Creating a Job Description for Your Domestic Staff

NB; This post was originally authored by me and published on, a lifestyle online blog. In dividing tasks into days of the week, I make sure to space them out evenly, so she is not overburdened on any day. I also move beyond delegating tasks after a while to delegating authority. For instance, I […]

The Recruitment Process For Your Domestic Help

NB: This blog post was authored by me and published on, a lifestyle blog site. I have seen some women look for physically unattractive ladies, or even males instead, because of their husbands, and that is also worth considering if you feel a need to. No wisdom in putting bananas in front of a […]

To the Domestic Queen without Domestic Help.

First of all, how do you like the name, Domestic Queen? I love it. I think it is an absolute upgrade from stay-at-home mom, which was a very welcome upgrade from housewife. Thank goodness. Whatever name you prefer though, running the home is a full-time job and I personally believe that it is ideal to […]

My Help is leaving. Here’s how I’m staying fruitful still…

PSThis post is actually a week old. Wrote it last Monday, the 18th. My Help leaves this morning… Like some of you know, I have the most amazing Domestic help. However, she will not be coming back after the holidays for family reasons. I feel so bad for her and even she has cried about […]