Chocolate Soldiers and Indomie Christians

I recently read a book called Chocolate Soldiers by CT Studd I got introduced to that Saint, now in the grandstand of heaven, by my hero Christine Caine. She had quoted him and that just blew me away “I want to run a RESCUE shop within a YARD of hell…” COME ON!!! I saw that […]

Dear Leader, purify those motives and SHINE that light BRIGHT

Hey Leaders, I am writing directly to those of us who LEAD in any capacity and at any level both spiritual and corporate or otherwise I embraced my calling as a Leader sometime last year, and one thing I do know is leadership is HARD, and this is especially true as a Christian who wants […]

EKBALLO: Everything you need to know

Whoop!!! Yawl, my heart is so full, so pumped and so expectant as we inch so close to our next powwow themed #EKBALLO Tuesday, June 25 2019 at White house hotels and conference center, Toyin Street, Ikeja. Phew. I am so ready for all that will go down. Please allow me work you through from […]

ONLINE SHOPPING: A lifestyle factor that may be affecting your health.

Hey Blog Fam, Thank God it’s Friday, PS: This post was originally authored and published on my online fitness site. So as the month is coming to an end, most of us moms are getting ready to shop for the new month. I love love love love love shopping and all the processes that […]

Social media etiquette for Christ followers.

Hey Blog fam, I am shooting straight with this blog. If you are on this table, you will be crashing with a loud thud but rising with a combo of wisdom and common sense in Jesus name, AMEN Can we talk about social media etiquette especially as a Christian, but really for everyone who uses […]

Say HELLO to the 30-31-30 Devotional for FAB SWORDED CHICKS (Ist 10 Days)

Hello You Warrior Chick, The 30-31-30 Devotional for FAB SWORDED CHICKS will change your life. No, seriously I mean it. As I wrote it, I went into depths with God I didn’t even know were possible, and a new Eziaha emerged, swords blazing and everything. I even learned that Psalm in the Bible didn’t come […]


Phew!!! This morning, I looked again at Omilola and Fela’s note to me at Do It Afraid conference. An autograph on the DO IT AFRAID journal. Omi wrote MAKE SURE YOU DO IT AFRAID and Fela wrote DELIVER THE FUTURE. Then I repeated it to myself. Then I stayed meditating on it, even till now. […]

The 5K Christmas-In-D-Middle Promo with CoachE’

NB: The latest Vlog is here The NUMBER ONE MISTAKE people make when they want to lose weight… Check it out please… Ok on to the promo post… Hey Squad, I pray that you are alright, and walking in purpose. No other life mehn!!! So the Lord led me to do a middle of the […]


Hey yawl So the past couple of days have been INCREDIBLE for me. I went to PHC and Bonny Island for like 2weeks and it felt so good to be out of Lagos and everything familiar and structured for a short while, but TRUST ME when I say I STRUGGLED with being idle haha!!! I […]