devil. Never again!!!

I’m grateful for people like Heather Lindsey who share their early days struggles where two people would show up to church after publicity, even full radio jingles. Abeg no time for Satan.

Anyways, then in a couple days, 2 chicks sign up and I am like YAY!!! And wham, nobody else. Just regrets of

‘I wish I was in Abuja etx. Or I am leaving Abuja that day….’

Still I kept up my plans. Then it got really interesting.

The day before or even the day I was to pay for the hotel, I am gisting a friend in Abuja about my plans and she says to come stay at her place. My first reaction was NO. I had never met her and cos I was travelling with a baby, I didn’t wanna be so much of a bother. Somehow, she insisted and her last words that night was DON’T PAY FOR A HOTEL YET!!! I am like OK but I knew I would go pay.

Btw, I had VOLUNTEERS more than PARTICIPANTS. Literally daily, I had people who wanted so volunteer yet no participants. Hian lol. They sha helped me find hotels.

My dears, it was too not funny that it got funny. Good thing I was TOO BUSY to feel bad but every once in a while, I would fight thoughts that

I am failure, nobody knows or cares, just forget it, etx.

Oh, and there were some ‘popular friends’ I had asked to promote and THEY COMPLETELY IGNORED ME. Cos I know too well about OFFENCE, I fought to stay UNOFFENDABLE so I just made excuses for them and took my hurt to God when it surfaced and the devil came with lies.

I mean, I had my moments of


Still I went on planning. And praying and prepping.

Just TWO ladies.

I recall one day I woke to pray and the Lord told me to move on like I had 20 ladies signed up and just really encouraged me. I was PUMPED supernaturally and I tidied up the plans and had peace and joy.

Monday morning came and before 6am, hubs dropped us off at the Airport and baby and I did our thing. I was super hyper so I backed him just for fun.

It was great to see stares, especially as I kept posing for pictures. Haha.

Oh, I didn’t book the hotel again.

So, this friend of mine not only opens up her home, she gives me a car, driver and her Maid at my beck and call. So anywhere I wanted to go, the driver would drive me. She literally asked me for my itinerary. I WAS SHOCKED.

That saved me A TON!!! She even offered to cook for my Guests… Fried rice and peppered goat meat WHICH WAS YUM. Her Help cooked it though.

Anyways, I landed in Abuja and the Driver was at the Airport to pick me. We got to her house and another friend, a mutual friend was there.

Actually all 3 of us are in this group JESUS GIRLS and we connect on a deep spiritual level. I had never met my host but I had met the third girl. So, it was a good reunion.

We gisted and then I went to tidy up my notes. The two ladies, who were friends actually then came, one before the other and we started.

Of course, it was funny I’m sure to them that it was just them, and they even asked me, but they actually settled in and flowed like we had a full house.’

As we spoke, I started to get answers to a question that had been in my heart, especially as I take this Stay at home mom thing to the next level.

Kai. I told them I came to Abuja to LEARN from them. It was CRAZY that God brought me all the way to speak to me and give me the answers I was praying for. Wow!!! We hung out for like 3 or 4 hours, had REAL convos,ate, prayed and they left.

All came with their babies so the babies had a great time playing.

I went to do some official waka and then back home.

My host came in from work at night and gist entered NEXT LEVEL. Nothing like being with YOUR TRIBE!!! Just talking Jesus and Faith and Life.

Retired for the night and then the next day rose early to go do my other business that brought me to Abuja too. Let me skip the whole drama to the point where I tell you that the meeting was CANCELLED!!!


I was SHOOK!!!

Re-scheduled till a date they would tell me!!!!

Wait, I flew ALL THE WAY TO ABUJA for this???

Too much hung on this.


I was sad. I felt like God tricked me to Abuja haha.

I did get over it when I got back to the house and my friends encouraged me.

Left for the airport at 3 cos flight was 5pm

and landed Lagos at about 7.

My host and I were on the same flight as she was coming for an official meeting.

Hubby came to pick me while she left for her hotel, and we sha got home at almost 11 thanks to Lagos lockdown.

Had dinner, had a bath and went to sleep.

I had been off my routine and work for a while. My WIFI didn’t even work in Abuja and when I came home, I didn’t even bother catching up. I just had a bath and went to sleep. I knew I would need to rise early the next morning and RESET. I didn’t wanna just give in to my flesh even though being tired was legit.

Woke at 4am to a song so I dragged myself up and went to watch the song video on repeat. Then the Lord started to speak.


Truly, it was a set up ooo.

In fact, all through my flight back, the Holy Spirit was downloading LIFE into my spirit about the NEXT stay at home moms’ meeting.


He continued this morning when I woke. I was just writing. Hmm!!!

So, did we HAVE to go to Abuja to hear God? Lol. He could have spoken to me RIGHT HERE in Lagos. In fact, God sha. I was just shaking my head.

Even though I felt like all the plenty flight money I paid and I didn’t get to do the meeting again, God told me imagine paying for a hotel, food, my transport and more around Abuja? But He cushioned it by sending me my friend. An angel literally.

Plus, I needed to pass that step to get to the next!!!

That’s just God. Obedience is everything to Him.

In fact, I went to Abuja for ME!!!

Cos like my friend gave me some perspective about my cancelled meeting…

what if it didn’t go like I expected? What if the Lord cancelled that meeting cos He had better plans?

Which truly is the case I believe. Ah!!! But I lost nothing cos first, I get the reward for obeying, and then I get the next roadmap for my life.


Plus I got a radio interview THIS MORNING for next week and guess what the Host wants me to talk about? My ‘Stay at home moms Ministry???’ Imagine!!! Something I have never really called a Ministry and God is already giving us platforms!!! Only for HIS GLORY!!!!

Give me JESUS everyday!!!

Anyways, I journaled, prayed, did some work, hit the gym,

came home and prepped my kids for school/daycare, we prayed and off they went. My Admin Co-Ord was here at 9am and then work began in earnest.

It has been a FULL DAY. Wednesday looking like a Monday. So intense!!!

You know I am handling my social media for now personally, cos my Chick who handles it is on an Exam break so its like double the work, but it has been AMAZING cos God needed me to come back into a certain groove.


Anyways, ending my day with this blog.

Well not really. Haven’t really had time for my kids so will publish this and watch Trulli tales with KingDaveed.

Then go sleep and catch myself up at 2am lol cos I need to catch up on my Advanced Nutrition course. Been away for too long.

And my plate is still so full. Did like 60% of my work today so rollover baby haha. Time check at time of hitting PUBLISH: 22.10pm

Ok good night my people.

I should update the stay at home moms blog subdomain later this week or Sunday latest

stayathomemoms.eziaha.com yay.




You know I mentioned Wi-Fi didn’t work in Abuja? Like 5 other stay at home moms tried to reach me That day including the very one I sent like 6emails to asking for her details. Imagine. Lol

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