I recently read a book called Chocolate Soldiers by CT Studd

I got introduced to that Saint, now in the grandstand of heaven, by my hero Christine Caine.

She had quoted him and that just blew me away

“I want to run a RESCUE shop within a YARD of hell…”


I saw that quote and I KNEW I had to find the man.

He was speaking my LOVE, LIFE, SPIRITUAL and EVERYDAY language.



Like, we set up our shop just outside the gate of hell, so when satan THINKS he is dragging people into hell, just as they get close, we jump out and RESCUE them.

Honestly, this is the way to go.

So I started to stalk the Saint until I found his book, CHOCOLATE SOLDIERS and I was just cut as I read it. It was like he was flogging us in King James Language.


He basically says that a lot of us call ourselves SOLDIERS of Christ, but we are CHOCOLATE SOLDIERS, meaning we are here for all the fancy, and once things get hard, a little pressure comes, we MELT. We disappear. We throw up our hands and walk away. He even called us SISSIES.


I have sent it to all my friends. My leaders and I are reviewing it for September. If I haven’t sent it to you, are we even friends? Lol.

Let us all not be CHOCOLATE together. 


Anyways, I was speaking to a mentor recently and per usual, your girl had QUESTIONNNNSSSSSSS.

I don’t play ooo. Lol.

As we navigated one of my questions with truth, honesty, and vulnerability, she said and I present in my own words

For some people, I just need to get to the point where I am comfortable with letting them go, or reducing my expectations of them, and just realizing that, even though I think my mentoring is SOLID enough to change people, some people just have INDOMIE in their brains and there is NOTHING we can do about it.

Incidentally, CC said the same thing in a video I saw recently on Better Together TV

She had said that for those of us who are achievers and all, we take it personal when our input in a friendship or relationship doesn’t work out well. We think we have failed, so we don’t even know when to stop putting in the effort. However, at some point, we just have to wave the white flag and LET IT ALL DIE…

And interesting Heather says the same in a mail, I literally just read it

Some people cannot change, at least not with me.

Let them go, and I too, let it go.

Heather said it as well; one just have let them go…

I am calling them INDOMIE CHRISTIANS

Indomie. That used to be a fave meal of mine. I would eat noodles daily

And truly, I had noodles brain too. I slacked on everything possible


Spiritual life.




I took the easy, 2min way out. If it got hard, I didn’t deal.

No wonder I weighed over 100kg 6 months post-partum.

Indomie Christian

Yes, I was a Christian but a weak one.

Today, I give God praise that for the most part, I am not an INDOMIE Christian.

I recognize that this race will get HARD at many times, AND before HARD hits me, I am RESOLVED never to give up.

I will fight HARD to maintain my composure and also not give in to battle, by God’s grace.

I will STUDY MY BIBLE, take my CONFESSIONS, Pray and FAST even when I don’t FEEL like it, but that is what NEEDS TO BE DONE

I will SUBJECT myself to a boot camp process even when my flesh is screaming

I know how HARD it was for me to do Firebrand Bible School with PDDK.

It was HARD…

Hours and hours of course work weekly, assignments, projects, webinars, vigils and all, yet I stayed through and submitted to the PROCESS, because I knew that beyond getting a CERTIFICATE, a new woman, STRONGER, DEEPER, and TOUGHER than the one who started Bible school will emerge.

Honestly when people QUIT on a hard process that would have unlocked a NEW LEVEL of STRENGTH for them, it pains me. When something is out of their COMFORT ZONE, they are OUT

Indomie Christianity.

Like Noodles, if it doesn’t appeal to our taste buds, take 2 minutes to get done, cheap, pre-packaged without any input from us, and hits all the right sweet spots in our brains, WE ARE OUT.

If it doesn’t fit into our nice little version of CHOCOLATEY INDOMIE Christianity. COUNT US OUT!!!

No time to tell us to make a salad, where we ACTUALLY have to cut manually EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT. God forbid you now tell us to POUND YAM!!!

What we miss is that Noodles is HIGH IN CALORIES, LOW IN NUTRITIONAL VALUE and basically is empty calories. It only appeals to our taste buds but does nothing for our overall health.


I am haunted for LIFE by that. I don’t want to be an INDOMIE CHRISTIAN

Recently, I’ve seen a few people show these traits that I have come so close to tears.

I was speaking to someone in one of my circles recently, and I could smell her SPIRITUAL LAZINESS from the screen.

I told her plainly. You are LAZY. She agreed. But sadly, I saw her hang on to her Indomie lifestyle and actually quit on a strength building process, not long after our circle was over.

Now, like my mentor and hero both have advised me, I will do my best to pour into anyone, but should they still let noodles be in their brains, I will wave a white flag and leave without feeling bad. However, I will still lift them up in prayers that the seeds sown gets a harvest hopefully soon

Monday this week, I kicked off TFS


Here I mentor young ladies between 18 and 25. Most in this set average 22 years. I will be talking to them a whole lot about this Indomie version of our faith and why they should avoid it.

How a PROCESS that will ultimately make us better will TRULY BE HARD and tempt us to quit, but we MUST not quit.

And finally, I will also tell them that because that HARD PROCESS you have REFUSED TO EMBRACE and Tests you have refused to pass will continue to WAIT FOR YOU

You will NOT be promoted in this thing called life until you EMBRACE HARD, pass your tests, and leave off Indomie noodles Christianity.

Jesus didn’t die for us to be eating NOODLES EVERY DAY

Cheers to salads, pounded yam and TOUGH AS NAILS Christianity

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world

John 16:33

Your Friend,



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  1. “And finally, I will also tell them that because that HARD PROCESS you have REFUSED TO EMBRACE and Tests you have refused to pass will continue to WAIT FOR YOU. ”

    This line hits home..We need constant audit and appraisal of our spiritual life….

    I read somewhere in the Bible today [Like a partridge that hatches eggs she has not laid, so are those who get their wealth by unjust means. At midlife they will lose their riches; in the end, they will become poor old fools.
    Jeremiah 17:11 NLT]
    and i kept wondering if this is actually still happening.. Because you see ‘indomie Christians’ and unbelievers get away with this things.. And you will be wondering what’s the gain of being “true Christian Soldiers” and you will even hear some people say “is it not just to make heaven.. Why go extra mile”!

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