That Phone conversation with a friend that took me down memory lane…

So here we go with the SECOND post today. This girl is on fire!!!! Haha. Today, I wanna share a conversation I had with a friend recently, which borders more on me anyways, and how I make my choices. So, I rang a friend recently, to check up on her, and well she had something […]

What GOD already knew about Abuja (and didn’t want me to know)

Even though I feel like I am about to faint, I also KNOW that I need to write. I love having this outlet to express myself, and it feels like a GREAT WAY to end the day. So let’s blog shall we? Btw yawl, my mama Pastor M is blogging DAILY for 40 days on […]

Between the locs, Fitbit, and Song… A super Happy birthday to me…

Whoop. It was my birthday a couple of days ago and it was STRAIGHT A-PLUS PLUS!!! Spent it in obedience to God and with my stay at home moms. We had a full-on SPA experience and then pedicure, then food and some RAW conversations. My heart is FULL and CHANGED and I am so grateful […]

#AugustFruitful31.31… I am SOOOOO EXTRA!!! And PROUDLY so!!!

Hey guys, Time check: 09:15pm Let’s see how fast I can type, with the very welcome distraction of Chimamanda and Chigurl on YouTube… Today was just intense, I almost considered not blogging… BUT… Yay for the very last post in the August 31 Fruitful series… How amazing. I didn’t miss a day. Whoop!!! Yay also […]