Oh gosh, the other day I got a message from some chick on Facebook. It was a name I was vaguely familiar with, but not outside the borders of Facebook, I was sure. But the content of her message was, for want of a better word, interesting…

She said something like…

Hi Eziaha. I noticed that your blog these days looks like the OLD EZIAHA AJAERO is buried under something that doesn’t allow her shine at all, and it looks as if you are going through stuff…

And her message kinda read like if I was going through things, I could talk to her.

It was a message masqueraded as CARING but because I am DISCERNING, I know she was just being INTRUSIVE into my life…

Of course, I did set her REAL STRAIGHT for reasons this post is not about, including telling her that EZIAHA AJAERO was DEAD and in her place is a whole new woman EZIAHA BOLAJI-OLOJO!!! And reminding her that some kind of questions and enquiries into people’s lives are only allowed where there is a level of PERSONAL relationship, not that I don’t even know you and you expect me to pour out my life in explanation to you.

In the past, I would have responded by explaining details of my life and season to her cos I wanted her to understand that I was not going through stuff, but I was fine and my marriage was fine and so on, but Girl’s TOO busy!!! I would have even panicked that MOST PEOPLE saw me that way lol but that convo started and ended in like 2.4seconds cos I didn’t even respond after the first stuff I sent which made my point clear as day!!!

Today though, as I mopped my home, I was thinking about the many events and conferences on my radar and how I don’t even deceive myself going to one and all, just to take pictures for social media, usually with the Organizers or the popular personalities that attend, while losing the essence of the meeting itself.

Today, I am SO LED in the meetings I attend NO MATTER WHO IS COMING. Lol. And because I am SO IMMERSED in these meetings, I forget to even THINK about pictures with anyone. Lol. Of course, not saying it is bad, but in this incredible season, or couple of seasons I have been navigating, pictures for the ‘gram are A HUGE DISTRACTION. So, you may not see a lot of pictures with notable personalities on my blog. Main reason God made me shut down my personal IG.

I thought about my blog.

How in the past, my writing style was different. Not wrong, in fact PERFECT for the season I found myself in… as a Pharmacy student, then a sociology student, then a Graduate, then a Corper, then a new wife, then a UN Abuja Chick, then a new mom, then a jobless chick, then a stay at home mom with purpose and a biz, then a mommy again, then blablabla

Seasons have and continue to change for me, so it would be STUPID for the ‘Old’ Eziaha to remain stuck in one season just to appeal to anyone.

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED WITH ME, and it is bound to SHOW in my blog, and other places I express myself. Gosh, I have GROWN like CRAZY so HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO STILL SOUND LIKE THE SAME EZIAHA?

God forbid!!!

Ah bless Chris CAINE, I have dug deep into her archives… ditto Lisa Bevere (plus her books), Heather and Priscilla Shirer and I have literally seen them EVOLVE!!! They do not write the same anymore. No one is better, just different but perfect for their evolving seasons.

My sister, please be very DISCERNING of your season and be ALL that the season needs you to be, just as you walk with the One who walks with you through seasons. Don’t be afraid to evolve… Btw, can we all THANK GOD FOR Sarah Jakes Roberts???? Anyone else felt like they were LIVE at EVOLVE??? Ok let’s move on cos if I enter SJR lane, that is where we will sleep today. Lol

And something else made me laugh as I mopped. I recall having lunch with a couple of Chicks, amazing amazing Christian friends of mine, and one of them, a single chick, said she had a bone to pick with me.

That she noticed that BEFORE and RIGHT AFTER I got married, I used to talk A LOT about Bolaji on my blog and social media but now I don’t again. That why does it seem like most married women follow that trend? Which is why she likes XYZ who does it blablabla. I just started bawling lol, and that to her surprise. Cos, she didn’t know what she was doing and how she was off.

In that season, we were in a long-distance marriage and still trying to grow as a couple after the honeymoon phase was over. Being in an LDM meant that I only saw my hubby once in a while, and instead of me to fully immerse and soak in those moments, getting to know him better, I will be posting pix on social media to show that we are still in love? Or married? Lol

Mehn, I thank God for those who carry us along on social media like HEATHER LINDSEY who I am incredibly blessed by, but my season didn’t allow it then. Now interestingly, I post a bit about my hubby but that is really from an overflow and not a means to prove anything. I can choose to not post again for 6 months and nothing spoil



Or you will take your cues from the world, copy them, then be so burnt out and bring God NO GLORY!!!

God forbid biko…

I pray God shows you HIMSELF and how He wants you to navigate and express yourself in your seasons!!!


I was on WIG radio this morning

and the sweet Lord gave me THREE THINGS we must master if we must smash our goals… I shared them right here on CoachE’ blog here

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