Hey people!!!

You wouldn’t believe I slept off holding my phone yesterday. I am not even sure when I hit the publish button because I was so super EXHAUSTED but I didn’t wanna miss a day… Surprised I didn’t write rubbish lol

But today, I’m good!

I spent a good amount of time today thinking about a particular scripture in Proverbs 14 v 4 TPT

The only clean stable is an empty stable.

So, if you want the work of an ox and to enjoy an abundant harvest,

you’ll have a mess or two to clean up!

I will have to do a whole blog post on it cos it is SO DEEP. But the gist of the matter is AS A STAY AT HOME mom, you need to know when and what to sacrifice.

When to just let the house be dirty, so that you can clean up a particular area of your LIFE. Whether you are a Mom who works from home, or a mom who needs to invest time into some kind of personal development, or just to enjoy some good ol’ rest or ME TIME, messy stables or homes may just indicate life within you.

IssaWord I have to unpack… But not today.

Today sha, I left my house scattered everywhere just to focus and get some work done at some point.

A quick recap of my day.

I woke between 3am and 4am.

First thing I did was to get my phone because I needed to set up a particular old phone I had at midnight since I was going to be backing up WhatsApp data and mine is pretty large.

I did that right in bed but it was taking quite some time. So, I left it and went to feed ElJohn and put him back to sleep.

Went downstairs to pray and I remember in my prayer place just telling God

“I need strength, I don’t even feel like praying, I just want to be in your presence. Here I AM!!! I need you to strengthen me, I believe you will strengthen me for my day “

Hmm, I do believe He can work with our sincerity…

After prayers, I went back to sleep. I am fasting for a couple of days, so no workout for now in the mornings, so that I don’t expend so much energy, since I am not going to be eating.

I woke up again at 7am. For breakfast I made smoothies for everyone and my babies had oats. I washed a bit of clothes. Hubby was supposed to wash the clothes but he hadn’t and it was the fourth day of clothes piling.

I did not want ElJohn’s clothes especially to stay dirty for long.

Prepped kids’ meals. Hubby was going to take them to the hospital today.

Guess what?

My kids started showing signs of an eye infection too. (This deserves an entire blog post but the gist is that your kids will pick up a lot of things from you, which is why I try to ensure I am modelling right things to them.)

I had an eye infection and both my children woke up with pus coming out of their eyes two days ago.

Worse for ElJohn.

So, we decided to take them to the hospital to check it out properly as it wasn’t swollen or painful. Hubby did that while I went to fix my phones. (I hadn’t still sorted my phone issue).

We left the house together. Hubs to the hospital, I to the phone repair place. After spending close to two hours at the phone repair place, while I caught up on work using my Admin’s phone which she brought to me (I envisaged that I would spend time there so I planned a productive activity I would engage in while I waited), the guy says he can’t fix any of my phones. (I had two phones to repair).

One, I knew I wasn’t going to invest money in it anymore. Well, I felt it was a BAD LUCK phone cos the screen fell and broke two days after I bought it, and KingDaveed spoilt it again 2 weeks afterwards. He actually threw it down and stepped on it. Something he never does. So, I had changed the screen twice. Now they are telling me it had screen issues again and to think I changed it in SLOT! It still has power button issues and battery issues accompanied with the screen issues, all going to cost me more than I bought the phone. And I am like

I AM DONE abeg’

But I would be sending it back to Infinix CC because it’s on warranty.

I knew I needed to fix another Samsung I had. After two hours, the guy says he couldn’t fix it. Nothing was wrong with this particular phone, I just dumped it after I got a new one. I guess that’s what happens when you dump a phone, it just gets angry with you and stops working.

But then and there, I knew I had to make a decision.

It has been five days without my work phone, and people have been trying so hard to reach me. So, I called my hubby, he couldn’t pick because he was still in the hospital and with the Doctors’.

I just had to vex and buy a new phone. I grumbled through it though, but just had to close my eyes to get it.

In everything, I was still really grateful because I knew with CoachE’Squad Ltd., we are at a stage where if we need a new gadget or device, we could get it.

For me, it just BLOWS me away with GRATITUDE that I can afford to buy a phone when I want to.


And I’m no longer doing any other brand of phone except Samsung. Ugh!!!

So, I got a new Samsung phone. I came home. Charged the phone. Hubby got back with the kids. I Fed the kids lunch of rice and stew, and took them to Daycare at 3pm, because I really needed to work.

Hubby had to go out to pick some work-related stuff. It was time to break my fast and I was feeling rather faint. I really couldn’t pray, I needed to eat something first. So, I had a bit of Rice and ponmo hubby bought from ‘Mama Uche’ when he went out. I ate that just to gather a bit of strength to pray.

After praying, I had watermelon and coconut.

The entire house was still scattered but I couldn’t be bothered.

I had deadlines looming and I had all my team members asking me for a thing or the other. I had to attend them. And attend to my DEADLINES especially those that pay me for things.

Today, I picked my kids at 6:30pm. I usually pick them 6:00pm but I had to pick them later today, so I could do what I had to do.

I still hadn’t cleaned the house because I was EXHAUSTED. I needed to spend quality time with my babies. I knew the house cleaning could wait. The rest of the day went by with family time.

Dinner was fried plantain and egg stew for the boys. Watching the Johnsons, and just generally trying to spend time together as a family. I will try to set up my phone at midnight. I usually do midnight because I get this Free DATA. I am such an Ijebu, and I like to maximize anything given to me for free.

If anything else exciting comes up, because I am doing this blog a bit early, I will share tomorrow.

Oh, just as I was going to call it a day and go to bed, I got an email from my Guardian editor about my Article due today. I COMPLETELY MIXED UP MY TIMINGS. Thought the deadline was Thursday.

I already sent in the one for The Lady’s Room website earlier today cos I knew that one was due today.

Replied and apologised, and said I will send tonight cos I really don’t like excuses. And I did send in my Article at a few minutes past midnight which is why this post is delayed some. And I love what I wrote on both for prenatal Fitness.

And yes, hubby (half) cleaned the home but Ill take it abeg. He also washed. Also have dishes to do but the child is tired abeg. Kai. I miss Rosemary!!!

Can’t wait for Friday when she is back with my kilishi too. Yay!!!

Oh, and yes, my two purchases have finally gone after so much drama

and I started reading THE ME I WANT TO BE and I am so loving it.

Btw a Reader sent me the pdf copy of the same book though, and I guess I can share with you. Just drop your email in the comments. Will collate all and send at once or in batches so be patient please



I’ve sent book to all.

Kindly ask anyone who dropped their email the day I blogged to send to you.


Sleeeeeeep calleth. DAY 12 in the bag!!! Day well spent. Though I thought I would work out a night but no dice baby…

See you tomorrow.



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