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I am shooting straight with this blog. If you are on this table, you will be crashing with a loud thud but rising with a combo of wisdom and common sense in Jesus name, AMEN

Can we talk about social media etiquette especially as a Christian, but really for everyone who uses social media? Incidentally, this week in my mentoring academy, I will be talking to them about this same thing so it is a good way to flag off the week and start our conversation

Ok so here is my thing…

Don’t let social media give you the permission that YOU DO NOT HAVE

You see, I see a lot on social media that I have my opinion about. Recently, someone who has a lot of followers and with whom I am familiar tweeted something that I thought was really misleading. I made to reply at least to set the records straight for the sake of undiscerning followers but I didn’t. 


Because I didn’t think I had earned the right to correct her, that is make a withdrawal to her life, when I hadn’t been faithfully commenting more positive and agreeing comments when she had shared those, that is deposits. My account with her was in the red so stupidly sharing my opinion which I thought would actually help others would have been wrong. Plus, it is not that deep. God can reach anyone He wants to reach and it doesn’t have to be through me, especially if my input would have led to drama and strife which would have been the case. Yawl know how there is a high penchant for drama on social media so why stoke that flame.

I would have commented, some would have agreed and said some more stupid stuff esp if they had been low-key beefing her. Her Voltrons would attack. The comments session will get messy and we all know the spirit of God doesn’t dwell whenever there is strife.

You see, this is why celebrities esp the Christian ones BLOCK you. Your action is not blessing but has a tendency to bring strife and nobody has time to be correcting and explaining to you so the quick action is to block before the drama starts. And I see some funny humans’ comment and say but you call yourself a Christian yet you are blocking others just because they didn’t agree with you
No, I blocked you cos you should have kept your opinion to yourself, especially if your account is in RED with me. No, you DO NOT HAVE permission to correct me, sorry.

SWALLOW THAT OPINION and don’t be stupid

Recently, someone, a Christian sister came into my DM on IG and after saying a few Christian words then said I needed to wear looser gym pants as I am attracting too much attention to my body with the tight pants and not representing the kingdom well

You see, to her, her points may be valid and I appreciate it, but this human has NEVER said anything positive consistently to me enough yo now come with a deposit and cloak it as Christian advice. Pastor Mildred CAN come through with a Word like that and I appreciate every time that she has, but you, a random internet stranger who IG calls my friend CAN NOT. If I block you, I am well within my rights. I didn’t block her though. I just read and didn’t respond

No matter how it is doing you darling, your introduction to someone on social media cannot be to advise her about something personal or correct someone. I mean if world peace, by which I mean the world being your own small circle, by which I mean ONLY YOU, is not threatened, SHUT UP. If it is affecting you so much, PORAY ABOUT IT, then go to your page and write about it. Don’t even tag the person. Just pray that the people who need to see this actually get to see it. 

Stop letting social media grant you permission we do not have.

You know, recently I put up something on social media and one lady came with a VERY LONG comment about how I shouldn’t have said XYZ etx. I had NEVER seen her comment or like my pictures before, but when it comes to advising me as a feminist, she could type a VERY LONG response. I deleted her comment which I didn’t even read well but saw its tendency to cause drama on my page, and then I went ahead to BLOCK her cos I didn’t want her back. It wasn’t personal as I didn’t know her, but I was just guarding my social media real estate. 

Oh, she took it personal. She found me on WhatsApp and frankly all I saw from that snippet before you open a message was that you do not block someone who doesn’t agree with you etc. Turns out it was an old client and this time around, she came with another LONG response and a screen shot which I didn’t read. I just opened the chat and closed it. It didn’t deserve an answer and it still wasn’t personal

I don’t get people!!! You HOARD kind encouraging words but you are quick to criticise and share your disapproving opinions just cos it is social media and you have access? Who the HELL do you think you are? Especially stupid when I see people do it on celebs page.

You may be ignorant but you are still stupid and I hope you grab some wisdom.

