This post is actually a week old. Wrote it last Monday, the 18th. My Help leaves this morning…

Like some of you know, I have the most amazing Domestic help. However, she will not be coming back after the holidays for family reasons.

I feel so bad for her and even she has cried about it, but hey, relationships come in cycles, so we gotta move on. I doubt I would be able to get another asap because of the holidays so it may be 2 or 3 weeks, even more before I get a replacement, and frankly, no pressure.

However, I run such a routine life that includes her, and she is one of my major support systems so her absence is bound to crazy affect me if I don’t take drastic steps.

Plus, the kids are also on holiday so I don’t e ven have those school hours to myself. A major theme of my life is fruitfulness and managing my time is very important to me if I am going to bear fruits. I am BRUTAL with time management and so this is me giving you a sneak peek into my brutality which started even before she leaves next week


Ok first, I adjusted my sleep times. I’m never scared to reduce or adjust sleep. I think sleep is one of those things that we MUST master if we are going to be fruitful. Sadly, some of us just let sleep be our Master and then our whole day is messed up.

Well, not me.

I decided that I would start waking anything between midnight and 1am to get 60percent of my work done before morning when they rise. I have to maximize their sleeping hours. What it also means is that I have started to sleep on time. Actually, scratch that baby, the first thing I have done is to pray for supernatural strength. I don’t even joke with that prayer point and my go-to scripture remains Paul’s prayer to the church in Ephesus

And I pray that he would unveil within you the unlimited riches of his glory and favor until supernatural strength floods your innermost being with his divine might and explosive power.
Ephesians 3:16 TPT

Plus, my workout and diet are also on point so that I am even helping the body stay strong and not wasting my prayer by eating junk and being a couch potato


Ok so back to sleep. To sleep early, I had to let go of my fave prime time TV shows like The Johnsons, Tinsel, Flat mates and co. I also had to sadly let go of some of my fave bed time routines like watching Ellen back to back (and Jimmy Kimmel and interviews with Michelle Obama and the likes). Ugh. I need to sleep early so I can wake early, so I try to sleep before 9am.

As a wife, I also have to consider my conjugal duties (haha this sounds so old). Meaning I have to make time to have sex with my husband so it has to happen earlier and sometimes the whole thing just keeps me up longer cos you start gisting and every couple KNOWS that those moments at night are when the most important gist happens.


Either ways though, I still have to wake on time, so I literally remind God that I prayed for supernatural strength ooo so I am banking on feeling good when I wake especially cos, I honored HIM and the covenant of marriage so He has to fill that gap for me. He usually does…

So yes, I wake at midnight or 1am and start to work after I have made like 3 cups of tea and a warm cup of ginger and lemon to start my day…

So, what exactly do I do?

One, I get to spend time with God.

My JESUS TIME is so romantic to me and I don’t need human beings around lol. I just want only me, Him, my Bible and journals. It is like French kissing your husband when other people are in the room. I mean, you can do it, but it feels awks!!! So, I block that out while everyone is asleep. I pray (especially in tongues), I worship (mostly on YouTube with Bethel and Hillsong), I study my Bible and journal what He is saying to me, what I am feeling, and what I need to say to Him or just keep for records sake. I always journal. I could also watch a video, read a book, etx. I just spend good time with Him.

I also workout. I have to workout before 3am which is when NEPA takes my light and I need the AC while exercising so I start at about past 2 or 2.30 since the video I do is 35mins long. I usually have something else playing as I work out. Like today, I just let my Bible App read a chapter in Isaiah over and over again to me.


Then I revise my Nutrition course as I have to take an exam before the year is up. I catch up on my emails and also honor my writing commitments (I always write early in the morning cos those are the finest hours of my brain) whether to Guardian, my blog, The lady’s room, Bella Naija or social media. So that also includes the social media posts for the day. Here I also sort out work for my team and even what I wanna do with my Squads for the day. I also take time to revise some of the notes from very notable events and conferences I attended this year so that I am steady reminded of the main points.

For now, I am working through my notes from Daystar Leadership Academy, DLA (basic and advanced), Global Leadership Summit, Excellence in Leadership conference, Firebrand and Upstream with DDK, A meeting with Pastor Enoh Jerry, Joyce Meyer’s conference, my recent private meeting with DDK and then sermons from church. I take lots of notes and so I read and read again so I am reminded especially when it is time to use that info in practical ways. I have also been planning the New year in view so as God is speaking, I am journaling and arranging. Infact, this one is huge cos there is a lot to do so I must be strategic. Hubby wakes at some point and we sometimes pray together or just gist as he dresses up.


I don’t get all of these done by morning, but a lot does get done as I prioritize too. This way, the important things get done.

Sometimes I start to feel sleepy at about 5 or 6am so I take a cup of coffee. If sleep persists, I go to sleep again for an hour to 1.30mins. Other times I just stay fighting that sleep until I find my ‘second wind’ and fresh energy sets in…

Kids wake at 6 or 7 and my help wakes earlier. We pray at say 8am and then ElJohn is off to Daycare and my help off to school.

So, it is me and my very demanding first son. I engage him in both play and educative activities, then from time to time, get on the floor and join him. Intermittently I am getting more work done on my laptop. The kind of work that doesn’t demand so much concentration. I also include some relaxing activity in my day to help me calm down lol. Sermons relax me and so does worship. I am not really taking notes or being immersed like I would be at my QT, it just plays and I soak in His presence.

I also gist or chat with a few friends online and catch up on and reply messages. Could also read a book too.

After my help is back at about 2.30pm, I then leave home for any extra activity outside the home I have to do. Like yesterday I had to go to the tailor, market and salon. I really do love going outside the home cos I work from home and if I am not careful, I will be stuck at home all day.


I come in and then play with the kids a bit after which I hit the gym at 6. I may also catch some shut-eye for an hour or less before going to the gym where I also lounge on YouTube or study my course work on the Elliptical. Either ways, I maximize gym time.


Hubby gets in when I am out and when I get back, we just enjoy some family time, dinner and I am going to sleep.

When my help finally leaves, I will sort of maintain this routine just that I have to now do housework. Thankfully we were gifted a washing machine recently which I have finally set up. I will most likely get someone to come clean once or twice a week cos house work is annoying. I mean I don’t even mind spending time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning cos I am always listening to something, esp audio books and videos on YouTube. I really love audio books as I am actually ‘reading’ without reading…

I am also hoping that I have a few people come over to help me during the holiday so if God leads you, better ask me ooo.

Finally, I’m not like this every single day of the week. I can be two days on, 1 day off. It’s not a perfect plan but I do the very best I can with every day.

Ok this is long enough. The koko here is sit down and plan your day even before it begins. For me, seizing the day early is my best arsenal to having a most productive day, and of course prayers cos He then shows me what to do.

If you have any questions, let me know

Cheers to your fruitfulness as a Stay at home mom…


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