Too much sleep: Flesh or Demonic?

Hey Blog fam, I hope everyone is keeping well. I have had the most intense couple of days all round: Physically, emotionally, spiritually and more. Finally kicked off something I had been looking forward to, but which seemed so far-fetched at the time: A personal retreat. I last went on one in my uni days, and I mean for […]

Social media etiquette for Christ followers.

Hey Blog fam, I am shooting straight with this blog. If you are on this table, you will be crashing with a loud thud but rising with a combo of wisdom and common sense in Jesus name, AMEN Can we talk about social media etiquette especially as a Christian, but really for everyone who uses […]


Oh gosh, the other day I got a message from some chick on Facebook. It was a name I was vaguely familiar with, but not outside the borders of Facebook, I was sure. But the content of her message was, for want of a better word, interestingā€¦ She said something likeā€¦ Hi Eziaha. I noticed […]