Recently there was some drama on one of my teacher’s page on IG and she had to take down the post. She had posted her 10year challenge and I thought the pic was so beautiful only for someone to say she needs to stop using makeup as it ages her. Gosh!!! I was mad on her behalf. She responded like a Jesus thug that she is haha haha and it was savage and I was like YAAAAAS haha. Give that human a piece of her rubbish. Her response was savage and I loved it. She also blocked the human. Then the drama began, the supporters and the haters all came for each other. She ultimately took down the post cos she was tired of explaining and apologising. Oh, you cannot take the heat and you come into the kitchen? It was just too dramatic and in that week’s podcast, she actually cried as she reviewed it, which is why I don’t respond. I just block. 

You see, any kind of response most times leads to more back and forth and drama. Plus, some of these internet keyboard thugs do not want to be convinced. They just want to tell you you are wrong this time. They have been watching and waiting for you to slip in their books so they come for you so responding leads to more drama in the comments. those things may be good for post visibility and IG algorithms but doesn’t bring God any glory.  I tried responding to one this time as she is from my secondary school and her VERY LONG response again made me realise, she wasn’t ever going to be convince by me then. And this is someone who doesn’t comment on my page oooo. Now she has an opinion and can write epistles.

Recently a few of my posts on other websites have generated some comments drama. I read one time and was tempted to respond but I didn’t. Now, I don’t go into the comments again. Plus, since it is not my site, I cannot delete you. But if you ever bring drama to my personal internet real estate space, forget it, I will BLOCK you and will NOT explain.

Before you drop your opinion, ask yourself what your account with this person looks like

Ask yourself if world peace is affected

Ask yourself what will happen if you shut your mouth and instead pray about it

Once you have sorted all 3, you will realise you do not need to type anything again

And the only time you slide into any DM or WhatsApp is if your deposit is strong enough for a withdrawal. That is, you both are actually real friends. Even then, you do not have to do it just because of friendship. Just pray about it instead in some cases

Some other etiquette we all need online is you expecting that the person you asked a question has to respond to you personally when most likely a few clicks online will sort you out. Someone posts info about a program or service and you ask HOW MUCH, WHAT TIME, WHERE IS THE LOCATION etx. Stuff already in the flier or caption. Or they have said check link in bio or even dropped a link, but no you must ask. 

When they don’t respond, you talk about how she doesn’t respond to people online. My sister, we won’t respond. Be responsible enough to invest some time and sense to your answer, ma

Another one? Be sensitive to timings especially in live videos. If I am doing an Insta live, where focus is on QnA, that’s awesome, please ask away. If I am doing a live prayer session, my sister swallow your question and ask it later. 

So, for example, a pastor is doing a LIVE prayer session and you now decide that it is that time you want to be asking

Are you a Pastor?

What is the name of your church?

Is that in the Bible?

Kai, so annoying. You are being distracting and demonic.

Right in the same class as 

You are looking beautiful ma

I love your hair

Makeup on point

And the likes when she is leading a prayer meeting, haba sis!!!

I just tire at what I see online. I feel like using koboko

And while we are here, don’t just like any picture you see online. There was a time I saw consistently a mentee of mine liking naked pictures and the likes. I had to call her to order. I don’t care how awesome the picture looks, as a Christian, godliness should trump beauty for you

And please, don’t join Christian arguments especially against men of God. Read this post on It is a family affair for context.https://eziaha.com/2014/04/06/tz-a-family-affair/

Above all, run your social media account like a Christian. God is ON social media too, so to your Godliness, add some wisdom and common sense. 


In truth and love

Jesus and Fitness.


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  1. Thank you so much Eziaha. I totally agree with you on this one, it’s really annoying and needs to be addressed. If you don’t like a post, pic or comment on someone else’s page for that matter pray about it, ignore or waka pass. You mustn’t make noise or try so hard to be noticed by insulting instead of commenting. Eziaha didn’t respond to your question immediately big deal wait until she does and where is it written that she must respond asap and then again it doesn’t mean she is rude or doesn’t take you or her page seriously, have you asked yourself what if she is attending to something very crucial like family or clients ext. Pls let’s grow up. Again thanks Mama.
    Before I run i love that new look on you dearie, you are looking so classy and elegant. Hooooot mama of two boyz.

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