It was my birthday a couple of days ago and it was STRAIGHT A-PLUS PLUS!!!

Spent it in obedience to God and with my stay at home moms.

We had a full-on SPA experience and then pedicure, then food and some RAW conversations. My heart is FULL and CHANGED and I am so grateful to be in line with and a part of what God is doing…

But this is not why I am here abeg…
Today, I wanna share a couple of things that happened leading up to the day. I believe God would have me share cos it just BLEW me away, not the PROMISE but the way it came. And He wants me to let you know that YOU TOO can enjoy such level of VERY CLEAR HEARING from Him as you navigate life.

That is my major reason for sharing.
Ok so here goes…
I had dreads all through 2016, and indeed, locking my hair was all I wanted to do to my hair for a GOOD LONG TIME.

So, when I cut it off, just cos I was tired, and relocking used to hurt (story for another day), I emotionally kept the locs. I really should have thrown it away but it didn’t feel right throwing away my real hair. But hey, it was gone already.
Fast forward to 2018 and I decide to go back to my locs. In the salon, I was whining about how I have to start again with short locs meanwhile I had long hair before ooo, if only I didn’t cut it off, my hair would be so long bla blab la. Then the loctician was like…
Where is the hair you cut off?
I told him it was home, and he said if I was sure it was still available, then I should bring it and he would add it back to my current hair, but I had to let the current one lock to some extent first. I was SHOOK!!!

Say what??
Well, after like 5 locs, I sent the old hair in to be treated and dyed and prepared to be added. I recall how jagajaga my current hair was and I couldn’t wait to see what the product would be when added.

Oh my gosh!!! You need to see my shock when I saw the mirror and pictures after the entire process.

I just knew it was a GOD-MOMENT so my spirit was sensitive to what He had to say.
It was the next morning He spoke to me in a way I couldn’t miss even if I tried…
Ok so at the last BLACK FRIDAY, I bought a Fitbit. Anyone who knows that knows those things are pricey, but hey, hubby was paying and we had a good percent off. Then the strap started to mess up so I flung the old one and planned to buy another. In the meantime, I kept the tracker itself. Or at least I thought I did. Next thing, we were looking for it. I was heartbroken. That stuff wasn’t even 3 months old. My help even had to go to the trash and empty it all out. NO SHOW. Painfully, I gave up, and then went on to buy a cheaper tracker MiFit, which thankfully syncs to the more efficient Google Fit. E hurt sha.
Now bear in mind that we turned the living room UPSIDE DOWN to look for it. My house is not jam packed so nothing can really stay lost for long. Plus in cleaning, my help moves EVERYTHING cos we have two babies. And if the tracker was to be anywhere, it had to be the living room.

Anyways, the day after I fixed my locs and was just in awe of how something I had given up on was NOW SO BEAUTIFUL,

we had just finished Family devotion when I noticed something BLACK on the floor. I bent to pick it and my people, LO AND BEHOLD, IT WAS MY FITBIT.

The world STOPPED for a few seconds. Where did it come from? My kids were playing on the floor while we prayed so obviously, one of them had it. Or maybe it dropped from heaven. I dunno. But my tracker was there in ALL OF ITS GLORY.
I sat down. This was two days to my birthday, and frankly, all I had been preoccupied with was prepping for the Stay at Home moms I was going to host.
But then, God had my FULL attention…
And very clearly, I heard Him say to my SPIRIT…

Eziaha, this new year you are stepping into, I am going to RESTORE!!!

At first, I argued. I am like

I don’t get Lord, and I frankly don’t feel like I have lost anything. Yes, there are some things I would love that I don’t have BUT I don’t consider them LOST…

And He said

Eziaha, on TWO levels, I will RESTORE. First, I will restore WHAT YOU THINK you have lost, like the hair and the tracker.
Then I will restore what you DO NOT EVEN KNOW that you have lost…

Ok, by then, my hands were on my head.
What a GOD!!!
My life is on a steady fast-forward, just as I go after all my many assignments, and in fact that season, I was sleeping at 10 and waking at 12 or 1am and awake till about 8am when my son had gone to school, then I would catch some 3 hours of sleep. All of these happened at about 8am so I was even super exhausted.
What a God.
Now let me tell you what BLEW ME AWAY even more.
Ok so when these happened, I was gonna gist hubby at night. Then I went ahead to do a quick study on RESTORATION.

Of course, Joel 2 was a part and I also downloaded RESTORING THE YEARS by Donald Lawrence. That night, hubby and I took a walk to get the pending gifts for my SAHMs and I was gisting him. Guess what? He said He woke up with RESTORING THE YEARS in His spirit and immediately downloaded it when he was up.
The same song God gave me that same morning.
Trust me, I was BLOWN AWAY!!!!
And you know what I KNOW like I KNOW my name…
That I could zoom in so clearly on what God was doing JUST BECAUSE OF MY OBEDIENCE to host this meeting for Stay at Home moms and host it EXACTLY according to the pattern that He showed me.

That one is story for another day!!!Trust me, God is SUCH A DETAILED SPEAKING GOD AND HE WANTS YOU TO OBEY EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!

And as you obey His last instructions and spend time in His presence, He begins to show you LITERALLY the BEST pathway for your life like Psalm 32 v 9

My people, as I am here I am still blown away…

On 2 levels
1. How He spoke
2. What He said

Best part? He wants to speak to YOU TOO.

I’m not even that special , frankly.

What a privilege to have this amazing God partner with us.

Ok I am flying to the market. I hope this post inspires you to PRESS IN to God especially if it seems you need direction here and there.



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  1. Love this piece…. just relating your hair story to God’s word of restoring? Just amazing. who would have thought a hair cut off already can be added back in? Can’t wait to see all He restores in our lives in this season

  2. Eziaha….you are so beautiful. Gosh, I just realised how much i’ve missed this blog. It’s been a struggle since I can’t access it anymore on my phone. I dont even know why but I think It’s from my end. China and their restrictions!! Anyway, Im about to binge on you. Thank you for sharing !!!

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