So here we go with the SECOND post today.

This girl is on fire!!!!


Today, I wanna share a conversation I had with a friend recently, which borders more on me anyways, and how I make my choices.

So, I rang a friend recently, to check up on her, and well she had something she wanted to discus with me, and that had to do with where we lived as she was trying to make a decision too.

So, she wanted to pick my brain on everything surrounding our home and stuff around it.

Ok, at this point you are probably wondering what I am about. Lol

So, let’s go back to the beginning.

When I moved back to Lagos with a baby, we started to look for a place to live. We were a one-income family and at the time, hubby earned less than 200k PLUS we still lived apart.

But me, I didn’t care. I wanted to live in Ajah, or Gbagada or Surulere. Hubby OF COURSE couldn’t afford it, but like i said, I didn’t care. I wanted to live in ‘town” and close to ‘people’ lol.

So, I put plenty pressure on him, including asking him to borrow if he has to.

I am so grateful that the LORD checked my stupidity and made me have sense.

I didn’t realise at the time that I was being pressured by my stupidity to live in those kinda places, so when he found this place in ISHERI, I was like NO WAY!!!

Nobody KNOWS that place, and all I knew was that it was around Egbeda and I always knew Egbeda was a low brow area.


I recall a family member telling me that they wont even come and visit if I moved there cos It was far. Like I said, I am thankful the Lord checked me and we moved there. Plus thank God for one of my best friends, VALERIE…

Are there times when I have been embarrassed? Kinda. I still recall being at a meeting with Ibukun Awosika and Tara and somewhere in the discussion, people mentioned and LAUGHED at places like Egbeda and compared it to the more high brow areas like VI as they tried to explain a point.

Frankly though, I wasn’t really embarrassed but it made me realise that where I lived was some place with a tendency for people to joke and laugh about.

But I will always proudly tell you where I live. Maybe in the past with a hint of reservation in some places and with some people, but owning it all the same, and never lying about it. Today, very proudly!!!

At the time, this was what we could afford. Gosh!!!

I am so grateful the Lord provided it and checked my stupidity when I was looking for houses in the 750k to 1million range.

It was right in this home, this REHOBOTH that CoachE’Squad started and has been growing.

I recall God telling me that I should name this place REHOBOTH and continue to confess that this home is a place of PEACE and PURPOSE

Anyways, like I blogged here, hubby FINALLY got a BETTTEEEEEERRRRR paying job, moved to Lagos, and one of the FIRST things MOST people said when I told them was


Matter of fact, 2 people who are like mentor figures in my life said it more than once to me, and frankly they had their good reasons.

But between hubby and I, we discussed it as extensively as possible, looking at all the variables and decided we would remain here for another year.

More than anything, I felt peace about being here. God wanted us here still for now and thank God we could hear and obey.

I LOVE my home.

I love that we can afford the standard of living here easily.

I love my son’s school. I love how quiet my home compound is.

I love that we don’t struggle to live here or pay rent.

Above all, I love the peace I feel here knowing that this is where HE would have us be in this season.

Now to say the truth, between my hubby and myself, we do bring in a tidy sum every month. I mean we have come a SUPER LONG WAY from those days of under 200k monthly income, and now have and are growing good savings both for us and the kids.


Move to a bigger, better and more central place.
Plus, we should move.

When I have some kind of meetings that run late, some days I get home at 11pm. I also turn down various things cos I am considering distance and mommy hood. We also cannot serve like we wanna in church cos of distance. Sometimes, to achieve some things, we ALL have to move to my Sister’s place on the island to make it happen.

So, we brought that up again and we still decided to take another year and ease into moving. We set some things in place so that moving would not just be about paying more, but also setting up in such a way that our income, lifestyle and savings even upgrade too. I have been so into financial planning and prudence and all, so I didn’t want to impress anyone by moving.

Now what we decided to do in the meantime was do a bit of renovating and upgrading to our home, and with stuff I can mostly move with ooo. My living room is just bare. Lol. No effort. Not even a family photo. So I am renovating this year.

Per example I hate these curtains lol. But at the time, we couldn’t even afford curtains but God being gracious sent a blog reader to gift e 30k. The exact amount I had budgeted for curtains around the home.

I recently was a part of a friend’s move. I ADORED her previous home and was like girl why are you moving?

She said some place bigger and better.

And Chilllleeeeee, if you SEE the new place she moved to?


It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! But it didn’t put me under any pressure, rather it gave me something to look forward to and ideas.

The next house I move into after this will be some serious COMPENSATION home ooo. Ah!!!

But no pressures. No chukin’ eye into what is not yet my level based on my season.

So, my friend who i rang was at a crossroad. I shared my story again and I think she got some clarification. Then I prayed with her…

I am not sure what the morale of this story is but I believe the Lord laid it on my heart to share here…

Two posts in one Sunday. Yay!!!

Plus I also feel really strengthened.

This week is looking GOOOOOD already!!!



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  1. Affording the standard of living where you are,I feel is the most important thing,I can’t call a place my HOME and can’t afford stuffs around,I get those reactions sometimes whenever I tell people where I stay but I dont care,thank God for hubby who knows all the short cuts in Lagos….lol even if we need to go to town and i believe there will always be pressure in life,just have to do what works for you.LIFE IS IN STAGES

  2. Hmmmmmm really inspiring!!! This life ehn if you understand it you won’t put any pressures on yourself or allow any one presssure you unnecessarily. I remember when everybody felt I had outgrown my car. My car did not fit my level. My junior colleagues would be telling me they were interested in buying it like I told them I was selling. Until I was convinced ooo, Before I changed it and when I was financially ready. No pressures biko

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